How the Process of Carpet Cleaning Works

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Carpets remain to be a staple piece in the office or even homes because of its amazing benefits and added appeal and elegance. Most offices and some establishments still prefer to have carpets over anything else. However, while carpets are low maintenance for the most part, ensuring that these flooring materials are thoroughly cleaned should still not be missed. Like anything else, carpets lose their appeal when left untreated. Furthermore, you can end up having to replace them if you never arranged for a carpet deep cleaning process. Now, that’s something nasty and you don’t want that. 

If you’ve ever wondered how the carpet cleaning process happens, then we’re here to tell you all about it. Below are the 12 carpet cleaning steps that we do at Burgos Cleaning to ensure that your carpets get thoroughly cleaned the proper way. 


This is the first step of the carpet cleaning process. Someone from the professional cleaning team will conduct a visual inspection of the carpets and identify the areas that need to be cleaned, which may include heavy soiling and damages that may need to be repaired. This assessment allows the professional cleaning team to prepare for the right set of approaches and cleaning materials to better deal with your carpets, as well as inform you, the client, of what you can expect once the cleaning is done.

Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Through the use of a special turbine vacuum system, bonded dry soil, loose hair, fine soil, and other stubborn dirt and particles stuck on the carpet are removed. This initial vacuuming is crucial in the whole cleaning process, so that these particles do not stick once extraction has begun. 

Moving of the furniture

Large pieces of furniture like tables, chairs, sofas, and couches must be moved to another location so that the carpet cleaning process goes unobstructed. This step is also done to make sure that these pieces of furniture do not incur accidental damages from the cleaning operation. 


This step involves the use of a green-certified preconditioning agent to break down general spots and stains before the actual cleaning process takes place. The use of a prespotter provides extra help in removing heavy and high-traffic soiling, as well as stubborn stains. 

Intense and isolated stains caused by ink, coffee, or wine would require an extensive cleaning process. In the event of this, the effective approach will be discussed to you so that you are aware of what is happening and possible repercussions. 


Dealing with harder and more stubborn spots should not be compromised. The professional cleaning services company you hire should be knowledgeable and skilled in the proper carpet spotting procedure, which would involve dealing with stains from coffee, ink, wine, or oil. 

Power Scrubbing

Powerful Scrubbing

The carpet deep cleaning process would not be possible without power scrubbing. This step is integral in the loosening of the soil on the carpet and disintegrating intense dirt on areas where heavy traffic is evident. The secret to any clean carpet lies in the power scrubbing capabilities and techniques used by the cleaning services provider. 

Extraction and Rinsing

After the power scrubbing, the extraction and rinsing take place. The carpet is rinsed through the use of a powerful extraction cleaning system that doesn’t get the carpet too wet while still removing all of the residue away. While the extraction process happens, a special agent for rinsing is applied. 


Once thoroughly cleaned, the carpet is treated with deodorizer to give it a fresh smell. If you’re worried for people with sensitive nostrils, you can opt out of this step and just let the cleaners know. At this point, the carpet cleaning steps are almost done. 


This step involves the application of an EPA-certified neutralizer to the carpet. The neutralizer must be registered with the EPA and must be proven safe around people and even pets. 

The neutralizer is helpful in the removal of alkali remains from the cleaning process. It also ensures that the carpet is pH balanced, leaving no sticky residue behind and giving your carpet a soft and fresh state.

The neutralizer also aids in maintaining your carpet’s cleanliness.


After the application of the neutralizer, your carpet gets inspected one more time. This is to see if there are still remaining spots or stains, which will be treated one more time through the use of speciality spotting solutions. 

Post-Grooming and Speed Drying

A post-grooming step is done to your carpets so that they can dry faster and properly. High-velocity air machines are also utilized to encourage faster drying time. A carpet has to be thoroughly dry before re-use, otherwise, it will easily attract dirt and dust particles. 

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Once the whole carpet cleaning process is done, the carpets are then reinspected one last time. The cleaning technician will walk you through all the areas that have been cleaned, showing you the overall results of the cleaning operation.

Some points of consideration when it comes to carpet cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

If you are not yet convinced that you need to get your carpets cleaned by a professional cleaner, here are some thoughts. 

  • What has been written above are the general carpet cleaner steps. At some point or another, some considerations must be applied. For example, the cleaning method. Not all carpet cleaning methods are the same. There are special carpet fibers that require a different and, sometimes, more delicate approach like the carpet steam cleaning process
  • You don’t have to wait until your carpets get super dirty before you schedule a carpet cleaning session. In fact, having your carpets cleaned at a regular schedule is the best practice. The longer it takes for you to have your carpets cleaned after the last, the more your carpets get damaged. If you truly care for your carpets, get them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

And there you have it! That’s pretty much how the carpet cleaning process goes. It’s not as complicated as it seems, but there is definitely a lot of hard work and proper knowledge and training involved. If you’re from New London County, Connecticut and nearby parts, it’s not so hard to find a trusted professional cleaning company that can provide what you need.