Commercial Cleaning Prices in 2023

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We love a carpet fresh out of professional cleaning, but how much do they actually cost these days? We’re about to get real with commercial cleaning fees and rates for 2023.


It’s May, and while spring cleaning is just about to bustle out the door, you can still opt to do so. After all, a clean space is always a good idea whatever the season is.

For offices and public establishments, it’s not even a question anymore. Cleanliness in the workplace and business is not only a representation of the company or brand’s professionalism. It also creates a more productive setting for employees, improves their esteem, and boosts sales for businesses.

If you’re running a commercial or office space, it’s imperative that you choose a reliable professional cleaning company that offers the best rates with the cleaning efficiency that you deserve.

How commercial cleaning is priced

Generally, commercial cleaning fees are determined by two things: charged per hour or charged per square foot. Other than that, the price of cleaning services also depends on factors such as job size, cleaning frequency, and the types of cleaning tasks you want to avail. We’ll go over these factors later.


Square Feet


1,000 – 1,500

$400 – $600

1,500 – 2,500

$600 – $750

2,500 – 5,000

$750 – $1,000

5,000 – 10,000

$1,000 – $1,500

10,000 – 20,000

$1,500 – $2,000

20,000 – 50,000

$2,000 – $2,800


The above pricing structure considers a cleaning job per square foot for three cleaning schedules a week. This is basically how most professional cleaners determine the commercial cleaning cost. For one or two cleaning jobs, an hourly rate is implemented. A flat-rate fee is also provided per cleaning job, just reach out to your professional cleaner of choice.

Large properties or warehouses are typically charged per square foot.

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The average commercial cleaning price per square foot

The average rate for cleaning properties is $0.20 per square foot. With this in mind, commercial cleaning pay rates can start anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 per square foot.

Tip: If you’re running a bigger space like large office buildings and warehouses, make sure to ask for a discounted fee. While some cleaning companies are upfront about giving you a lower charge for bigger spaces, don’t pass up on the opportunity to inquire about it. They might even give you a bigger discount, especially if you are availing more services from them.

If you need power washing services, professional cleaners charge somewhere between $0.15 to $0.75 per square foot.

Add-on services are charged extra, depending on the task at hand. Here’s a price overview for the t

  •       $10 to $40 per cleaning of each appliance
  •       $0.30 to $0.50 per square foot for stripping and waxing
  •       $0.12 to $0.21 per square foot for cleaning tile floors using special equipment
  •       $0.14 to $0.12 per square foot for buffing
  •       $1.15 to $3.20 per square foot for cleaning the kitchen
  •       $3.60 to $7 for cleaning each window


The average commercial cleaning price per hour

The average hourly rate for cleaning office spaces goes from $30 to $70. If you have a smaller space, you could opt for an hourly rate.

For commercial spaces and establishments like restaurants that require light cleaning, commercial cleaning fees cost $30 to $40 per hour. For heavy cleaning, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $120 for every hour.

Certain industries such as hospitals and medical facilities entail a pricier cost than your typical office and commercial space. Due to the nature of the industry, cleaning tiers must be implemented. Thorough sanitation must be ensured and there is the involvement of complex tasks such as dealing with hazardous wastes and materials.

How are commercial cleaning jobs priced?

The truth is, there’s no one price fits all when it comes to commercial cleaning. As mentioned earlier, there are factors that influence the final price for cleaning a certain property. And every commercial property has individual needs when it comes to cleaning, hence, the varying cleaning prices.

And this fact remains true for 2023 commercial cleaning pricing.

To give you more ideas about pricing, here are the elements taken into consideration by commercial cleaning companies whenever coming up with a final price.

Size of the property

Size is a major factor when coming up with a price for commercial cleaning jobs. Typically, smaller offices are less costly to clean compared to larger spaces like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and healthcare institutions.

Type of cleaning needed

Standard office building cleaning services won’t cost you a lot, especially if you avail of them regularly and on a long-term basis. You may want to talk to your professional carpet cleaners occasionally, so you get to keep your carpets in pristine condition. Remember that replacement is more expensive.

Deep cleaning and other tedious tasks that are done with more time, effort, and certain expertise would be charged for a reasonably higher rate. This may be the case for most restaurants, although this depends on the layout of the space. Try to get quotes from different cleaning companies so you can compare and get the best offer without breaking the bank.

Healthcare facilities and related institutions are expected to be more expensive to clean because of the nature of the industry, where high standards of cleanliness must be upheld.

If you run an industrial building running manufacturing and distribution operations, you can get quotes for a specialized cleaning service you may need.

Cleaning frequency

Because several cleaning tasks may need delegation, how often you plan to have your space cleaned can also affect pricing.

If you’re looking into a more frequent schedule that you’re getting for the long run, you may get a discounted offer from cleaning companies.

You can also request to pay hourly rates for light and simple cleaning jobs. This way, you can save up.


Commercial properties located in busier areas with higher costs of living are charged higher commercial cleaning fees. You’ll find that janitorial services in Tolland County, Connecticut offer more cost-effective rates than those in metropolitan or similarly urban locations.


The best thing you can do is still to ask for a quotation. If you want a clear-cut idea of how much it will cost to have your office space cleaned, it doesn’t hurt to ask.