Carpet Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

Cleaning your carpet

Moving out requires moving things. This opens up space that allows us to fully clean the entire floor without having to worry about the furniture blocking the way.

Thorough cleaning before moving out is not required by the law, but there are many reasons why you should do it anyway.

Why Do You Need to Have a Move Out Cleaning?

Moving out cleaning aims to leave the house in the same condition as it was when you first moved in. Aside from common decency, here are some reasons why you should clean your house before moving out. 

Move-out cleaning

Get Your Deposit Back

Unfortunately, some landlords take any opportunity to withhold the initial deposit. If you don’t clean before moving out, they may grab that opportunity and hold onto your deposit. To avoid being taken advantage of, have an in-depth move-out cleaning. It will make your move smooth and stress-free. 

Good Impression

If you own the house and decide to move into a new one, having a move-out cleaning will help leave a good impression on prospective buyers. Thoroughly clean the place and make sure the place is in tiptop shape – no broken windows or sinks.  You don’t want to lose sales due to water stains and drab carpets. Make your clients feel like they are entering a newly built home. And for sure, you’ll get that sale soon. 

Less Stressful

Packing and making travel arrangements could be really stressful. Adding move-out cleaning to that would probably make it to your list of worst experiences. The solution to that? Outsource.

Outsource the cleaning to the cleaning professionals. It will make sure that all the cleaning needs will be done, without having to worry. You’ll get the cleaning you need without the added stress of moving and just focus on the moving arrangements. 

Prevents Accidental Damage

The stress of moving tends to unnerve people. As a result of this, some tenants tend to do more damage rather than clean. A way to remove the stress, and avoid damage is to hire a cleaning company to clean the property.

Professional cleaners are trained to do your move-out cleaning with effective disinfection without the worry of forgetting to clean an area. They will be using the right equipment, right cleaning products, and probably do some UV light cleaning. They will be able to do the cleaning without doing any damages. If they do, most cleaning companies are insured and bonded. 

Carpet Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

Carpet cleaning is one of the most stressful cleaning jobs in your move-out cleaning. So, we collected six helpful tips on how you can do your carpet cleaning with ease.

Cleaning your carpet before you move out

Hire a Professional

Hire a trustworthy, IICR Certified cleaning firm that uses modern, professional truck-mounted equipment for your move-out carpet cleaning. This will ensure that your carpet cleaning needs will be fulfilled with the utmost professionalism. These cleaners underwent extensive training to guarantee you 100% satisfaction. 

Get Hot Water Extraction

There are many ways to clean a carpet, but we suggest that you have hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is the best carpet cleaning as it has the most thorough method with deep restoration techniques. It is recommended by most carpet manufacturers that they include it in their carpet care manuals and warranty conditions. So, whether you are moving out, or moving in, have a hot water extraction for deep cleaned carpets.

Schedule Carpet Cleaning

If you are moving out, schedule your movers first and then the carpet cleaner once the movers finish their work. If you’re moving in, do the reverse. Schedule the carpet cleaning team first – a day before the move. 

This schedule will ensure that the carpet cleaning is complete and the carpets are dry before the movers arrive with your furniture. Cleaning an empty room will make the cleaners easier and more thorough as there will be nothing to block the way. Proper scheduling will help make your cleaning and moving a lot more efficient and way easier than having it random.

Repair and Treatment

If you have a pet you’ll likely have carpet stains or odors. It may go unnoticed, considering that most dogs pee along the walls. But as time goes on, and the temperature gets warm, slowly you’ll start smelling them. Cleaning them won’t be easy unless there is no furniture around, like when you are moving out. 

Having a move-out carpet cleaning is your time to remove the stains and odors, and repair the damages in your carpet. With the floors empty of furniture, the repairs and treatment will be easier and more efficient.

Hire a professional cleaner. They have the right tools to diagnose, treat, and repair your carpet. They could do enzyme treatment, carpet stretching, and even carpet pad replacement. 

Focus on High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas caused the carpet to soil more often. This causes damages to your carpet. Moving out carpet cleaning is a great time to have professionals give extra attention to soiled areas and make them look clean and fresh like a brand new carpet. 

Use Stain Guard

After having your carpets cleaned, have professionals put a protective stains guard. Applying Scotchgard, Teflon, or other carpet stain guards will keep your carpets look great for a longer period of time. It will not repel stains, but it will give you extra time for spot treatment. It will make your future carpet cleaning easier.

Moving out is a great opportunity to clean your carpets. There is no furniture around, making it easier for you or the cleaners to move around and clean. 

Hiring a professional would be best especially in stressful situations such as moving out. With experts taking care of the moving out cleaning, you can focus solely on the moving. 

If you need help with carpet cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure we have professionals to guide you and give you tips on how to make your carpets spick and span.