7 Questions You Should Ask About How Your Office Chairs are Cleaned

cleaning office chairs

The office chair is that one piece of furniture in the office you know you couldn’t be without. It is used every day, and therefore, absorbs and collects different matter like dirt, dust, dead cells, hair, and other biological emissions such as sweat, cough and sneeze droplets, and saliva. 

In this light, you know you ought to have your office chairs cleaned, right? Good thing there are commercial cleaning comp

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Proper Way of Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

correct order of steps for cleaning

Cleaning has always been part of our daily routine whether in our homes or offices. Seeing your surroundings tidy and clutter-free has numerous positive effects, noticeable or not. In order to not waste one’s efforts from cleaning, you would most likely follow a certain procedure to obtain maximum results.

However, some people are still unaware of the correct order of steps for cleaning and sanitizing r

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Invest in Commercial Cleaning for your Car Dealership

commercial cleaning for car dealerships

If you’re operating a car dealership, you must know that leaving a great first impression will be an advantage for your dealership over other car dealerships. A clean and tidy showroom will make your lined-up cars look more dazzling making it very important for your business. Furthermore, car dealerships are most likely to be a high-end environment that’s why keeping them tidy, clutter-free, and well-maintained would definitely portray a professiona

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Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Drain Cleaning

Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Drain Cleaning

Restaurants are one of the many establishments that must prioritize cleaning because cross-contamination can easily occur among food. Food is considered sacred as it enters your customers’ mouths and down to their stomachs. And if the food is not prepared right, it might lead to food poisoning. You must have your cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t skip an area that needs to be Read More