How to Clean an Aged Healthcare Facility

Way before this pandemic came and grabbed us by the ankles, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities for the aged were already required to put an extra layer of safety and protection against infectious diseases. This doesn't come as a surprise as older people are more likely to catch sickness easily due to a weakened immune system or underlying chronic conditions. However, in the backdrop of the progressive pandemic, it may take more than the usual practices done by Read More

How to Clean All Type of Office Floors

Clean Types of Office Floors

The cleanliness of your office space can do wonders for your business. A well-maintained workplace not only keeps employee morale high but also attracts new clientele. After all, the state of your office is a reflection of your operation. As a business owner, you always want to put your best foot forward. 

Cleaning your office floors should be a priority. Especially if you are running an operation that gets a lot

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Making your Office Winter-Ready

It’s getting colder and winter is starting to present itself. As it comes closer, offices, workplaces, and other facilities need to brace for the dangers it may bring especially for those in icy and snowy areas. Aside from the cold temperature and strong winds, snowstorms are known to disrupt and bring danger to anyone’s life, making it very important to make the workplace winter-ready. 

During winter, it will be difficult to commute to

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How Office Space Designs are Adapting to COVID-19

The pandemic is affecting businesses in many ways--  some have been drastic and devastating though some were fortunate to experience positive changes. 

Most had to adapt to the losses and move past the adversity but with the sudden shift, it has led to a greater focus on people and wellness in the workplace. The necessity to create and develop a clear-cut plan to cr

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