Why Cleaning Your Veterinary Clinic is Imperative

dog check-up in clinic

Just like any other healthcare facility, veterinary clinics are expected to have high levels of sanitation since they tend to have heavier loads of bacteria, germs, and viruses. The majority of veterinary clinics will have policies and procedures in place to guarantee that their facility is cleaned and sanitized correctly. Every time an animal patient is seen, as well as on a daily or weekly basis, cleaning and disinfecting can be done. If not, organisms such as viruses are given time to breed and spread rapidly


Why are Veterinary Clinics Important?


Animals have always been treated as part of the family and like any other family member when they get sick we want them to be treated by the most experienced doctors. Veterinarians play an important role in protecting animal welfare, animal health, public health as well as the environment and provide a wide range of services. However, veterinary clinics cannot be seen inside human hospitals because what works on humans might not work with animals and vice versa. The problem regarding hygiene surfaces is as well. 


That’s why most veterinarians prefer to build their own clinics or partner with animal hospitals to practice their profession. They invest in medical equipment meant for animal treatment and medicine. Furthermore, veterinary clinics provide a more comfortable environment for your pets since they tend to be smaller in space compared to hospitals and owners often customize the clinic to further the comfort felt by their pets. Imagine not having veterinary clinics or veterinarians in general. What would our pets have to go through without their help?


What Areas should be Cleaned in a Veterinary Facility?


Do you understand the unique cleaning requirements of your veterinary clinic? Every day, a large number of dogs, cats, and other animals go through your doors, not to mention their owners. The majority of your facility, along with your veterinarians and vet techs, will see heavy foot activity. Cleaning your veterinary clinic every day will help you remain on top of spills as they happen. If you’re still not familiar with what areas need cleaning in your veterinary clinic, then you don’t have to worry because we’ve put together a checklist to help you clean your clinic.


Waiting Room

One of the areas in your veterinary clinic experiencing high traffic would probably be the waiting room where animals with their owners patiently wait for their turn to be attended to. This is where you’ll see a plethora of shedding or slobbering. Slobber that is at dog height has likely been left all over chairs, benches, and windows. Use a disinfectant that is both safe and efficient to treat each of these places. Don’t forget to sweep the dust and pet hair from the waiting areas as well. Remember to clean the area around the clinic doorway, especially in bad weather when there will probably be a lot of dirt and paw prints tracked in. Sick animals may also accidentally urinate or vomit on your floors and cleaning pet urine and vomit is quite difficult to remove if you let it sit there, especially if you have carpeted floors.

pets in exam rooms

Pet Exam Rooms

Exam rooms are where your pets receive routine exams and simple treatments. You don’t want the next pets catching the previous patient’s illness (if there’s any), right? That’s why cleaning and disinfecting after every patient is done is necessary if you don’t want your patients to infect one another. You should proceed similarly to how you did in the waiting room. Clean the sink areas, chairs, pet scales, and worktops. As you enter the room, be sure to grip the areas near door knobs and light switches as well as the handles on cupboards and doors.


Pet Surgery and Treatment Rooms

This area is where the more complicated animal treatments take place. Each pet going through this room will most likely result in a number of medical waste such as culture dishes, glassware, bandages, gloves, discarded sharps like needles or scalpels, swabs, and tissue. Disposing of medical waste is tricky if you aren’t aware of how to handle it. That’s why it is crucial to read instructions on how to properly handle and dispose of them. However, you’ll want to be meticulous about cleaning up any pet messes, such as drool, accidents, and general pet messes. If there are any kennels present, make sure to sterilize and clean them to get rid of dirt and pet hair, always using safe and reliable cleaning supplies.

Veterinary Staff Areas

A staff kitchen, restrooms, and office space are likely to be present. Ensure to properly address these. From coffee in the morning to lunchtime meals, areas with food and mess need to be cleaned up and sanitized. Bathrooms must be kept clean, well-stocked, and organized. And be sure to clean the phones, chair handles, desks, doors, and any highly touched surfaces in your staff offices, just like you would in your front reception area. Cleaning these spaces up makes the office run more smoothly and makes the personnel happier.

disinfecting veterinary clinics

What is the Role of Disinfectants in Veterinary Medicine?

Cleaning veterinary clinics must be done frequently and consistently, which is key. And while cleaning a veterinary clinic is highly vital, it is also crucial to disinfect your clinic. Knowing how to clean your veterinary clinic is a must to have more effective disinfection. Dirt, filth, bodily fluids, and other debris must be picked up or wiped away before any part of your veterinary clinic may be disinfected. You should clean the area you want to disinfect with a straightforward soap and water solution or any standard cleaning spray or solution. It’s crucial to finish this cleaning process first. If not, we’re afraid the disinfection you’re going to do won’t properly do its job of eliminating all the viruses, bacteria, or germs left behind by your staff and patients. A vet clinic needs special attention to disinfecting, so be diligent with any surfaces humans and animals are in contact with, especially when food and drink are about.

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