7 Reasons People Like Clean as You Go

claygo in office cleaning

Imagine getting a water stain on an important document after putting it down on a surface with a cup or tumbler stain that you didn’t notice. Frustrating, right? How about slipping on liquid spillage on the office floor that no one bothered to wipe down? Gets you in a foul mood, correct? That’s why most companies have implemented a CLAYGO policy. It’s a policy requiring all employees, new or not, to make cleaning part of their daily routine to ensure their work area and the entire office remains clean, hygienic, and clutter-free.

Benefits of CLAYGO

Many industries such as retail, hospitality, and catering have formalized CLAYGO as a policy. Practicing CLAYGO helps in constantly improving your industrial cleaning and has many advantages. We’ve listed below a few advantages that you can gain from practicing the CLAYGO method.

Gives good impression to clients

The mere look of your office sends lots of messages to your clients and prospective clients. The condition your office is in represents your business and how you do things. We know you want to make a great first impression that’s why the proper practice of CLAYGO gives you the advantage of always looking clean whatever the time and whoever walks in your office. Therefore, it’s so important to keep your premises clean: it conveys the message that your business is professional and worthy of your customers’ patronage.

Increase employee productivity

Messy and cluttered workspaces are distracting for most people. These results in decreased productivity and that’s something you might want to cut down on since it will affect your business greatly. A good example would be the improper storage of materials and supplies. The mere thought of wasting time searching for what you need is stressful.

Makes your employees happier

Diversity in the workplace has been gaining popularity in recent years and this leads to various habits. It may be hard to establish a single cleaning culture since studies show that people like clean workspaces while others like it messy. However, implementing the CLAYGO method would allow your employees to take more responsibility for their surroundings. Over time this routine would develop into a habit that would make your employees happy for being met with a clean and proper workspace.

Safeguard employees’ health and safety

Offices are one of the perfect environments where bacteria may flourish since people spend so much of their day there. Therefore, ensuring your office is always kept clean reduces the risk of illness and results in a decreased number of sick leave. This is why it’s important that your office has a good cleaning strategy in place.

Reduces hazards

You might be surprised at the effect of simple situations such as spillages that are not taken care of or leftover food waste that is left there on the table. These simple situations can cause injuries if they are just left as is. Slips, trips, and falls might result in bumps, cuts, bruises, and worst they can result in broken bones. However, such accidents can be prevented by practicing the CLAYGO method. Feeling safe while in the office allows you to focus solely on your tasks rather than worrying about your safety throughout the day.

Keep your office running smoothly

A neat and tidy workspace makes it easier to stay organized. For one thing, it is easier to keep track of papers. When your office is tidy, documents are easier to find. It’s also not too difficult to keep track of necessary repairs to your machine or the office itself. You might be surprised by how many repairs you can find if you practice regular cleaning together with the CLAYGO method.

Compliance with Health and Safety Requirements

Health and safety in the workplace have always been a serious matter that’s why various laws and regulations have been implemented to ensure that employees are always on the safe side while working. These laws and regulations vary from industry to industry thus knowing which requirements your business should pass is the most important task before taking anything else into account.

Urgent VS Non-urgent CLAYGO

There are two types of cleaning under the CLAYGO method, and these are urgent and non-urgent cleaning methods. As the names imply, urgent cleaning requires immediate action or attention since the dirt may pose an instant risk to health, hygiene, or safety. Examples of situations that require urgent cleaning are spillage and leftover food waste.

Non-urgent, on the other hand, is otherwise known as regular cleaning such as wiping surfaces, putting the trash into bins, sweeping the floor, and any cleaning you usually do daily before leaving work. Being familiar with which situations need urgent or non-urgent cleaning would go a long way.

CLAYGO Essentials

claygo must-have materials

  • Super absorbent materials
  • Disposable gloves
  • Paper towels (lots of them)
  • Disinfectants
  • Trash bins (practice proper segregation)
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Disposable Cloths

How to Make Your CLAYGO More Effective?

Not every one of versed with the art of cleaning, that’s why listing down instructions that are easy to follow and giving some rewards to those who do well would motivate your employees to do better in cleaning their workspaces. Besides your personal expectations, you might want your employees to know some of the CLAYGO essentials such as:

  • The locations of your CLAYGO essentials
  • Where and how to throw away trash, packaging, used CLAYGO essentials, etc.
  • The correct sanitizers to use on different surfaces
  • Primary areas that need regular cleaning
  • Where to store clean work equipment

Let’s practice proper cleaning, as well as proper hygiene etiquette. Doing so would make your cleaning much more effective. Before taking your leave, make sure that you leave no trace behind by doing your fair share of cleaning. It will not take time and no money will be wasted and it would be beneficial to you and the people around you. If you’re still unsure of what to do, asking for advice from businesses offering office cleaning services would be of great help.

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