Bathroom Cleaning 101: Your Guide to Office Bathroom Maintenance

office bathroom maintenance

Your office bathroom is an essential part of your workplace. While it might not be where the magic happens, depending on who you ask, this space is crucial to the success of your business. More than making a good impression on your potential clients, maintaining the cleanliness of your office bathroom protects the health and safety of your employees. It boosts their productivity and keeps their morale high. Moreover, the Operational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA has strict office bathroom requirements that all businesses need to adhere to. Failure to do so can result in fines or a temporary or permanent shut down. 

Nevertheless, maintaining any shared space is difficult. This is doubly true for the office bathroom. Thankfully, you and your maintenance team do not have to go through the process blind. Below is our quick guide to office bathroom cleaning 101: 

Getting Everyone Involved

One of the biggest hurdles of maintaining an office bathroom is that it is a shared space. Cleaning for a dozen or more people is a tedious affair. Unless you want to assign several people on your maintenance crew to bathroom duty, your office washroom would never be spic and span. 

It is vital to get everyone involved in maintaining shared spaces. Here is how you can do it for your operation: 

Develop an Employee Policies for Restroom Maintenance

Your employees’ bathroom habits can be different from each other. What one staff member would consider clean might not be up to par with everyone else’s standards. To take away any confusion, it is best to develop employee bathroom policies. These policies can take many forms. It can be a simple list of dos and don’ts. It can be a simple acronym like CLAYGO. However, it has to be visible in the bathroom, and all staff members should have a copy of the guidelines. 

Make Cleaning Products Accessible 

Not everyone enjoys cleaning after themselves. Aside from the very few people who enjoy cleaning, it can be a tedious task that can hamper a workday. To encourage participation from your employees, make the tasks as easy as possible for them. Cleaning products and other essential toiletries should be easily accessible. This should include hand soaps, toilet paper, and even the routine maintenance of the bulbs and other lighting fixtures. 

Schedule Routine Cleaning

Grime in the office bathroom can quickly build up. Again, because it gets plenty of use from your staff members, a deep cleaning session once in a blue moon isn’t enough to keep the space safe for use. Setting a routine cleaning schedule is an effective way to ensure that the bathroom is getting enough TLC. Daily cleaning should be part of this routine, and as well as a weekly deep cleaning session scheduled when the employees aren’t in the office. 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks 

There are several ways to clean a bathroom. Truth be told, there is no one best way to keep this area clean and maintained. However, there are industry tips and tricks professionals use to ensure that no bathroom tile is left uncleaned: 

Have a Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Even without a shower, an office bathroom has plenty of moving parts used daily. Each of them needs to be wiped and disinfected periodically over the course of the day. Again, unless you have a dedicated person assigned to bathroom duty, it isn’t too far-fetched that your maintenance team forgets a bathroom cleaning task. 

A bathroom cleaning checklist solves that problem. This checklist should be affixed inside your office bathroom. Tasks should be checked off as they are accomplished. 

Choose Green Cleaning Products

Bathroom cleaning supplies can be toxic. After all, they need to be powerful enough to disinfect surfaces and remove buildup from tricky nooks and crannies. It can be risky to have such powerful chemicals in your office. 

Thankfully, there are natural and safe alternatives to these noxious substances. There is a slew of green cleaning products available in the market today. If you genuinely want to go even greener, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are your best friends. 

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles: Best Practice

office bathroom tiles cleaning

As mentioned earlier, there is no one way to clean a bathroom – much less your bathroom’s tiles. But experts have developed a few steps that can be considered best practice in the industry: 

Take Advantage of the Power of Steam

Buildup can be challenging to deal with. It isn’t easy to scrub off a day’s worth of grime from a bathroom that caters to several dozen people. Using steam can make the process less tedious for you and your maintenance staff. This is a task best done when employees aren’t in the office. You can start by closing all windows and doors to the bathroom and turning on the water to the highest setting possible. This loosens the dirt and makes scrub buildup from the tiles easier. 

Work from Top to Bottom

Scrubbing from top to bottom increases your cleaning efficiency. Cleaning this way means that you don’t have to deal with the grime that runs down the walls. 

Scrub the Tiles

Once the cleaning agent has been applied, it is time to do some elbow work. Remember that tiles and grout are porous. They tend to absorb dirt and build up. Scrub as hard as you can but use a non-abrasive sponge to protect the patina of your tiles. 

Rinse and Dry

Rinsing and drying the tiles after cleaning is as important as cleaning the tiles in the first place. Wet tiles are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. After rinsing, wipe as much moisture as you can. Open all windows and doors to improve ventilation. You can set up a fan to hasten the drying process if you can. 

Managing an office is not an easy task. Even for seasoned business owners, it is tedious to oversee the maintenance and cleanliness of a workspace. 

That said, your company’s best assets, your employees, deserve the best. To ensure that your staff remains happy and productive, partnering with commercial cleaning experts should be your priority. We at Burgos Commercial Cleaning have years of experience with office maintenance. We can take this burden off of your shoulders. With us in tow, you can sit back and focus on building your company and growing your operation to greater heights. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services!