Floor Stripping: Do You Need It?

Professional floor stripping

It’s no secret that the office floors receive the most dirt, exposure, and trauma in all the places in the office. This is why daily sweeping, cleaning and simple maintenance of the office floors are required and must be done diligently. Keeping the office floors clean preserves the professional appearance of the office. Furthermore, a clean space prevents the tenants from getting sick.

However, daily sweeping is not enough to keep the pristine images of your floor. Sure, there is always the option for stain removal for carpets of all kinds. But, sometimes, with too much foot traffic and constant overuse, you may find your office floors asking for some much-needed reactive maintenance: stripping.

If you haven’t heard of floor stripping, it’s about time you do. Read on to find out more.

What is floor stripping?

Floor stripping is a method where every bit of dirt, dust, solid, old wax and other debris are removed from the floor. Once done, the floor is waxed, giving it a nice finish. The process is a tedious one, and can only be done by cleaning professionals as it requires proper knowledge and expertise on how to do so.

Floor stripping can be done as a form of reactive maintenance

Why you should invest in floor stripping

Floor stripping may seem like an additional cost for your company, but the truth is, this process can actually do a lot of wonders to your floors. Preserving your floor’s state is still more cost-effective than going for a replacement that could have been avoided if you had only tried to invest in floor stripping.

Here are all the more reasons why you should go for floor stripping every once in a while.

To protect your floor

The office experiences high foot traffic on a daily basis. Depending on the company dress code, your office floors may be subject to constant abuse from high heels and hard shoe soles. With these, your floors may easily get damaged. Moreover, redecorating and moving furniture also adds to the problem. 

Scratches and dents are not a very good look for your office floors. If not fixed earlier on, these scratches and other damages may only get worse and may even need replacement. With floor stripping, your floors get the proper treatment, making them appear brand new without having to replace them.

To prevent unwanted discoloration

When dirt remains on your floor for a long time, it seeps into the floor and may become deep-seated dirt that causes discoloration. When discoloration is not addressed earlier, it can become severe and may even bring about permanent change in the appearance and quality of your floors. 

When done on a regular basis, floor stripping is one good way to avoid discoloration on your floors. 

To seal against moisture

Moisture is a huge problem in terms of a lot of things. It can be a cause for discoloration, but furthermore, it can reach deep under your flooring and grow molds. Molds can be a real cause for concern since it does not only affect the quality and appearance of your flooring, making it look uneven and deformed. Moreover, uneven floors can cause accidents like trips and falls.

Molds also pose a real threat to the health of the office tenants. 

With floor stripping, your floor receives an extra layer of protection from moisture. 

To maintain the floor’s cleanliness and safety

Regular floor stripping services make your office floors look cleaner and fresher. First impressions last and nobody likes a downbeat office floor, so if you want to preserve your office’s look and professional integrity, a floor stripping service is done by commercial cleaning services.

To make the task of cleaning your floors easier

Let’s face it, it is a tough task to have to maintain the office premises and floor every day. With a number of people walking to and fro around the office, cleaning the floors becomes a tedious task. Regularly stripping tile floors with waxing eliminates the extra effort to have to clean your floors in an intense manner.

Floor stripping is very convenient, especially when coupled with moving out carpet cleaning.

Doing floor stripping alone?

Should you do floor stripping by yourself?

The process of floor stripping is a thorough and technical one. Normally, with a task like this, it is best to leave it to the experts since a lot can go wrong if you’re thinking of just doing it by yourself to cut costs. Remember, while you think you may save up a lot when you do things on your own, you also risk making a lot of damage if you are not able to pull it off. There is a lot of room for mistakes, especially with a technical task like floor stripping, so if you are willing to take the risk, it is all up to you.

When should you schedule floor stripping?

Floor stripping is best done on days when the building is not being used by tenants. Weekends would be a good idea, although since some offices operate on weekends, you can find a suitable schedule that will work with the commercial cleaning services company. There are cleaning services in Middlesex County, Connecticut are available when you need them to be at your office, just create an arrangement that works for both parties. 

So do you need floor stripping? 

The short answer is yes. If you own a property or an office space, you always want to make sure that the office looks clean and safe, and exudes the air of professionalism that you want. An office space or any public establishment must look welcoming, bright, and safe. Otherwise, people won’t feel comfortable taking a peek inside your space.

When it comes to your office look and cleanliness, you have to look at the big picture. And if the big picture means you have to invest in something as beneficial as floor stripping, then go for it. Floor stripping is that investment that you don’t know you needed.