Can Carpet Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs?

How to Tell If You Have a Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs generally come in 2 types, larger size ones that feed on human blood and cause visible bites and itching. And ultra tiny ones, known as dust mites, which can trigger allergy related symptoms and cause intense sneezing. Both of them are actual bug creatures.

Carpets and floor rags are a common hiding place for both large bugs and dust mites. So keeping your carpets clean, certainly can help eliminate the problem. Dust mites especially, as their name implies tend to hide in dust, as well as in spots of darkness and moisture.

However, cleaning should extend beyond just floor rags and carpets because bed bugs can also invade old furniture, upholstered furniture and even your clothes, before invading your bed. Dust mites can easily be eliminated by keeping your carpets dust free, and your bed mattress as dry as possible. And by keeping your entire bedroom, walls and floor as dry and as dust free as possible.

Keeping Carpets and Furniture Bugs-Free

Before even cleaning your carpets for bugs, you should start eradicating the problem by washing your clothes and your bedding set in higher temperatures (in 120 degrees hot water) this helps get rid of bugs. In the case of severe tiny dust mite infestation you should expose your mattress to the sun, or some intense heat source. Or if that’s not practical you could spray rubbing alcohol on it, and leave it on for several hours.

Rubbing alcohol can kill even ultra tiny bugs, and help mitigate the problem for weeks. Larger size bugs that cause all the bites and itching trouble, can also hide in cracks and crevices in walls and on old furniture. You can use diatomaceous earth powder to cover such cracks and crevices on wooden floors and walls. This helps kill all bugs.

Cleaning the Carpets

Carpets and floor rags can be kept clean very easily. First they have to be dust free by vacuum cleaning them regularly. This helps eliminate bug-carrying dust, and solves the dust mite problem.

For the larger size bugs you can use commercially available cleaning products, or just use finely ground salt or baking soda. By sprinkling salt or baking soda you can make it impossible for bugs to invade your carpets again, at least until the next vacuum cleaning. And the actual salt or baking soda is harmless, and will just be removed next time you vacuum clean them.

Baking soda especially can be used even on your mattress directly, and unlike salt it won’t damage your mattress in any way, because it’s not corrosive on metal parts. On carpets and floor rags you can use any of these two.

Keeping Carpets and Other Key Areas Clean

Carpets are among the first things in your house that bugs will try and invade, so keeping them clean and bug-free will prevent them from re-infesting your bedroom and actual bed. The good news is that it is possible to get rid of bed bugs with 100% success. First by keeping carpets and floor rags bug free. And then by keeping few other items around the house also bug free.

By applying these simple prevention and cleaning tips, you will slowly notice that dead bugs will start showing up every time you vacuum clean your floor. Until eventually there is no place for them to hide and breed, and they cease to exist.

You can eliminate the bed bug problem on your own, without paying a professional cleaner to do it for you. Just bear in mind to start cleaning the carpets, make it hard for bugs to re-infest these carpets. And then extend cleaning and preventive measures to old furniture, upholstered furniture, old walls and wooden floors and finally to the actual bed.

Every material needs different care and cleaning method, you can use finely ground salt on your carpets, baking soda or rubbing alcohol on your mattress. Diatomaceous earth powder on old wooden floors, chemical sprays on upholstered furniture. And non harming products on old furniture. You should be especially careful with antique furniture. And then the bug problem can be totally eliminated.


There’s no need to panic about bed bugs, keeping carpets clean can help solve the problem, but the effort should be extended to few other critical spots around the house. The good news is that the bed bug problem can be completely solved!

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