Commercial Cleaners When It Comes To Office Cleaning

commercial cleaning for offices

When we’re talking about business success, this includes the question ‘What investment would make me gain profit or benefit me the most?’. Well, we are here to tell you that cleaning is one of the investments that you’ll benefit from. In the middle of this pandemic, you might think that hiring a commercial cleaner is the least important since most of your workers are working from home, but you are wrong. Here’s a secret we would like to share with you – it’s less expensive to maintain a clean building compared to deep cleaning it once in a while.

With the current situation de-escalating, some businesses are slowly transitioning to a hybrid workplace – a combination of work-from-home and on-site. So, the thought of hiring commercial cleaners as the least important goes down the drain. You also want to ensure that you provide an enjoyable and healthy hybrid workplace environment for your employees. A place that helps keep their morale high and encouraged will lead to a productive day. That’s why hiring commercial cleaners would boost your COVID cleaning routine.

Office Cleaning Checklist

Still hesitating on hiring a commercial cleaner? Well, that’s understandable. So, we listed various things found in the commercial cleaners’ checklist to achieve that healthy hybrid workplace you want your employees to experience.

Desks and Cubicles

Desks and cubicles are areas that allow your employees to create a workstation that they are most comfortable with. You often see them seated there in front of their desktops or a ton of paperwork waiting for them to be accomplished. Most of their 8-hour shifts are spend in their desks and cubicles that’s why it is important to keep these workstations clean and tidy. As mentioned in our previous articles, keeping a workspace clean and tidy helps in boosting productivity and morale. Additionally, they are one of the perfect hosts for bacteria or virus that’s why cleaning every nook and cranny is a must.

Below are the tasks done by commercial cleaners:

  • Wipe desktop screens and dust keyboards
  • Decluttering your desk from used supplies and unwanted stuff
  • Empty your trash cans and replace trash bags
  • Disinfecting the desk surface

Canteen and Break Rooms

Aside from working in their desks and cubicles, workers also like spending their free time in breakrooms or office canteen to recharge by eating or drinking and relax after hours of work. This area is one of the areas you’d want to clean thoroughly because it is a shared space. So, neglecting to clean it regularly may allow bacteria or viruses to survive and spread faster.

Here’s how commercial cleaners keep them clean:

  • Disinfect highly touched surfaces (E.g., tables, drawer handles)
  • Dispose of unwanted food, perishable expired goods, and leftovers found in office refrigerator
  • Thorough cleaning of break room appliances (E.g., coffee maker, coffee pot, toaster, microwave, water dispenser)

Reception and Waiting Areas

clean reception and front desk in offices

An office front area serves to welcome guests, so it’s important to leave a great first impression. We all know that leaving one would encourage them to come again because they felt comfortable upon their visit. Not only that, but it also unconsciously makes them trust your business more.

To do that, commercial cleaners do the following tasks:

  • Mops your floors with the most suitable equipment to achieve optimal cleanliness
  • Clean carpets in waiting room and reception regularly
  • Disinfect and dust furniture
  • Wipe surfaces people notice first when entering the establishment (E.g., windows, company sign)


Bathrooms are not only used for a certain purpose but are also a shared space that allows bacteria and viruses to spread at a faster rate. They are one of the perfect hosts for illness-causing germs and bacteria which can lead to an outbreak in your office if not properly and regularly cleaned and disinfected. That’s why commercial cleaners never wait until the bathroom shows signs of grime and dirt before cleaning them. Not all clean-looking surfaces are germ-free that’s why commercial cleaners try to clean them daily since bacteria lurk on surfaces even if they look clean on the outside.

Here’s how they do it:

  • Starts cleaning from top to bottom to push all the dirt down to the floor
  • Pre-clean urinals and sinks to allow the solution to dissolve all the dirt and grime build-up
  • Deep clean urinals then sanitize them
  • Wipe down sinks with germ-killing solutions
  • Gives extra focus on cleaning drains since most foul smells originate from them
  • Clean out trash cans
  • Wipes clean bathroom mirrors

Area Outside Your Office

Most offices before are limited indoors, but things are different now. Businesses started building offices that have outdoor areas such as a mini garden where employees can take a break and breathe in some fresh air or simply admire the view of nature to calm their minds. Moreover, outdoor areas give your building a plus on first impression if it’s well maintained.

That’s why commercial cleaners tackle the following to boost your first impression from various guests:

  • Clean welcome mats or mats
  • Keeps your glass doors and windows dirt and streak-free
  • Sweep fallen leaves, branches, or debris found near the front entrance or on the ground

At the end of the day, it’s important to have all the necessary materials and equipment you need to work in your office but make sure they’re all tidy and the space itself feels clean and comfortable. It is a must since it has numerous positive effects that benefit both you and your employee’s well-being. Follow the best office cleaning checklist above to make sure you have everything you need or hire a professional commercial cleaning service like Burgos Cleaning.

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