Office Cleaning Mistakes You are Making

Cleaning an office is no easy task. Getting the help of a professional like Burgos Cleaning is highly recommended. Pay attention, the use of some specific cleaning products may damage your office furniture, so reading the labels is very important. A trained professional knows exactly what to use and when. The office is a big space that needs a lot of attention. Often times people do a lot of mistakes and they are not even aware of what we're doing. Here's a short guide on the most common office cleaning mistakes you are making. Let's also see how to avoid doing them.

1. Spraying a product directly onto the furniture

When you
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Importance of Commercial Cleaning Services

All of us like keeping our homes squeaky clean always but what about our workspace? Not only we, our employees too spend a good many hours in the workspace and thus it naturally should be clean. What many of us do is hire normal cleaning services and think that the job is done. You sadly are wrong and you will understand the difference if you visit an office where the cleaning job is managed by commercial cleaning services. In fact, any office that really does well, and has healthy and satisfied employees prefer professional cleaning done. If you are still not convinced then go through the below-given list of the importance of commercial cleaning services and you will get surer. Read More

How Often Do I Really Need to Clean My Carpet?

Your home carpet is one of the major components of your living space, so its only natural that you want it to maintain its cleanliness for as many years as possible. To maintain a more hygienic household, you need to keep your carpets free of dust and odor. Plus, you made a significant monetary investment on your carpet, so you want it to be as durable as possible. The most common procedure for cleaning carpets is vacuuming. Most people tend to do vacuuming regularly and that’s a good habit. However, it is not the only thing essential to maintain its durability and cleanliness. Many experts recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned in 12 to 18 months. Keep in mind that this is a recommended frequency in general conditions. Below are some of the essential aspects that yo
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Getting Rid of Bad Odors in Carpet

One of the possible consequences of the daily use of carpets is not only their potential pollution but also the appearance of an unpleasant smell. Therefore, in this article, we will consider the main causes of bad odors from carpets and rugs, as well as how to remove each of these types of odors. If the carpet began to smell bad, you should immediately find the source of this problem. All carpet odors can be divided into 3 groups: 1. New carpets and other floorings smell. 2. Odors that appear as a result of contamination of the carpet by food, drinks, chemicals, etc. 3. Unpleasant odors arising after improper cleaning with household chemicals, as well as after wet cleaning and inappropriate drying. Read More