How to Clean Your 24/7 Commercial Space

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Business establishments have regular cleaning schedules to keep things organized. They also ask their employees to clean the whole place before closing the store to prepare it for the next day’s operation. That’s why they can keep things clean and tidy for customers to see and attract new customers as well. However, not all establishments close after 8 to 10 hours of operation. Some establishments operate 24/7 to target last-minute shoppers or people who don’t have the time to do the shopping during the day because of their busy schedules. We all know how challenging cleaning can be for businesses whether it’s a veterinary clinic or a gym facility that needs constant cleaning, and what more to a business that operates 24/7. So, how can they manage to keep the whole area spotless? 


Tips to Clean a Non-stop Working Environment

For a business that operates non-stop, cleaning is considered a challenge. Companies usually clean during closing time as it works best for them since there won’t be any customers roaming around the place. However, for 24/7 businesses, cleaning should be done strategically and consistently. Check out these cleaning tips for 24/7 businesses that you can use to stay tidy.

Choose the right equipment

Your 24/7 business always has a short window for cleaning duties and buying complicated equipment won’t let you do the cleaning as fast as possible since they require time to set up. That’s why you opt to choose wisely on what equipment to purchase. The best option would be to buy an industrial vacuum cleaner. This equipment can handle a commercial setting and quickly pick up dirt and debris. A vacuum designed for industrial use is the best option because it is durable enough to be used frequently in a firm that operates around the clock.


Assign cleaning tasks every shift

A 24/7 business like yours probably has 8-hour shifts or 12-hour shifts to help you in looking after your business. Regardless of what shifting hours you use, assigning each shift a cleaning responsibility would help in handling the challenge you face when it comes to cleanliness. The tasks shouldn’t be so extensive that they would affect their original responsibilities. You can decide whether to assign each shift the same tasks or change them based on the time of day. For instance, a restaurant that is open 24/7 can have a heavy rush during dinner. As a result, the staff might not have much time to do some cleaning. The overnight staff may do those jobs.

clean as you go policy

Create a Clean As You Go policy

If you Clean As You Go (CLAY GO), cleaning would seem much simpler, whether you’re cleaning a home or a company. Over time, small cleaning activities appear less intimidating than a big list of responsibilities. As their shift progresses, remind your employees to clean up. Give them cleaning hints to make this process simpler, such as emptying the break room garbage or wiping down surfaces in between customers. Cleaning will always remain manageable if employees develop the practice of keeping the area tidy.


Determine your low-traffic times

Even though your businesses may be open 24/7, there will inevitably be periods of low traffic when you can insert some cleaning. Knowing your low traffic times would allow you to create the best cleaning schedule for your business. Everything that needs cleaning should be planned in detail while operating a 24/7 business, but you should also provide room for flexibility in case there’s an unforeseen rush. Most businesses experience low traffic late at night or early morning. However, your business might have low traffic at midday. That’s why you should carefully assess your low-traffic hours to accommodate your schedule.


Stick to your routine cleaning

Your business will not have low-traffic hours every day and that’s great! It means that your business is booming. However, busy hours mean that cleaning tasks are not the top priority. You’d most likely push them aside and tend to your customers first. That’s alright as long as you stick to your routine cleaning. If busy days are continuous and your employees don’t have any free time to do the cleaning, you might want to get in touch with professional cleaners to do the cleaning. If a new traffic pattern requires you to change your cleaning timetable, do so. Your company will continue to look its finest as long as you stay on top of the necessary activities and follow the aforementioned cleaning advice.


Day Cleaning VS Night Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, 24/7 businesses often have low traffic hours during the early morning or late at night. However, how do you make the most of your time? Should you stick to morning commercial cleaning or late-night cleaning?

cleaning the gym during the day

Day Cleaning

Morning Pros: We’re all aware that we need to do everything we can to protect the world and the ecosystem. Because the building doesn’t need to maintain the HVAC system, lights, and other systems after hours for cleaners, day cleaning can save up to 35% on energy expenditures. The ideal alternative for those who want to be as environmentally friendly as possible may be day cleaning because it uses less energy.


Night Cleaning

Night Pros: Since you have a business operating non-stop, schedule an early clean when customers are already in their beds or preparing to end their busy day. You have time to properly clean the space and leave you completely ready for the upcoming morning rush. Additionally, you won’t have much disturbance when cleaning from customers since late-night shoppers aren’t very common. This would also allow you to finish everything much faster.


We know that we’ve just given you the pros of the day cleaning and night cleaning, and you’re probably expected to choose one or the other. However, practicing both would be best since a non-stop business like yours constantly has customers in and out of the establishment. There is no one size fits all approach when deciding between day and night cleaning. You should do whatever you believe will benefit your business and employees the most.


To find cleaning solutions that suit your 24/7 business busy schedule, feel free to contact Burgos Cleaning. Burgos Cleaning is based around Tolland, Windham, and Fairfield County, Connecticut. We are a team of trained professionals willing to give your 24/7 business the cleanliness it’s been missing!