How Often Are Hotel Carpets Cleaned?

Clean Hotel Carpets

When it comes to running any hospitality business, impressions are everything. Customers judge your operations based on the design and overall cleanliness of your location. This statement is doubly true when it comes to hotels. 

Especially during this time, cleanliness and sanitation are crucial in driving clients to your hotel. These two things foster peace of mind, improve guest experience, and impact client satisfaction and eventual loyalty. Hotel carpet flooring plays a big role in ensuring the guests would keep coming back. 

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning carpets regularly would not take a toll on its fibers. In fact, maintenance can help improve the longevity of this flooring fixture. The amount of foot traffic hotel hallways experience almost demands frequent carpet cleans. 

Understanding the intricacies of hotel carpet cleaning is a crucial part in maintaining your hotel’s flooring. In this article, we discuss how to clean hotel carpets and how often should they be maintained. 

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

Again, the notion that cleaning carpets ruins the flooring is nothing but a myth. Regular maintenance is important in ensuring that dirt and debris do not clog up the fibers and permanently stain the carpet. Hotel carpet cleaning entails two tasks – vacuuming and preventative maintenance. Here is how often you should schedule these activities: 


One of the biggest drawbacks to installing carpet floors is its tendency to hold on to dirt, grime, and debris. Thankfully, this problem can be easily solved through regular vacuuming. As a general rule of thumb, hotels should be vacuuming all surfaces at least 3 to 4 times every week. For high-traffic areas like the lobby and the elevator hallways, daily vacuuming is a must. 

Deep Cleaning 

Carpet deep cleaning come in many forms. From carpet shampooing to hot water extraction cleaning, there are plenty of options to choose from based on the type of carpet your hotel has and the budget you have allocated for its maintenance. That said, heavy traffic areas should be deep cleaned at least once a month. Areas that are used sparsely should be cleaned four times a year. 

How to Clean Hotel Carpets

Cleaning Carpets

Truth be told, hotel janitorial cleaning is not easy nor is it simple. There are several factors that make hotel maintenance difficult. Between the sheer size of a hotel and the foot traffic for every floor, it takes a level of expertise to maintain a clean hotel carpet at all times. Below are a few best practices from the experts: 

Introduce Matting for Entrances 

85% of the soil and grime that settles on your hotel carpeting comes from the shoes of your guests. It is difficult to prevent this issue from the source. You can’t exactly ask your clients to take off their shoes before entering your premises. Introducing matting to your hotel entrances is a quick and smart solution to this problem. Matting prevents the soil from seeping through the carpet. This surface can easily be cleaned by a simple sweep.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Vacuums are expensive, especially the types that are made specifically for carpets. To be honest, the equipment required for maintaining carpets almost is almost at par to the savings you incurred in choosing carpet over hardwood floors or marble. Nevertheless, the right tools can extend the life of your hotel flooring. The longer your carpet stays pristine the bigger your ROI is. 

Purchase the Correct Chemicals for Your Carpet

Similar to the importance of the right equipment, the correct chemicals are crucial to the life span of your carpet. Cleaning solutions aren’t made equal. You can’t exactly use supermarket bleach for your flooring lest you want a big stain in the middle of your hotel lobby. In choosing the right solutions, it is best to stick to low-moisture products that do not stick or stain fabrics. 

Clean Spills Right Away

The amount of the effort you exert on cleaning a spill is directly related to how long you have put the task off. The longer the spill is on your carpet floors, the deeper it would seep through the fibers of the fabric. Addressing spill right away should be your hotel’s SOP. Not only does it keep you carpeting clean and pristine, but it also gives your guests the impression that you are on top of maintenance.

Maintain a Carpet Cleaning Schedule 

When it comes to carpet cleaning, frequency and regularity are key. Crafting a carpet cleaning schedule ensures that all surfaces are maintained at the same level. That said, your carpet cleaning schedule should be in line with the type of operation your hotel has. You can’t exactly shampoo your lobby floors during peak hours. Coordinate with your staff and check your stats. Schedule cleaning during hours wherein guests are likely to stay in their rooms for an extended periods of time. We suggest cleaning in the middle of the night on a weekday. 

Train your Maintenance Personel

There is a finesse to cleaning carpet. Like discussed earlier, you can’t necessarily clean fibers through brute force. You run the risk of dislodging fibres and doing the opposite of what you intended to do. It is best to train your personnel on propert carpet cleaning before giving them new products and equipment to use. The more informed they are, the better they would clean your hotel. 

Choose the Help of Professionals

Carpet cleaning can be an intimidating affair. To make the process easier for your and your staff, it is best to hand off this task to the professionals. Professional hotel carpet cleaning is a level on its own. It is a good first step in developing your own cleaning framework. 

Cleaning your hotel’s carpets is one of the most basic hotel carpet cleaning services that you should invest on. After all, impressions last. In order to survive this global crisis, not only do you have to impress guests but you also have to put them at ease. 

Deep Cleaning Carpets

When it comes to the intricacies of carpet cleaning, you don’t have to go through developing a process on your own. We can help you figure out the best carpet cleaning recourse for your hotel. Reach out to us today to discuss your options.