7 Questions You Should Ask About How Your Office Chairs are Cleaned

cleaning office chairs

The office chair is that one piece of furniture in the office you know you couldn’t be without. It is used every day, and therefore, absorbs and collects different matter like dirt, dust, dead cells, hair, and other biological emissions such as sweat, cough and sneeze droplets, and saliva. 

In this light, you know you ought to have your office chairs cleaned, right? Good thing there are commercial cleaning companies in Windham County, Connecticut that offer and provide excellent services on office chair cleaning, instantly easing you out of the concern. 

Now, in the search for professional cleaners, here are some questions you should prepare to ask to ensure that your office chairs are getting cleaned properly and in the way you want them. 

“Can you go over the process that you do when you clean office chairs?”

In just about anything, you need to know how people you hire do the services you need from them. Apart from hearing about their knowledge and expertise in the craft, you can also ask questions, and correct many common misconceptions about office chair cleaning you previously heard of. 

Always remember to ask if there is something that confuses you. The importance of this initial question is to get you informed. If you’re curious about even the most specific aspect of cleaning like how to clean hair from office chair wheels, and other thoughts. 

“How much does it cost to have an office chair cleaned?”

So given that you are hiring professional cleaners, the expense is a matter of concern and something that you need to ask in an initial interview with the cleaners you are planning to hire. 

In most cases, getting the services of professional cleaners can be pricey for some. However, in some of our blogs, we mentioned that hiring commercial cleaning companies is an investment that can actually save you in the long run. 

If you’re only opting for office chair cleaning services, you can ask for a quote or see if they have package rates for cleaning so that you can save more. 

“How do you treat different materials such as wood, leather, and fabric chairs?”

Chairs made of varying materials should be treated differently. Something that may work for wooden chairs may not be advisable for leather chairs and vice versa. In asking this question, you can get a glimpse of the cleaners’ expertise when it comes to handling materials of different nature and quality. 

To give you an idea, wooden chairs must be cleaned using a mild solution with a damp cloth. Never ever let the wood get saturated, as it could develop molds in the long run. For upholstered or fabric chairs, the same principle applies if there is no steamer available, but in general, these chairs must be steamed to kill bacteria that have been absorbed. 

Mild stains on leather chairs are relatively easy to clean. However, ink and other darker stains may need more advanced cleaning techniques and tools that cleaning professionals have access to. 

“How do you get stains out of chairs?”

While stains on chairs are treated differently based on their material, the general idea is to spot-clean these stains as soon as they happen. You do this by using a mild solution of water, a little bit of dishwashing liquid, and a sponge. 

If the stains are more stubborn than you think, a different approach may apply. Ask your potential cleaning services provider about the details of how they get rid of these mild and stubborn stains. 

A deep cleaning may also be required in some cases. 

“How do you deep clean an office chair?”

Deep cleaning is the process of going through beyond the surface level of dirt. It offers a more thorough cleaning than the usual standard cleaning. 

Deep cleaning an office chair may require specialized tools and techniques that are known only to professional cleaners. Every cleaner has its own set of techniques, so it is best to have them go into detail about the deep cleaning process. Don’t forget to ask questions if something is unclear on your end. 

“Are you familiar with green cleaning products? How would you rate them compared to other more traditional cleaning products?”

Green cleaning is not only a thing these days, it’s also a morally conscious choice. And if you are curious about or want to advocate for an eco-friendly and better choice, you should not forget to ask this question to your potential cleaners. 

While the conscious green cleaning movement is starting to get some traction, it’s still not as big as we want it to be, so chances are some professional cleaners are still not utilizing this option. 

If your potential professional cleaner is, luckily, familiar with the green option, have them talk about their experience with these types of cleaning products and see if there is nothing that you can learn about this approach. Since they have experience, you can weigh in better on how well they clean, and if you still want to consider it on your end. 

“How often should I get my office chairs cleaned?”

Ideally, office chairs should be cleaned immediately following an accidental spill or stain. If there are no obvious stains or dirt, you should have them cleaned at least 2 to 3 times a week. While this frequency sounds too soon for you, it only allows you to instantly eliminate unwanted bacteria and prevent future sickness that may come from it. 

Deep cleaning is required at least once or twice a year. In the case of office chairs, it is recommended to have them deep cleaned at least once a year to reduce the amount of dust and allergens present in your upholstery. For couches and sofas placed in high-traffic areas like the lobby or waiting area, we encourage you to have them undergo deep cleaning every 3 or 4 months.

Having your office chairs cleaned is just a part of a whole range of office cleaning services that you need. And while your chairs don’t look dirty, trust us when we say they are. Have them cleaned now if you could.