Should you get an air purifier for your office

Office air purifier

Whether it’s the office or your home, you want your surroundings to be clean and well-maintained. The cleanliness of a space plays a huge role in a person’s productivity and disposition. This is doubly true for an office environment and with your employees. 

That said, air quality is as much a factor in the sanitation of your workspace like any other maintenance task. In fact, indoor air quality can affect a person’

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Guide to Repairing Water Damaged Wood in Commercial Properties

wood damage due to water

For most businesses, building a suitable office space is the second most important and expensive company investment - with employees being the first. Mindful planning is crucial to employee productivity. Moreover, your office space serves as the face of your operation. Most visitors, potential clients included, would pass judgment on the type of company you run based solely on the look of your office. 

Cleaning insurance and bonds

You can have peace of mind if you choose someone you can trust. The same thing goes when choosing a cleaning company. 

Choosing the right cleaning service for your business or home is an important task. This task would even require you to do your own research in finding which cleaning company best fits your home or your workplace. You have to make sure it is well-reviewed, trusted by many, and of course, insured and

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Floor Stripping: Do You Need It?

Professional floor stripping

It’s no secret that the office floors receive the most dirt, exposure, and trauma in all the places in the office. This is why daily sweeping, cleaning and simple maintenance of the office floors are required and must be done diligently. Keeping the office floors clean preserves the professional appearance of the office. Furthermore, a clean space prevents the te

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