How to Keep Your Restrooms Clean

One of the things that need daily cleaning.

Your restroom is one of the most visited places in your office by both the employees and clients so it’s important that your restrooms are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. As more people go in and out of the restroom, dirt and grime are accumulated and they keep growing exponentially. A clear indication of this is when your restroom starts to get damp and warm. If left in that situation without proper cleaning, it would be the perfect place for mold and bacteria to grow. It’s simply not the image you want to share with your employees and clients. Most small business owners seem to forget that keeping their restrooms clean should be done for both safety and marketing purposes as it has a direct effect on your employees and clients which can lead to damaging your profit.

What does a dirty restroom do to your business?   

Unsafe Working Conditions

Unclean restroom attracts disease-causing bacteria. Research has shown that there are more than 77,000 different types of bacteria present in restrooms. Even a tiny chance of contact with these bacteria could cause different health problems such as stomach aches, headaches, and breathing problems.  

Dirty restrooms can also be a safety hazard. Accidental slip from spilled liquids is an example. Having employees that could not work due to illness or accidents would lower your business’ productivity and could potentially affect your profit.

Tarnished Business Image

As people visit your restroom, they take notice of what your facilities are and how they look. Their experience leaves an impression of your business. It may leave a good or bad image depending on how clean you keep your restrooms. Not only that, isn’t it embarrassing to have people visit an unclean restroom?

Unexpected Company Expenses

Failing to maintain and check your restroom could lead to high repair costs. An example of this is a clogged toilet. Not only will it require expensive plumbing repairs but also inconvenience to you but also to your employees and clients.

Keeping the Restroom Clean

In keeping the restrooms clean you need to pay attention to these things:

  • Do you have quality cleaning products?
    • Different products have different formulations. Some products may have strong chemicals that could leave streaks on mirrors or fixtures. You need to pick the right quality products that are not harsh or corrosive to surfaces.
  • Do you have cleaning logs?
    • Cleaning logs could help you determine if cleaning is done at the proper time. You can keep track of things that have not been done and double-check the things that need to be handled. 
  • Have you installed restroom automated solutions? 
    • Automated solutions are an option for your restrooms. It is more hygienic to have these installations. This is used to avoid the spread of bacteria in toilets, dispensers, and faucets. 

The restroom is a communal space for your employees. One way of keeping it clean is by involving these people who regularly use it. Having an unclean restroom is not acceptable at home, as a regular user, your employees should also think that it is not tolerated at work too. You can encourage your employees in keeping the restroom clean through posting bathroom etiquette reminders and setting an example. This will motivate your employees to at least flush the toilet after use, wipe down water spills, wipe excess soap drips, request for a refill of toilet papers, and to report puddles, mess, or broken fixtures. These small actions could keep the restroom working and looking good.       

Having your employees involved is not enough. Yes, they could be a big help but restrooms need more than just wiping small water spills. It needs scrubbing, dusting, and mopping which your office employees are not paid to do. 

Restrooms need regular cleaning. But not just regular cleaning, you need to do the proper regular cleaning.  You may need to implement routine maintenance procedures. 

To ensure that you keep the restrooms properly cleaned you need to make a breakdown of your cleaning strategies. Here are some ways to keep your restrooms spotless:

Spot Cleaning

Routine spot cleaning involves quick wiping of significant spots, wiping sinks, and ensuring that soap dispensers are not empty. This is for those businesses that have busy traffic in their restrooms and cannot have it closed for cleaning.

Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is more meticulous compared to spot cleaning. This is done when there are only a few who visit the restroom. If there is heavy traffic in your restroom but is in need of cleaning, closing some of the toilets will be needed. 

Daily restroom cleaning involves: 

  • Emptying trash cans
  • Restocking soaps and toilet papers
  • Sanitizing certain bathroom areas such as the urinals, switches, doorknobs, and changing stations. These areas are hotspots for bacteria, viruses, and germs.
  • Disinfecting of all surfaces with quality disinfectants
  • Vacuuming or sweeping the floors
  • Mopping the floor to remove puddles and to keep it clean and dry. This is to avoid restroom accidents.
  • Making sure that the plumbing and other restroom facilities are working properly

Deep Restroom Cleaning

Deep restroom cleaning is more thorough than daily cleaning. It is not done daily and has a set schedule depending on how many people visit your restroom daily.  It could be weekly, every other week, or monthly. Like deep cleaning, it is done when there are only a few people who visit the restroom for it to be done right. 

Deep restroom cleaning involves:

  • Dusting places that need to be dusted such as ceilings and vents
  • Scrubbing the floors with scrubbing machine for deep cleaning
  • Handling repairs of broken restroom facilities
  • Wiping down walls and cubicles to remove dust and soil
  • Cleaning of grout and other places that may have soil

The cleanliness of your restroom could say a lot about your business. Having your restroom in constant clean and usable condition could be an asset. 

Aside from having the proper equipment and products you can have your employees do their part in maintaining your restroom. If everyone contributes, everyone could enjoy a clean and safe communal space. But of course, they could not do a lot of restroom cleaning, after all, they are paid to do office work and not for their cleaning service. This is where commercial cleaning services come in. 

Cleaning services are trained professionals who could do the routine maintenance of your restrooms. They use advanced techniques and machinery to keep your restroom clean and functional. Want to know more? Contact Burgos Cleaning for quality cleaning services.