6 Tips For Fast Cleaning

fast cleaning offices

We all want tidy office space. We feel more productive when we are working in an office that feels safe and with good air circulation. Clean office space increases productivity and prevents employees from getting sick. If your office in Fairfield County and Hartford County, Connecticut needs good scrubbing and disinfecting, here are some helpful tips to guide you. 

How can I clean my office fast?

Start on cleaning areas frequently visited by many people.

Sometimes, you just want an office space that looks clean on the get-go for emergencies. 

Maybe your company has a surprise guest from an important investor or business partner, or you just want to create a good first impression for an impromptu meeting. 

See if there is an open trashcan that needs to be tucked away, desks, computer tables, or areas that need dusting or arranging the office space. Vacuum the area that’s frequently visited and keep the keyboards and mouse ready for use by wiping them as often as possible. Make sure you mop your hallways at all times. 

Remove all Clutter

Organize papers in a file folder, stored in a file cabinet. Make sure your office has everything in its place. Provide pencil holders and clipping holders, empty papers should be in separate filing drawers, receipts, and important documents labeled and stored in a secured place and dusted as many times as possible to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. If your office has an office plant, remove dry or dead leaves in your decorative plants to make them presentable. 

Tidy up important areas

Disinfect with green cleaning soaps and bleach all important areas used by all your employees. Break rooms, cafeterias, restrooms, and all areas with high human traffic. One of the most common disinfecting mistakes is not using the proper soaps and disinfecting tools for important areas in the office. 

Clean the restrooms, break rooms, cafeterias, and areas with frequent human exposure with a disinfectant that can kill all bacteria and viruses. Computer keyboards, mouse pointers, computer monitors, and office desks need good wiping and possibly vacuuming. 

There might be food droppings or dirt that are stuck in between the keyboard’s crevices. You need to remove those. Check for crumbs at the office desks and office chairs. Vacuum and wipe them right away. Also, wipe everything with a clean cloth and proper disinfectants that are gentle even for sensitive people allergic to chemicals present in these products. 

What is the proper way to clean an office?

While fast cleaning is good for day-to-day office operations, it is best to do a weekly deep cleaning for your office. This will ensure the safety of your staff and all the occupants in your building. Make sure that proper measures must be in place, as the threat of COVID-19 still looms around. 

Remember, it is better to have a healthy working staff than a sick one. Investing in the health and well-being of everyone is more cost-effective if we’re looking at the long-term benefits of keeping our surroundings clean. 

During your weekly cleaning, try to do this: 

weekly cleaning routine for workplace

See if your employees left food in the break room. 

Check the microwave ovens and fridge for any leftover food and throw them right away. Stains like coffee stains must go. Wipe them with a clean towel and disinfectants. Also, see if your employees have full garbage in the trash bag. Remove those immediately. 

Do a routine cleaning in all areas of your office.  

Do not just clean the visible parts of the office. Clean all the floors and offices, wipe all the windows, clean the phones, headsets, chairs, keyboards, printers, touchscreens, and all tools and materials held and used every day. 

Clean the doors and door handles, lights, ceilings, and conditioning units do a pest control measure if possible, disinfect anything and everything that is used by all the staff. 

Gently remind your staff to mind their surroundings to maintain cleanliness in the office. Also, forbid your staff to go to work sick to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, especially the deadly COVID-19. 

Provide disinfectants like alcohol and wipes for all employees. Weekly deep cleaning needs careful planning in areas occupied by your employees and areas not occupied or has less foot traffic.

Consider getting a professional cleaning service that has the tools and knowledge in using different disinfectants. 

Using dish soaps is advisable for cleaning plates and cups in the office. However, for crucial areas such as office space cleaning and workplace hygiene, it is better to use disinfectants that aren’t harsh to the environment, and are safe for those with severe allergies like asthma and irritation.

Hire a cleaning service with concrete plans for cleaning various office areas. Consider a cleaning service with proper tools. Think of a team of cleaning professionals that offers deep cleaning all areas and surfaces of your office for a weekend general cleaning. 

Professional Cleaning Services You Can Trust

reputable and credible professional cleaning services

We highly recommend you get an excellent cleaning service provider for your cleaning needs in Fairfield County and Hartford County, Connecticut. Hiring a reputable cleaning service can help you customize your daily cleaning routine schedules and help you with problem areas and common areas. 

You need an expert who understands your pain points and will help make your life easy. Handling the daily cleanup may be manageable for you and your team, but it takes someone with experience and knowledge to handle proper disinfecting and garbage disposal, for example. A simple soap solution cannot remove all the grime and stains that are present in your office. Some soaps and disinfectants are not even advisable to use for cleaning public spaces like an office, as the chemicals may damage the pieces of equipment and fixtures inside your office.

Planning, and letting an expert execute the plan will help you focus on running your office  better. Promoting a healthier, safer working space is a must for all to keep employees feel at ease and comfortable in their working space. If you are interested in our cleaning service, contact us at Burgos Cleaning for more info.