What is Post-Construction Cleaning?

Moving to a new space or having your workplace renovated is always an exhilarating experience. Having freshly painted walls, adjusted walls, or additional windows marks a new journey, a fresh start for everyone. 

With every move or renovation, steps are taken to ensure safety and order. And the final step to guarantee it is complete is the inspection of the site for post-construction cleaning. It is to assure the people who will use the place that even if it went through renovation or move, that the area is cleaned and organized.   

What is Post-Construction Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is a detailed process to ensure that the area of construction is clean. It includes gathering chunks of debris, material leftover such as screws and nails, and other scraps. It also incorporates wiping of surfaces for excess paint or other liquids like solvents and adhesives.  

Why is Post-Construction Cleaning Needed?

Thorough cleaning is needed every after construction or renovation. The purpose of after-construction cleaning is to make sure that the property is in a fresh and tidy condition for the people who will use it. 

Poorly executed post-construction cleaning will pose risks to the health and well being of the residents as the leftover debris and dirt will affect the indoor air quality of the place.   

Stages of Post -Construction Cleaning

A systemic way to clean execute post-construction cleaning is to divide it into three stages: rough, janitorial, and detailed. 

  1. Rough – This is the type of cleaning with no attention to detail. This may include clearing large debris and removing materials. 
  2. Janitorial chores – Janitorial chores is the cleaning that focuses on general chores like sweeping and wiping. 
  3. Detailed cleaning – This type of cleaning is repeated a few times for weeks. This will ensure that the dust and dirt that settled after construction is entirely removed. 

Post-Construction Checklist

The post-construction checklist is a detailed list that shows a breakdown of the areas of the worksite. This checklist will help the workers identify the different categories for cleaning that is needed to be done in a room. It should be a detailed guide that will help in the inspection of the post-construction cleanup. Here is what to include in the post-construction checklist:

Entrance and Exit

Doors are the first things people notice when they enter. It is essential to check and clean the doors as well as the surrounding area.

  • Exterior light dusting
  • Check if all the lights are in good working condition
  • Wipe down windows
  • Aside from the door, make sure to clean the door frames and the doorknob
  • Sweep the entranceways

Common Areas

Common areas such as the parking area, lifts, stairway, pantry, and storeroom should be clear from construction debris. As a lot of people come and go in these areas, inadequate cleaning could hurt or harm a person. 

  • Sweep and vacuum the floor
  • Check if all the lights are in good working condition
  • Doorknobs and switches should be cleaned
  • Windows, window sills, and window tracks should be properly cleaned and dusted
  • Remove evidence of excess paint on the floor and walls
  • Remove extra materials and trash
  • Clean doors and doorframes


Though these may be the smallest areas in the building, they should be clean and in working order after the renovation or construction.  

  • Clean and sanitize the sink, and toilets
  • Wipe down mirrors, cabinets, and counters 
  • Sweep and vacuum the floor
  • Clean the inside cabinets and drawers
  • Clean the windows, baseboard, and light fixtures
  • Clean the doors, door frames, and doorknob
  • Take out the trash

Outdoor Spaces

The last and final step of the post-construction cleaning list should include inspection of the exterior of the property like the building entrance, gardens, and the exterior of the building (walls, roof, foundation, and stairs).

  • Check and remove all tape, plastic, and other signs of construction 
  • Remove the trash
  • Sweep/powerwash the walkways
  • Sweep porches, decks, and patios
  • Remove excess paints on the walls and ground
  • Remove dust and debris

Tips for Post-Construction Cleaning 

If you don’t plan to hire a cleaning service to do the post-construction cleaning, here are some tips for you:

Make a plan and follow it

Doing the post-construction may be difficult especially if you do it yourself. Make sure you have a plan to make your cleaning easier. You may also find a post-construction cleaning format online and follow it. 

Follow your plan and clean one room at a time. Wipe top to bottom to make sure you don’t spread out the accumulated dust in the room. Clean from the farthest area to the entrance. This way, you will not go back and forth in cleaning the rooms and spread the area from different parts of the place. 

Contain the dust

This should be done pre-construction to contain the dust in the work area. Keep the doors closed as you do the construction. It may be difficult to contain the dust but doing this simple task will prevent it from spreading everywhere. 

Clean the air

Check the ventilation of the property. This will ensure that the place is air pollution-free and safe for everyone especially those who might have asthma or allergies.

Get enough garbage bags

You never how much trash and dust there will be post-construction. Having thick and sturdy garbage bags will save you time and energy.

Protect your belongings

It is an important part of the renovation to protect your belongings from dust and dirt. Before you start construction, move everything away. If it’s not possible, use old sheets to protect unmovable items or furniture. 

Use a drop cloth

To prevent getting floors harmed by construction materials, people typically use newspapers. However, while it is cost-efficient, they are are easy to rip and might not serve its purpose. It is advisable to invest in drop cloth which is more durable and can be used multiple times (remember you’re cleaning one room at a time). 

Invest in a vacuum cleaner and a mop

Investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner will ease the cleaning process. Having a mop is also not a bad idea to ensure no dust is left in the area. 

Do window cleaning

Clean the inside and outside windows. It is best to water the surface first then wipe it with a clean cloth afterward. Vacuum the baseboards and frames to suck the dirt out.

Post-construction cleaning is important to remove debris, dust, and dirt that is present after construction. Doing this will prevent accidents and assure the residents that the place will not have lingering dust and dirt that may be harmful when inhaled. 

If you think post-construction cleaning is not for you, hire a professional cleaning service as it’s proven to be safer and efficient. Choose professional post-construction cleaners because they are trained to clean various types such as residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning. With their experience and access to better equipment, you can ensure that the cleaning is done properly and quickly. If you have any questions regarding post-construction cleaning services, contact us.