How to Effectively Measure Quality Cleaning

Cleaning with Top Quality

Choosing a professional cleaning company that can provide you with the cleaning services that is at par with the standards of what office cleaning quality should be sounds like an easy choice to make. That is, until you realize the obvious: how does one measure office cleaning quality? How do you ensure that the treatment you get is, indeed, quality cleaning? 

Tips on How you can Measure Quality Cleaning

Consider the cleaning company’s certifications. 

The cleaning certifications of professional cleaning companies are like their medals of honor. These certifications prove that the cleaning company passes the government-issued standards on cleanliness and order. 

In looking for a cleaning company, this is one of the important things that you should first consider. Apart from their license, which showcases their professionality and reliability, cleaning certifications can help you gauge the experience and expertise of the cleaning company. This includes management and handling of a variety of cleaning concerns in the office like poorly maintained HVAC systems, dust mites, and office molds

Seeing that a cleaning company has valid cleaning certifications are enough to assure you that they can provide quality cleaning for your office. And that is one important basis in picking a cleaning services company. 

Acknowledge appearance and odor.

Sometimes, one look is enough to tell if a space has been cleaned thoroughly. The vibe instantly hits you as soon as you step into the room. You can tell that something has changed although you can’t quite put a finger on it. 

Apart from looking clean, odor is also a factor in how to measure cleanliness. And it’s not about that overpowering smell of air fresheners. Cleanliness must smell fresh and not too suffocating. 

If a room smells fresh the minute you walk in, that’s some good impression to begin with. However, it is still recommended that you inspect the space to make sure that the office  cleaning quality meets your personal standards.

Safety and sustainability are not discounted.

When it comes to the cleaning process and methods implemented, safety is not something that should be compromised. And the cleaning team should know this.

To become effective cleaners, the staff must be trained well. They must also have sufficient and up-to-date knowledge in dealing with different kinds of situations relative to cleaning. When you know that they are putting high priority on safety, you can be confident that they can only provide quality cleaning and nothing less. 

Sustainability is also something that should be given emphasis by cleaning companies. In the current setting, it is crucial for cleaning companies to learn about the impact of their work on the environment. Furthermore, apart from learning, they must act on the initiative to provide optimum quality in an eco-friendly manner. Because more and more groups are advocating for sustainable means, it won’t be so hard for the cleaning industry to find ecological alternatives.

Preventive methods are implemented.

Quality cleaning is not only about coming to the rescue and handling the mess. It is also about preventing the mess from happening again, as much as possible.

Effective cleaning solutions should be able to address concerns, reducing the possibility for recurrence. This is especially true when it comes to office molds, which can turn out to be a complete disaster that nobody wants to encounter again. 

Cleaning methods must also promote safety as an ode to responsible cleaning. Of course, you also have to take note of reactive cleaning processes should emergencies arise.

Check indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

One sign of quality cleaning is indoor air quality. Traditional cleaning solutions can have a damaging impact on the quality of air inside your space. 

Your preferred cleaning company must be fully aware of this, and must adapt to use of modern solutions that do not affect indoor air quality.

Your professional cleaners are also tasked with checking the quality of air in your office, wherein they would make use of testing kits which are designed for this specific use. Apart from testing indoor air quality, the quality of air outside must also be tested as this could help identify possible factors that affect the state of indoor air. 

Constantly evaluate every space. 

Once the cleaning companies have done what they have been tasked to do, the ball is now in your hands. Establish a routine inspection to find out if the cleaning methods have yielded positive results in your office’s overall presence. Keep track of what works and what needs to be updated. Make sure to schedule the next cleaning session not too far ahead so that the concerns don’t pile up. And again, it is best to prevent things from becoming too hard to handle.

A few more ideas to consider

Cleaning is a collective effort. 

Before having the cleaning company work in your office, make sure to talk to them and communicate with them the idea of quality cleaning that you have in mind. While they have pretty much a solid idea of the cleaning that you want, it is still best to let them know so that everything goes well according to your preference.

Set a worthy standard and stick to it.

It is important to come up with a list of goals that you are hoping to accomplish with an efficient cleaning service. With goals, it’s not only about tangible ideas like having the filters and the pans in the HVAC system cleaned or replaced or having the storage area inspected for possible mold growths. Think more about how a cleaner office could benefit everyone in the office. Think of the people’s welfare, as well as what could possibly happen if things got worse. That is how you can set a standard that is not just for the sake of working in a clean and organized office, but in an environment where people can feel safe, at ease, and healthy.

Measuring quality cleaning may be tedious for a building owner or a property manager. But, looking at the bigger picture, you can be sure that your efforts will not be for naught. In today’s scenario, responsibility should be taken seriously because we are living in such trying times.