Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Commercial Cleaning

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There are a number of fascinating facts about commercial cleaning that will surprise you once you read them. On average, a person spends around 60% of their time at their workplace. Cleaning should be one of your top priorities before doing anything else in your space because for this precise reason. People frequently neglect their workstations because they are too busy fulfilling deadlines. But before you make a mess on your desk once more, consider these interesting facts.


Facts About Commercial Cleaning

Indoor air quality is multiple times worse than outdoor air quality.

People usually spend over 87% of their lifetimes indoors. Little did people know that indoor air quality is 5-8 times worse than outdoor air quality. This is because enclosed spaces make air limited. Indoor air is full of dust and other impurities since it is trapped inside and replacing the poor indoor quality with fresh air from outside takes a long time.


Office desks have more bacteria compared to toilet seats.

Yes, you read it right. Your office desk has 400 times more bacteria than toilet seats. This is because your desk is a place where frequently touched things are stored such as your computer/laptop, mouse, phone, and different documents held by various people. 


Office telephones contain over 25,000 bacteria per square inch.

In an office, telephones and keyboards are often touched throughout the day. The reason why they can hold so many bacteria is that the constant touching makes them remain warm.


The commercial cleaning industry experiences growth year on year.

As businesses become more conscious of the significance of workplace hygiene, there is an increase in the demand for commercial cleaning services. This growth has steadily increased for the past five years and experts believe that the industry will continue to experience growth in the coming years as more and more registered businesses and organizations form. This growth makes it possible for Commercial Cleaning Trends this 2023 to form. Some of the trends include the push for green cleaning, increased frequency of deep cleaning, development of high-tech cleaning solutions, and improved cleaner training programs.


85% of people don’t fully understand green cleaning.

Green cleaning is simply the practice of cleaning using only organic materials, tools, and solutions rather than the commonly employed, chemical-intensive methods, procedures, and protocols. In the simplest terms, it implies cleaning in a way that is long-term sustainable in addition to being safe for people and the environment. One of the commercial cleaning facts that might really help with understanding is this one.


Cleaning will help you burn up to 200 calories per hour if done properly.

If you find it hard to work out regularly then you might want to take your cleaning more seriously since it can help you burn up to 200 calories per hour depending on what you are doing. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! Although cleaning can be a terrific method to stay in shape, obviously this will vary depending on the sort of cleaning being done, the weight, and the health of the individual cleaning. It’s still best if you hit the gym or do some home workout routines to keep in shape. 

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Bacteria can increase up to 31% per day.

Although it’s unpleasant to consider, it’s probably not shocking. Bacteria are able to multiply up to 31% per day on any surface that is not regularly cleaned or disinfected. You can do it yourself using some eco-friendly products or if you want to operate more safely hire a professional business cleaning company that provides regular cleaning services.


Over 90% of office workers will pick up a contagious disease during their careers.

An office setting is no different from other enclosed settings where the chain of illnesses can spread rapidly. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that any contagious sickness may quickly and widely spread throughout an entire workplace. You must make every effort to keep your property as clean as possible.


Almost 70% to 80% of dirt on the floor is dead skin cells.

The fact that 70% of dust molecules are made up of dead skin flakes and 20% of outside debris like soil is really weird. As they go about their daily lives, people do shed a lot of skin cells. However, this might not apply to the majority of rooms or structures. Dust from the construction process makes up the majority of the dust in newly constructed structures.


Vacuum cleaners have a reverse reaction of sending out bacteria and pathogens into the air.

In a reverse reaction, vacuum cleaners actually release germs and other contagious pathogens into the air. You must therefore choose vacuum cleaners that genuinely have a HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). A commercial cleaning company will be familiar with all the details so they can provide you with solutions that are faultless and totally dependable.

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Flushing the wrong way could lead to a bacterial and viral transmission.

The idea that bacteria and germs spread into the air with each toilet flush with an exposed lid and can remain there for up to 90 minutes is rather problematic. Therefore, always remember to close the lid. Toilet plumes are tiny waste particles that are released into the air every time you flush your toilet after each use. Your soap bars or even your brushes, for that matter, might catch these plumes and would lead to much cross-contamination (from the soap to your hands to different parts of the house). After putting the lid down on your toilet, flushing is always safe since the toilet plumes get trapped inside the bowl and don’t get sprayed out.


You are aware of how important workplace cleanliness is to the success of your company. Nobody can really thrive at work in a messy, uncomfortable setting, can they? For this reason, you search for the most dependable commercial cleaning firms in Fairfield County, Hartford County, and Litchfield County, Connecticut, for your property. For your organization to succeed, you need them to be vibrant and healthy.


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