Is it Time to Hire a New Cleaning Service Provider?

Hire cleaning professional
How do you know if you're working with a professional?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your office can impact your business in more ways than one. Your workspace is a reflection of the kind of company that you run. If you want to impress potential clientele and make a good impression, making sure that all surfaces are neat and clean is ideal.

Office maintenance also has a hand in employee productivity and overall morale. As a worker, it is a cha

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Touchpoint Cleaning and Disinfection

Touchpoint Cleaning and Disinfection
Are you familiar with the common touchpoints?

COVID-19 changed the way businesses run. As more people are affected, businesses and organizations are moving in haste to protect their employees and reduce the risk of office contamination.

To ensure that your workplace is free from contamination, regular cleanin

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Guide to Scheduling Office Cleaning

Scheduled Cleaning
How well-informed are you with scheduled cleaning?

With the unprecedented crisis that the world is facing today, the demand for deep cleaning services is on the rise. Unhygienic office practices, when left unchecked, might lead to the spread of pathogens that might cause sickness.  As a business owner, these trying times is a call for precautions that would halt the in

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How to Disinfect Schools in this Pandemic

Safe and Clean School
Schools should be cleaned thoroughly especially during this pandemic.

There is no denying the impact the current COVID-19 pandemic has had in the last few months. As of writing, 17.9 million people around the globe have contracted the disease. Of that, more than half a million have died. The United States currently has the most cases and the most number of deaths. Needless to say, the crisis has affected all sectors including education.