How Often Are Hotel Carpets Cleaned?

Cleanliness is of paramount interest in the hospitality industry, especially in upscale hotels. Carpeted floors are one of the most common flooring options in hotels around the world, along with marble and hardwood. While all of those materials do require routinely care, carpeted floors are especially tricky to maintain. Those soft, plush carpets you see in hotels wouldn’t look nearly as good as they do without proper maintenance.

Without proper care, they can end up looking old, rough, and dry and shorten the lifetime of your carpet. There is no industry standard for how carpets should be cleaned as that would depend on a lot of factors, including what kind of carpet you have, the traffic in the area, if there are any spills, etc. This article will help you determine how often hotel carpets should be cleaned, whether you’re a hotel manager or someone looking to invest in carpets.

Three-Step Cleaning Routine

Cleaning carpets effectively is necessary as dust, mites, and other allergens could get trapped in it and the three-step routine discussed below will help you do just that and help keep your carpets looking at its best. Many hotel managers stick to this routine as it extends the longevity of their carpets.


Regular vacuuming is essential and also happens to be one of the most effective and economical ways to keep your carpeting free from dust and dirt. It is important to use the right kind of vacuum that is suited to the kind of carpet you have, by going over the carpet slowly in both, east-west and north-south directions in order to ensure you’re not letting any sedimented or trapped dust stay there. The frequency and intensity of vacuuming your carpets will heavily depend on the traffic around those areas. Ideally, heavy traffic areas like entrances, lobbies, and ground halls should be vacuumed daily, and twice a day, if possible.

Areas with average traffic, like office areas or corridors can be vacuumed daily, but must be vacuumed 3-4 times a week, at the very least. Areas with occasional traffic like conference rooms can be cleaned on a weekly basis, but must always be cleaned on any day there is a booking. Suites and rooms should be cleaned every day to maintain hygienic conditions for guests.

Spot Cleaning

The second step of the three-step cleaning routine for hotel carpeting, is spot cleaning. While vacuuming should sufficiently take care of dust and tiny particles of dirt, individual stains from spills must be dealt with by spot cleaning. It is not appealing to see stains all over a carpet, that would otherwise have been beautiful — this causes a lot of hotel managers to be left with no option but to replace their neglected carpets. It is important that a stain be treated as soon as possible, as you’ll have a better chance at completely removing it. If the stain is from a liquid spill, start treating it by blotting it with a white, dry, absorbent cloth or paper towels until the stained area is just a little damp.

Brushing or scrubbing carpets with abrasive materials can damage them, so make sure to avoid this practice. Proceed to apply a good laboratory-tested carpet cleaning product to the area surrounding the stain while following the directions of the product. You might have to repeat this process several times to get the stain out completely, depending on its severity. Once this is done, blot the area with clean water to remove the product residue. Semi-solids and food should be scooped with a spoon and then vacuumed to remove the solid, dry bits. For heavier stains like glues and dyes, you might need to have a professional look at it.

Preventative Cleaning

Preventative cleaning programs are programs where your carpets are cleaned by professionals at regular intervals to avoid having to undertake expensive restorative efforts later. If you think of carpets like an investment, it would make sense to spend a little on its upkeep to help it last longer. Around areas with heavy traffic, like the entry, ground floor halls, lobbies and the reception area, it is ideal to get them preventative cleanings 12-24 times a year, depending on traffic. Areas with medium traffic, like offices and above ground halls, should receive preventative cleaning four times a year. Areas with lighter traffic only require two preventative cleaning sessions a year.

Following the above routine should help you maintain your carpets at its best condition. However, it is important that the cleaning job is done right; a poor attempt at cleaning carpets could do more harm than good.

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