Green Cleaning Services, Why It’s Important, and How It’s Evolved

Green Cleaning Services

During this pandemic, cleanliness plays a significant role in healthy living, from the inside of a tiny apartment to a massive workspace to overlooked outdoor spaces. Regular cleaning helps prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading while ensuring your surroundings are free from that pile of dust and dirt lingering around every corner. Admit it or not, having a clean and free from dirt environment makes you feel better – mentally, and physically.

Cleaning your house or office using personal techniques or those found on the internet might not make the cut and still leave unseen dirt and dust. This is where professional cleaners such as maids and janitors come to the rescue to get the job done efficiently and effectively. But it’s scary to think how much chemicals and toxins they inhale into their bloodstream every time they’re exposed to chemical-based cleaning products they have been led to believe as the only solution to clean every nook and cranny. That’s not all. These cleaning products also affect the very planet you live on.

With this problem gradually increasing, green cleaning services saw this opportunity to take over the market. Providing products and services that not only clean your surroundings but also promote sustainability the planet badly needs.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is a phrase often used to describe cleaning practices using environmentally friendly products and techniques. It minimizes the use of products containing harsh chemicals and toxins harmful to both the environment and the people exposed to it to avoid negative consequences such as the Sick Building Syndrome.


Soap is considered the first-ever cleaning product in 2800 BC, and without the knowledge of synthetic chemicals and toxins, it’s as green as it can be. As time passes by, these chemicals and toxins started getting mixed into your daily cleaning products. Eventually giving rise to the common belief that having these synthetic mixed in would shield you from viruses and bacteria without knowing the harmful effects it has on your body over time. However, green cleaning has been constantly gaining popularity in the 1990s after the doubts people in the 1960s had regarding the safety of synthetic chemicals and toxins mixed in their cleaning products. The idea was thought of as a joke and was often laughed at, not until a condition called Sick Building Syndrome emerged.

Why hire Green Cleaning Services?

Imagine you’re a business owner, and 9 A.M. marks the beginning of your day. A cup of coffee in hand and an upcoming 10 A.M. conference meeting with a long-term client is your first appointment, followed by tons of paperwork throughout the day. With that being said, a clean working environment will surely give you a clear head, good energy, and motivation to finish all your daily tasks efficiently.

Traditional cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals and toxins will surely be your first option when cleaning comes to mind. In recent years, consumer demand has entirely shifted to eco-friendly means after seeing how negatively their habits were affecting the planet. And commercial cleaning services were no exception giving rise to green cleaning services. So don’t be surprised to enter a business establishment and see them working hard to reduce their environmental impact.

But why hire green cleaning services or commercial cleaning services?

Benefits of choosing green cleaning services


Free from OSHA Compliance worries and other issues related to cleaning.

After the declaration of Sick Building Syndrome as a global health threat by the World Health Organization, health and safety compliance protocols were created to keep casualties at a minimum. Let’s say you can buy all the equipment and products these cleaning services have, but does your cleaning staff know how to properly use them? If no, you would be responsible for providing training to ensure they understand how to use them in accordance with OSHA regulations. I’m sure you wouldn’t want this kind of responsibility added to your checklist.

More thorough cleaning.

Innovation and evolution in the cleaning industry occur just like any other industry. A professional cleaner will invest in the latest equipment and have a wide range of tools for every job to ensure second to none cleaning results. Not only do they have the updated equipment and tools, but they also have a pool of highly skilled and trained staff that underwent hours of training to provide the best service possible. With this being said, it’s safe to say that your company’s valuable assets are protected because poor cleaning practices that leave dust and dirt will surely damage your equipment/s. These poor cleaning practices will cost you more in the long run, and you won’t even know about it.

Services tailored for your company’s needs. 

Every company is eager to satisfy their clients, including professional cleaning services, which is why they listen and observe your requirements as closely as possible. Devising a unique approach that would clean the building to every nook and cranny from carpet cleaning to window washing. They’ll also be happy to reschedule to fit your schedule and follow any additional requests you have throughout the whole cleaning session, including special cleaning requests you might have in mind.

Reduces the occurrence of employee health issues.

Green cleaning services will surely use green products that do not contain any synthetic chemicals and toxins. You’d feel safer knowing that harsh chemicals and toxins aren’t being inhaled into your system after every cleaning session, and the same goes with your employees. Sick leaves are one of the top reasons why employees fail to attend a day at work. And if your office isn’t cleaned to the brim, there’s a greater chance it is the cause of your employee’s illness because germs, bacteria, and viruses aren’t properly eradicated.

Creates a great impression.

Can you imagine how refreshing it can be to enter your office with that sparkling effect you often see on commercials? Imagine what your customers, clients, and employees might feel entering an establishment with a gleaming, dust and dirt-free environment. A spotless office space says a lot about you as a person and will create a lasting impression on the people who sees it. 


Bet you’ve seen countless cleaning products and services claiming they’re “eco-friendly”, “natural”, and other terms related to these. This is called Greenwashing. A challenge the green cleaning industry encountered the moment it became popular to the people. Tons of businesses claim to be “green” without the proper evidence to back them up. This also happens in Green Cleaning services. Companies claiming to be providing green services but aren’t actually using green products.

What to ask your green cleaning service providers?

Below are some questions you can ask your Green Cleaning Service Providers to ensure they are what they claim to be:

• Do you have a license and insurance?

• Do you employ people authorized by the government?

• Do you use string mops? (If the answer to this question is yes, that indicates a red flag. It is an indication that the company does not have up to date cleaning tools and equipment to get the job done)

• Do your vacuums have HEPA filters? (Used to remove all dirt and allergens)

• Do you follow all OSHA, CDC, and EPA guidelines? If you can provide proof that would be better.

Hiring a green cleaning service company may seem like an additional expense to you, but believe it or not, it’s a worthy thing to do. You’d be surprised at the physical transformation your building went through with the help of professionally trained cleaners that have superior work and fast response times to accommodate your cleaning needs even at times of emergencies. Say goodbye to Sick Building Syndrome! If you need cleaning services in Fairfield County, Connecticut this is the ultimate sign to pick up the phone and schedule a session today!