How to Segregate Office Waste

office waste segregation When it comes to waste collection, garbage collectors always remind people to segregate their trash. Some even have policies wherein they wouldn’t collect your garbage if it isn’t segregated properly. Others have different schedules for different types of trash, from recyclables to non-biodegradable and biodegradable. It might be a hassle to segregate your trash at first but as long as you continuously do it, you’ll eventually get a hang of it.  Read More

Top Tips to Reduce Your Office Cleaning Cost

keeping office clean In the midst of the current global pandemic, keeping your office establishments clean, sanitized, and disinfected is crucial. Maintaining a clean and disinfected environment not only kills the COVID virus but also benefits your employees' health and business reputation. However, cleaning products and services can be costly and may affect your overall business budget if you are not careful. Developin
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Should I Clean My Carpet or Get it Professionally Cleaned?

office carpet cleaning Why do people buy carpets even though they are expensive and hard to clean? Well, carpets are great for improving an area’s overall aesthetic. Aside from that, they are an excellent choice if you want people to feel cozier and more comfortable, giving them that sense of peace and rest. Most importantly, they have various purposes such as foot insulation, shock absorption, and reduced sound from walking. However, owning a carpet sometimes tests your decision-making skills on whether you should buy a Read More

Keeping Your Office Desk Workable

office desk cleaning Your desk can say a lot about you as a person, your job, and your overall work style since office desks are where you spend most of your work hours seated and doing every task assigned to you. That is why ensuring that it is clean all the time is crucial to perform efficiently at work. However, there’s so little time left for you to thoroughly organize your desk so you end up with mediocre cleaning. This means that even if you are cleaning your desk, there would still be a ton of microorganisms, harmful or not, that sits on your desk throughout the d
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