How to Spring Clean Your Office

office spring cleaning

Work can be very stressful. Running an office entails managing plenty of moving parts. Everyone is busy running meetings, accomplishing reports, and preparing projects; not to mention everyone’s individual to-do lists. Papers pile up and desks clutter fast. All the mess can impede your and your employee’s productivity. 

We understand that keeping workspaces clean and organized is challenging especially amidst deadlines. Truth be told, daily office cleaning can only do so much for your workspace. Once in a while, a thorough deep cleaning is in order. 

Spring Cleaning: Benefits 

Spring cleaning entails more than just surface-level mopping and vacuuming. It requires tackling tasks that are time-consuming and laborious. Spring cleaning should include areas in your office that aren’t given as much attention on a day-to-day basis. 

Endeavoring on your first spring clean as an office manager or business owner can be overwhelming. However, the benefits are well worth the effort: 

Boost in Productivity

Decluttering and organizing can boost productivity. When everything is neat and clean, employees can focus more on tasks and projects. If your employees can’t see inspiration because the windows are full of soot, or they are struggling to breathe because the carpet has a musty smell, you know you are due for a deep clean. 

Safe & Healthy Working Environment

A clean workspace is a safe workspace. Spring cleaning can reduce the possible causes of allergies and diseases which can harm employees. A cleaner office can also improve the mood of employees and reduce their stress levels.

Efficient Workflow

When the office is organized, it is easier for the employees to locate files and needed documents. This allows employees to work more efficiently and in turn, boosts and fosters the growth of the business. 

Spring Cleaning: How-to

effective spring cleaning

Spring cleaning your office can feel like a real chore. At the end of the day, there are very few select people who truly enjoy cleaning. Here are some tips on how you can spring clean your office without a hassle: 

Schedule the Cleaning

There is no going around it – spring cleaning requires a lot of time and effort. You don’t want to clean and organize while preparing some presentations for your meeting. Start by looking at your schedule and plot which day your office is least hectic. Ideally, deep cleaning days are done on the weekends so as not to interrupt operations. 

Try to Be Inspired

As mentioned earlier, only a special group of people enjoy the chore of cleaning and organizing. We are sure that you and your maintenance team aren’t keen on endeavoring on the task. It is, after all, a long day of scrubbing, wiping, mopping, and vacuuming. So, before anything else, find some inspiration.

Picture your office exactly in the way you want it cleaned and organized. Pairing the chore of cleaning with enthusiasm can help you in getting the work done and not leave it unfinished. Sometimes, it is all about your attitude coming into a difficult task. 

First Things, First

To start, remove everything off the desks including papers, folders, and other items. Do not forget to remove folders from cabinets and other file organizers. Word of the wise – be mindful of where you temporarily put those things because you need to organize them later and put them back.

Go Through Those Papers

After removing papers and folders, sort through the pile and see which ones are still relevant. If you can, take pictures and digitize your files. You can shred files that are not needed anymore. Sort through file folders and remove any unnecessary documents to give space to the upcoming ones.

Declutter Your Drawers

Every office (and home, tbh) has a junk drawer. We are all guilty of having that one place we dump everything into. Your spring cleaning session is the best time to tackle it – once and for all. Organize your drawers one at a time and separate ones that are not useful anymore from the ones you plan to keep. 

That said, do not touch the drawers of your employees. Let them organize their space accordingly. 

 Wipe Down All Surfaces

One important step when you spring into clean is wiping down all surfaces. This is even more relevant as we are amidst a pandemic. Wipe down surfaces such as your desks and keyboards. Don’t forget surfaces you come in contact with like door handles. 

 Organize Cords and Cables

Cords and cables are an unavoidable part of the office. They can be an eyesore if not tended to properly. During your spring clean, it is best to nip the problem in the bud. You can grab a cable tie and label each with a corresponding electronic device that they belong to. This can be very helpful as you and your employees no longer need to guess which one needs to be unplugged every time you leave.

Set Up a Filing System

Setting up a filing system can sound like a big task and it can be depending on the size of your operation. Remember to set up a filing system that you can stick to because it makes a big difference later down the line. Label folders that you can easily see so that papers will not start to pile up on your desk and it’ll be easier for you to track them.

Give Some Attention to Screens and Vents

When you think about office cleaning, the first thing that comes into your mind is the pile of files that you need to declutter. But don’t forget to give some attention to the screens and vents in your office. You can use a sponge to rub through the screens and air-dry them. It is important to replace air filters to avoid allergens from spreading through your office.

 Only Frequently Used Items on Your Desk

There can be a lot of items in your office which is why you need to identify ones that you frequently use. Items you use on a regular basis like ball pens and staplers should be kept at an arm’s length. Some items that you don’t usually need can be kept in your drawers. If your employees’ desks are becoming too much to look at, implementing a clean desk policy might be a good idea. 

Spring cleaning is a big task. It is overwhelming, especially for those that do not have the necessary experience. For those that do not have the capacity to endeavor deep cleaning, working with commercial cleaning services is your best bet. 

If you are in New Haven County, Connecticut, or New London County, Connecticut, Burgos cleaning services can provide you with a level of clean like no other. We are committed to outstanding work and impressive service. We can change the way you and your employees work. Give us a call today to learn more!