Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong Workplace Cleaners

When hiring cleaners for your cleaning company, it’s not just about filling a position; it’s about finding the right match. The ideal cleaner should be a good fit for your company and find motivation and satisfaction in their work. Essentially, the cleaner and the company should complement each other, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.


For a position to truly click, it must be more than just a job for professional commercial cleaning services. The best cleaners are those who feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their work. They could have chosen any workplace, but they picked yours because it resonated with their life and goals. Understanding this dynamic is crucial for finding top-notch cleaners and retaining them, allowing you to focus on scaling your business instead of sifting through endless profiles of professional cleaners.


In this blog, we’ll explore the signs that indicate you’ve hired the wrong workplace cleaner and need a better cleaning service provider, prompting you to seek a reliable and experienced commercial cleaning service. It’s time to build a cleaner-company relationship that truly works!

signs you need to ditch your cleaner

Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong Workplace Cleaner

Its employees reside far from the cleaning company office/headquarters.

Hiring a workplace cleaner whose employees reside far from the cleaning company’s office or headquarters can lead to various issues. Longer commutes may cause staff to arrive late or miss work, affecting cleaning schedules. Distant locations can hinder quick communication between the company and workers, making problem-solving challenging. It also indicates limited local availability and familiarity, impacting service quality and reliability. Remember, when they’re closer, you won’t have to wait for light years to get your office shining!


Preferred working hours don’t align with yours.

When your cleaner’s preferred work hours don’t coincide with yours, it can disrupt the cleaning routine and hinder productivity. This misalignment may lead to scheduling conflicts, delayed services, or additional labor costs to accommodate their preferences. Ultimately, finding a cleaner whose schedule seamlessly fits your business needs is crucial to ensuring a harmonious and efficient cleaning partnership. After all, in the cleaning business, time is money.


Preference for teamwork rather than alone (and vice versa).

Hiring a cleaner who prefers working in a team when you require a solo worker, or vice versa, signals a potential mismatch. This misalignment can impact efficiency and workflow. Imagine hiring a workplace cleaner who thrives in team environments, while your preference is for a solo worker to maintain the office’s cleanliness during business hours. It’s like wanting a peaceful solo piano performance but ending up with a full-blown orchestra tuning in the background. While both have their merits, the mismatch can disrupt the harmony you seek in your cleaning routine.


When they say, “We’re willing to work anytime, anywhere.”

It might sound like what an enthusiastic cleaner might say, but this apparent flexibility can sometimes imply a lack of specific commitment to a structured cleaning schedule. It’s vital for workplace cleaning to align with your precise timing and location requirements, ensuring consistent and reliable service. After all, we want adaptable but not-so-free-spirited cleaning professionals that your office might get cleaned during a crucial meeting or in the middle of the night – unless you’re hosting vampire clients!


Provides you with a vague price point.

A vague price point is one of the signs that you need to hire a better cleaning service provider. Precise pricing details should be readily available, including the scope of work covered. A vague one indicates they need to be more explicit about their costs, which can lead to unexpected expenses. After all, a precise and upfront pricing structure is the foundation of any trustworthy cleaning partnership.


Don’t have an adequate hiring process.

If your cleaning company does not have an adequate hiring or screening process for its cleaning staff, it risks your workplace’s security, theft, and chemical mishandling. Failing to assess the critical qualifications of their cleaning staff is a sign that they might do the same to your workplace’s cleanliness and hygiene.


Shows little commitment to your building’s security.

Your workplace cleaner’s limited commitment to your building’s security raises concerns. It indicates a potential risk to your property and assets. When your cleaning service doesn’t prioritize security, it jeopardizes the safety of your workplace. It’s akin to leaving the front door unlocked, inviting trouble. A cleaner’s role should be about tidiness and ensuring your premises are secure. So, if your cleaner needs to improve in this aspect, it’s time to start looking for a better cleaning service provider.


Lacks a structured training program for their cleaners.

Imagine hiring a carpet cleaning company that sends in cleaners who need to learn about adequately executing the carpet cleaning process. They might end up causing more harm than good, leaving your carpets in a sorry state. Similarly, when your current cleaning company lacks a proper training program for its cleaning staff, it’s like sending unprepared soldiers into battle. With appropriate training, cleaners may perform their tasks effectively, compromising the cleanliness and safety of your workplace.


The high turnover rate of their cleaning staff.

A high turnover rate among cleaning staff suggests that the cleaner may need to meet the staff’s needs or adhere to industry standards. It’s because constant rehiring disrupts the cleaning consistency of the company since they’d have to retrain their team, which will significantly impact their overall service quality.


Effective quality control measures should be present.

If you notice that your workplace cleaner lacks effective quality control measures, start hunting for another cleaner because this signifies a lack of attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining high cleaning standards. Without proper quality control, you may receive subpar cleaning services that fail to meet your expectations and requirements. It’s like ordering a gourmet meal and receiving a microwaved TV dinner – not quite what you signed up for.

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Recognizing the signs that you’ve hired the wrong workplace cleaners is the first step toward rectifying the situation and ensuring a clean and professional environment for your business. Don’t let subpar cleaning services undermine your company’s reputation or compromise your employees’ well-being. If you’ve identified any of these red flags, it’s time to take action!

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