How to Choose Post Construction Cleaning Company

Post Construction Cleaning

The completion of a building’s construction is not the end of the project. Construction companies don’t work without making a mess of the place, which is why post construction cleaning is a fundamental part of the process. Without it, your site would have no real purpose. Trying to handle this mission on your own would be near impossible, time consuming and substandard. Conversely, by hiring commercial cleaning you can have the cleaning chore completed professionally, with zero debris and leftover materials from the construction in your commercial structure.

Why Post Construction Cleaning ensures that your building is clean and safe. If you had your restaurant newly constructed, for example, it is highly recommended to hire a professional cleaning team to scrub the building in order to sanitize it. After all, commercial sites are constantly accessed by people. As the boss of a public building, it is your responsibility to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are constantly maintained. This is necessary even when the structure is newly built: there can be items there such as chemicals, cigarette butts, metal, glass and the like from the construction that could be hazardous for the unsuspecting community. Hence, post construction cleaning not only makes space look spotless it also eliminates risks from such elements.

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist A specialized post construction cleaning company will undertake the following cleaning services along with additional cleaning tasks from floor to ceiling in accordance to your needs.

• Dusting and swabbing hard surface floors

• Vacuuming all carpets

• Dusting all walls, doors, door knobs, switches

• Scrubbing windows, glass doors and other glass surfaces

• Dusting doors, knobs, baseboards, switches

• Shinning mirrors, bathroom accessories, cabinets, and plumbing fixtures

• Cleaning household appliances; removing packing materials, temporary labels

• Placing kitchen drawers

• Cleaning door and window frames, tracks, and sills

• Cleaning water regulator and water heaters

• Cleaning storage areas, garages, furnace closets

• Polishing goods with stained woodwork and stainless steel

• Scrubbing sinks, toilets, and tubs

Choosing Post Construction Cleaning Company Prior to hiring a commercial cleaning service, you will need an estimate of the overall cost. The amount of cleanup that needs to be done as well as the size of the building will influence the quote. Approach several post construction cleaning services and have them estimate the price by measuring the area and the amount to be cleaned. Choose the company that best fits your budget. Most services may be open to negotiation if you have a very large area that needs attention. Settle the price before the sanitizing work begins. However, before selecting a service, request client testimonies. A legitimate and quality commercial cleaning company will readily agree to let you contact their ex-clients. Once you find the right company, you can be assured of the completion of your building project.

Before you pick a particular construction cleaning service provider, it is important to carry out a comprehensive market research on all the possible options and get the one which matches all your cleaning requirements in the most effective way.