Why should your cleaning service be insured and bonded?

Cleaning insurance and bonds

You can have peace of mind if you choose someone you can trust. The same thing goes when choosing a cleaning company. 

Choosing the right cleaning service for your business or home is an important task. This task would even require you to do your own research in finding which cleaning company best fits your home or your workplace. You have to make sure it is well-reviewed, trusted by many, and of course, insured and bonded. 

You may have seen different cleaning company advertisements that say they are bonded and secured. What does it mean? Why is it important that the cleaning company you hire is bonded and secured? 

What Does Bonded Mean?

Being bonded gives you the security that you could collect money from the cleaning company if they don’t deliver on its contract. In case the cleaning company didn’t do the work promised in their contract or steals things from your home, you can file a claim against the cleaning company and get a refund for the service and payment for the stolen items. 

For example, one of the employees of the cleaning service steals money, you can make a claim against your bond. An investigation will take place, and once found guilty, you will be paid with the same value of the stolen money up to the bond amount. Bonds also tend to pay faster and smoother than insurance.

If the cleaning company you hired is not bonded, in case of a dispute, you will have nothing to claim as a process to address the problem. You will be left on your own. In the worst cases, the cleaning company may just ignore your complaint. They may not give you any refund or payment for the stolen items.  

Companies that are not bonded may offer lower rates. These may seem attractive but these might put up certain risks that may have you liable for any wrongdoings or accidents. 

Types of Bonding

There are two different types of bonding: Fidelity and Surety.

Fidelity Bonding 

This type of bonding covers loss of money, property, or valuables due to fraudulent or dishonest acts by the employees. It is a form of insurance that can protect clients against monetary or material losses.  

Surety Bonding

This type of bonding ensures that the company can hire another employee in case the said employee is unable to finish his work for a number of reasons. 

What Does It Mean To Be Insured?

A cleaning company that claims to have insurance is a company you can trust. These companies are companies that give you financial protection in case of problems – injury, health problems, and damage, during the time the house is being cleaned.

For example, an employee is doing water damage repair and unknowingly uses a much stronger chemical solution. He accidentally spilled and was injured. This accident, without insurance, may cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars of compensation for the said employee.  

If the cleaning company is not insured you could bear all the financial responsibilities in case someone falls, or someone gets injured at the time of the accident or during the cleaning period. When you hire an insured cleaning company, these financial responsibilities are carried by the cleaning company, and any claims that will be filed will be shouldered by the cleaning company’s insurance, not yours. 

Insured and bonded cleaning company

Why Is It Important to Hire a Company That Is Insured and Bonded?

When hiring a cleaning company,  you must make sure that it offers an insured and bonded cleaning service. This is important for many reasons – for yourself and for your possessions. 

First, you want to protect your possessions, your expensive items from theft and damage. Corporate security experts have found that around 40% of theft claims are traced back to cleaning companies.

Second, you want to protect yourself from any liabilities in case an on-site injury or health problems happen while the cleaning company is in your home. Protect yourself from any claims and financial charges because of an accident. Make sure the cleaning company is insured so that in case the worst thing happens, they’ll cover the cost. 

Hiring a professionally licensed company, who is bonded and insured can help you identify the people who are in your home. Most company insurance policies require doing background checks on employees to ensure no criminals would enter their workplace and your homes. 


Choosing a cleaning company that is licensed, insured, and bonded is important to protecting your business or your homes. Not only will it ensure your safety and security, but it will also guarantee that you, as a client, are getting what you are paying for. 

Ask the cleaning company if they are bonded and secured. It may feel strange to ask this question, but sure enough, it is critical that you ask it to ensure a guaranteed service. 

Yes, it may seem that companies with no insurance or bonding are cheaper, but think about the risks it might impose once theft or even an accident happens. Think about the things that are at risk and make your decision accordingly. 

If you are in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and in need of a cleaning service, you may contact us. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded cleaning company that will be able to help you with your cleaning needs. We use a cleaning system suited for our client’s needs and our employees are screened and trained, making sure that we serve with high standards to guarantee customer satisfaction.