The Importance of Disinfecting Wipes

disinfecting wipes for cleaning

The sudden appearance of COVID-19 shocked the whole world, and the struggle of beating the pandemic piqued people’s curiosity to disinfecting products. Germ-killing products such as disinfecting wipes were bought by many leaving store shelves almost empty. Some even went a little extreme and started panic buying germ-killing products, but as the pandemic stretched on we learned more about cleaning. As such, clea

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How to Keep Glass Surfaces Clean in Your Office Space

cleaning glass in your offices

Keeping an office clean and sparkling can be challenging without a dedicated maintenance team. Aside from the sheer square footage of a typical workspace, an office is a public area. Plenty of hands and feet can put streaks in windows and track in dirt and debris. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to prioritizing areas in your workspace, keeping the glass in windows, doors, and other surfaces should be a top priorit

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Effective Ways to Keep Your Office Dust-Free

how to keep offices free from dust

Dealing with dust is often not a priority when keeping the office clean. It is one of those tedious tasks that your maintenance team seems to be doing over and over again. That said, the accumulation of dust in your workspace can affect your employee’s productivity and mood. Dust is bad for electronics, but certain types can be toxic and harmful to your health. 

It pays to know what you are dealing with

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The Ultimate Guide To Recycling Office Waste

office waste paper recycling

Many businesses are looking for different ways on how to reduce office waste as well as reduce their carbon footprint. So, office recycling programs were implemented for some. Not only does it reduce the generated waste from the business, but also reduces the cost allocated to waste disposal. Although that’s the case, these programs may be very limited and it’s still up to you on how to make your workstation eco-

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