How to Make Your Cleaning More Effective?

how to achieve an effective cleaning routine

Over the past two years or so people started paying more attention to keeping their houses and offices as hygienic as possible, mainly because of the sudden appearance of the COVID-19 virus. Ensuring everything is clean and disinfected became the main task of their daily lives, especially for businesses. Cleaning is one of their ways to guarantee their employees’ and customers’ health and safety. Regardless, if you’re cleaning the office pantry, or making sure office mirror cleaning works for you knowing what cleaning method brings you the most effective results is crucial.

We all love seeing our surroundings tidy and clutter-free, right? That’s why knowing the most effective cleaning method that gives twice the result with less effort is something you don’t want to skip on learning. In this article we would be focusing more on the correct sequence of actions you must do to achieve a more effective cleaning in your office or at home.

Proper Sequence of Cleaning

When it comes to hiring professional cleaners, various questions always come to mind while they are doing their work such as how your office chairs are cleaned or what method of cleaning are they using, or what type of products they are using. We are here to help you with your curiosity that’s why we’ve listed the proper cleaning sequence almost all professional cleaners use.


The first step would be to pre-clean surfaces that have loose debris, dirt, and dust by sweeping the floor, wiping with a disposable towel or washable rag, or rinsing with water. Disposing of all the easy-to-remove debris such as used paper and liquid spills would make the next step of cleaning a lot easier. That is the main purpose of this step, to remove as much visible debris as possible.

Main Clean

The second step of cleaning is to deal with hard-to-remove dirt such as grease, dirt, grime, and debris that you weren’t able to remove during the first step of cleaning. This is where you start using solutions that would help you in removing all that nasty dirt. Some of the most common cleaning solutions are diluted bleach, water and dish soap, white vinegar solutions, and alcohol. Leave it for a few minutes to let the solution do its magic.


After leaving the solution for a few minutes, it’s time for the third step which is to start rinsing it using hot water and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth, mop, or squeegee. Rinsing the solution off is a way to avoid contamination, especially if you’re business has something to do with food. You might not know but a lot of food establishment owners are worried if whether or not sanitizing puts their food safety at risk. Well, the answer is no, as long as you rinse everything properly.


The fourth step would be disinfecting. This is where bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms not visible to the human eye are killed. This is an important step for businesses or any place that experiences a high volume of people since these places tend to spread diseases faster. Just let the disinfectant sit for a while according to the instructions (all disinfectants have an adequate contact time) to achieve a more effective outcome.

Although cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are often used interchangeably they still differ from one another. If you want to know more about their differences try reading our blog Proper Way of Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting.

Final Rinse

The fifth step of cleaning is not a mandatory step since disinfectants vary from brand to brand and the type of surface must also be considered. Hot water and a dry clean microfiber cloth is often used for the final rinse, but some disinfectant products have different ways of properly removing them. That’s why it’s important to look at the product instructions before proceeding or seek for professional help.


The final stage of cleaning is to let the surface you’ve cleaned dry. Allowing it to air dry is the most recommended way, but it’s also fine if you just wipe it using a microfiber cloth, a washable rag, or a disposable towel. Using a disposable towel is more appropriate for commercial buildings. However, if you are using washable rags just make sure to rinse them properly after using them to wipe off disinfectant to avoid any contamination. Also, avoid air drying them for molds and bacteria might form.

Importance of Knowing the Proper Sequence of Cleaning

the correct order in effective cleaning

The main purpose of cleaning is to avoid diseases or foodborne illnesses from spreading. That’s why using the most effective cleaning is crucial to ensure your employees’ and customers’ health and safety. Many types of contaminants and microorganisms pose a serious threat to people’s health so following an effective cleaning method like the one above would fully remove these contaminants and microorganisms. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of catching various diseases.

Tips to Further Improve Your Cleaning Effectiveness

Perform regular cleaning and risk assessments

A one-time clean does not mean that your office or house will continue to be healthy and safe for people. Remember that dirt, grime, and other kinds of microorganisms accumulate over time, especially in untidy places.

Be informed on the proper cleaning products to use

Different surfaces and areas have different cleaning needs. For example, a bathroom needs more disinfecting compared to the living room since its moist environment is the best condition for various microorganisms to grow. Being informed about the best product would make cleaning a lot easier.

Always read instruction manuals carefully

There are various cleaning brands out in the market and these brands have different ways of using them, so reading the instruction on the label is important. Reading it would avoid accidents such as mixing it with chemicals that would cause a negative reaction. Also, it would inform you if it should be wiped immediately or left for a few minutes. 

Always wear personal protective equipment

When we talk about cleaning products, we know that they contain various chemicals that may be harmful if it comes into contact with human skin for a long period of time. That’s why wearing a pair of gloves and an apron would prevent you from being exposed to risks.

Make sure you have enough ventilation

Cleaning is an arduous task, and combined with the cleaning products you’re going to use might suffocate you, so ensuring you have enough ventilation is a must before you start cleaning. We don’t want you collapsing while cleaning.

Using an effective cleaning method not only protects your employees’ and customers’ health and safety, but also saves you a lot of time and effort since doing it correctly means you don’t have to repeat the whole process any time soon.

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