The Pros and Cons of Robotic Cleaning

robotic vacuum cleaner in office Commercial cleaning has seen a handful of upgrades when it comes to cleaning technology and solutions. We’ve heard of electrostatic sprayers, who are new to the game, but have gained wide popularity in 2020 and are still winning due to their capability to disinfect large areas such as office buildings and classrooms. There is antimicrobial surface coating technology that promises to interrupt the life cycle of bacteria, viruses, and mold on common surfaces such as phones, computer keyboards, countertops, toilet seats, and
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Why Spring Cleaning is More Important Than Ever

office cleaned by Burgos Cleaning Services With the winter snow and ice slowly thawing away, the blooming of colorful flowers is around the corner. The spring air is also an indication that you should start preparing for your spring office cleaning. We all know how the winter season can create a gloomy office environment with its coldness. The spring countdown is a good time to revitalize your office and take full advantage of Connecticut’s seasonal transition!  

Why Spring Cleaning is Important

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Frequently Asked Questions about Office Cleaning

normal day in the office We all want tidy office spaces. However, maintaining one throughout the day is difficult since you have to juggle your office tasks together with it. Hiring a commercial cleaning company would always pop into your mind but you hesitate since you have questions that need some professional answers. In this article, Burgos Cleaning will try to answer possible questions you might have mind regarding commercial cleaning services. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about office and commercial cleaning.  

What is the

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How Do You Actually Remove Odor on Office Urinals

employee trying to use office bathroom Office urinals have become sort of taboo when it comes to cleanliness. These stations are space savers for public restrooms and other commercial establishments but have earned the reputation of being repulsive when it comes to odor. It’s like public restroom trends, and we all know it. Truth is that odor comes from unsanitary and improper cleaning methods. And
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