Top Cleaning Tips for the Office

A clean workspace should be at the top of your agenda. Since it involves decluttering, you can be sure that you are going to save so much in terms of time trying to locate stuff. It allows you to spend most of your time working on the most important chores, while also maintaining a pleasant office space.

The best thing about office cleanliness is that you just need to incorporate a few strategies to make your workspace a healthy environment for all.

So, what are your top cleaning tips for the office? Here are some of them.

1. Maintain an Organized Filing System

It can be unsightly and a projection of poor image having stack upon stack of papers lying around the office. Apart from weighing you down, idly disorganized boxes can pose a health hazard as you can easily trip.

Still, it’s an issue that you can quickly fix. First, you may need to declutter the whole office space, get rid of all unnecessary stuff, and only maintain what you need. Paperwork needs to be thoroughly checked so that you discard all which is not required including duplicates.

An organized filing system, with proper storage, can be sought so that each file is nicely kept where they belong. Then ensure that there are no loose papers lying on your desk and that of other employees.

2. Avail All Cleaning Supplies

A simple excuse not to keep the office clean is that there are no cleaning tools and products. The best way to beat this explanation is to ensure that you have all the basic sanitation equipment at hand.

Again, provide such basics as brushes, mop and bucket, vacuum cleaner, disinfectant, and any other cleaning necessities. Also, maintain a petty cash system to replenish these supplies so that the office keeps running in the area of hygiene.

3. Reward Cleanliness

You can reinforce a culture of cleanliness by designing a specific reward system for a worker who keeps their working space clean. It builds morale.

It’s not surprising at all that most people, including employees, and clients always look forward to coming back to a workspace that is fresh and pleasant. You can always make a daily schedule which incorporates cleaning tasks.

Basically, ensure that anyone who exceeds these targets is then given some kind of recognition and gets a reward at specific times of the year.

4. Clean the Desktop

Just like all the paperwork lying about, the computer can also harbour lots of baggage that need to be let go. Come to think of it; it can be a nightmare just trying to get the right document if you have all these files piling up.

The good news is that you can easily organize this part of your office, too. From the desktop, deep into the hidden files, you need to clean up and discard all the unnecessary files, folders, and duplicates.

You can then go to your email as well. Discard all the spam emails, and free your email of all the unrequired messages. Still, you can try to maintain a separate office email from the personal one, so that you only access office emails during working hours.

5. Keep the Kitchen Space Clean

Special attention and priority should be given this part of the room in your office. It needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. All food should be kept in exceptionally clean cabinets or fridge. Appliances such as the microwave should regularly be cleaned.

Spruce up the kitchen sink, tables and wash the towels. All food particles should be swept away or wiped off, to avoid pests from invading this area. Basically, all the required health standards should be observed in order to avoid cases of disease breakout.

6. Empty Trash on a Daily Basis

Pests have a sharp sense of smell, and they can quickly make way, and set up home in the garbage that is left lying around. From the usual cockroaches, ants, to rodents, it can be a terrible sight to have to contend with.

Garbage can also emit bad odours around the office making people uncomfortable. The best way is to invest in office personal bins. Then you can encourage every staff member to empty their garbage each afternoon into the main bin, ready for emptying.


Office cleanliness is the key to office productivity. There is nothing as demoralizing and off-putting as coming into a workspace that is dirty and full of clutter.

Cleaning techniques such as have been mentioned can improve the overall outlook of your office space, attract more clients, and improve your business.