How Flexible Office Cleaning Can Help your Business Adapt to Hybrid Working

flexible office cleaning for hybrid work

The way a lot of people work around the world has changed drastically in the past year and many businesses have decided to depart from the traditional office-based working. Hybrid working has become a prominent stable by which the staff splits their time between the office and remote working.

This kind of working schedule has raised plenty of challenges for businesses. More than operational concerns, most companies are also focused on how to improve the image of your business by hiring commercial cleaning and understand commercial cleaning before you regret it. 

Consideration for Hybrid Work

In our current time, employers recognize the workers’ value for flexible work. In a survey conducted by Prudential’s Pulse of the American Worker, it was reported that in 2021 87% of employees from the United States working remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak, still favored continuing it at least once a week. Moreover, 68% of the survey said that the hybrid workplace model is the ideal way to work.

Workers have been more discerning of the businesses they would choose to work for. Failing to adapt to the hybrid working model could come at a high cost for business. Forty-two percent of current remote workers declared that if their current company won’t offer work-from-home options after the pandemic, they would probably look for a company that does.

The working world has been filled with conversations on how to lead people in hybrid working environments, but what we might overlook is how to make sure that employees will still feel safe and comfortable when they return to the office.

In a survey in 2021, 65% of workers from the United States said that they are concerned about the safety and cleanliness of their workplaces when they go back. Moreover, 58% responded that they would be delighted to see their workplaces putting more effort into cleanliness and sanitation as a response to the pandemic.

To help your employees achieve success in a hybrid working model, these are some steps that can help you in ensuring that your workplaces are clean, comfortable, and safe:

Maintaining a Cleaning Protocol in a Flexible Office Set-Up 

Look for a flexible office cleaning schedule that suits your business

The nature of your business is one thing that you should take note of in looking for a cleaning schedule. Choose a cleaning schedule that will meet the unique needs of your business. Also, go for a cleaning schedule that will give minimal interruption to your day-to-day operations. If your business hours have changed or you might need something to fit the schedule of your employees during hybrid working, make sure to maintain flexibility.

Invest in hygiene-promoting items in your workplace

The few bottles of alcohol and several boxes of tissues in your office might need to level up when it comes to keeping your employees comfortable and safe in the office. Nowadays, employees want to feel like management prioritizes their safety especially if they demand for them to go back on-site.

The Harris Poll shows data on what employees want in their workplace.  Fifty-eight percent of employees want to see items such as hand sanitizers, 48% want hands-free restroom fixtures such as faucets and dispensers, and 35% want higher-capacity paper towel dispensers in office bathrooms.

Be open and transparent about cleaning procedures

As employees have been more aware of safety, they also want to be well-informed. The same poll showed that 44% of respondents wanted to see more communication about safety and cleanliness when they go back to their office spaces. Nowadays, s lot of facility customers keep systems for reporting and recording cleaning.

When creating a monitoring tool for cleaning, you can have it posted on bathroom walls for your employees to see if the space has been sanitized and when it was.

Being transparent with cleaning procedures and practices is the key to showing employees that you and your company’s cleaning team are dedicated to keeping the working environment as healthy as possible. They will feel more safe knowing that you make efforts in informing them and making them aware.

Hire commercial cleaning services

Some businesses may not have the resources and people to do sufficient cleaning work on their office spaces. Thankfully,  there is no need to fret. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can do the trick.

When choosing a commercial cleaning service, vet carefully to ensure that they give outstanding service and attention to detail.

Make sure that you hire a team that has been trained to the highest standards and supplied with the best products. To ensure your workplace is left polished every single time, it is better to select cleaners that cover everything, from carpet and window cleaning to washroom services. Not only that, but choose a team that can be delicate to your office equipment such as PCs, laptops, light switches, air conditioners, and many others.

Prepping for On-site Work 

If you’re currently planning the return of your employees to the office, making sure they feel safe when they arrive is one way to go. Make sure that you prepare a cleaning schedule that fits around you and your people as well as your workspace – whether you’re making the switch to hybrid working or planning to be in the office full time.

The pandemic has changed so much in our daily lives, learning to stay on our feet in an ever-shifting landscape is challenging. As a leader, it is up to you to make the hard choices. 

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