Bar Opening and Closing Cleaning Checklist

friends drinking beer We, adults, love spending our days off/weekends, celebrating a new milestone in life, or simply washing away problems inside bars, right? Well, it is one of our favorite recreational activities after all. Nothing a good drink can’t solve! For that reason, you would seldom see a bar without guests. With customers filling the place, alcohol spills and accidents cannot be avoided. Maintaining a clean and sanitized bar is important to imprint positive impressions and memories on your guests.    No one will enjoy themselves in a
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What Type of Disinfectant Does Your Gym Need?

clean gym facility Is your facility properly disinfected? Every gym owner, manager, and trainer should ask themselves this question. They must assess their disinfecting practices to safeguard the health of their clients in light of the COVID-19 virus's emergence and the existence of other dangerous microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi). We are all aware that going to the gym helps people improve their health. However, the pandemic makes people question if they should risk it to go to the gym or not. That’s why they are one of the Read More

Office Cleaning Supplies You Need to Stock Up On

clean office setting It may seem obvious to keep the office spotless, but why is it so crucial? A company's image can be directly seen in its tidy office. It demonstrates how much the business values quality and customer pleasure, two things that should be its top priorities. It's crucial to understand the value cleaning contributes to the workspace whether you are in charge of a facility's cleaning or have been hired to clean an office.   We all know how busy offices can get. With a busy office, keeping the space clean becomes a hassle since you’
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Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Commercial Cleaning

daily office cleaning There are a number of fascinating facts about commercial cleaning that will surprise you once you read them. On average, a person spends around 60% of their time at their workplace. Cleaning should be one of your top priorities before doing anything else in your space because for this precise reason. People frequently neglect their workstations because they are too busy fulfilling deadlines. But before you make a mess on your desk once more, consider these interesting facts.  

Facts About Commercial Cleaning


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