Is Your Commercial Kitchen Clean Enough?

Clean Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the money-making machine of any restaurant, diner, or cafe. This is where brilliant and tasty meals come to life; all plated to become the best version of its kind. This is where the food businesses make their magic. 

But, the kitchen can also become a machine that produces dirt, grime, and grease if not given the proper cleaning treatment. 

If you think that tidying every night when you close the shop is enough, that’s where you are making a mistake. There are so many corners and crevices that are overlooked in a simple end-of-shift cleaning. If you do not engage in a deep cleaning session, dirt can pile up and even trigger the formation of molds and mildews, which is an even bigger problem, to say the least. 

Commercial kitchen cleaning, more often than not, should involve deep cleaning, and here is why.

Why You Should Have Your Commercial Kitchen Deep-Cleaned

Apart from the ability to produce tasty meals and snacks that tickle the taste buds of the general public, restaurants and other businesses in the food industry must bank on cleanliness. Nobody wants to take a bite of a mouth-watering double-patty cheeseburger when it comes straight out of a grimy kitchen. 

Though often obscured from view by the general public, the state of a commercial kitchen cannot escape the prying eyes of government departments. Organizations like the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) are tasked in monitoring and grading a kitchen in terms of food hygiene practices, commercial cleaning procedures, sanitation and cleaning habits, pest control, and storage approach.

Continuously losing points in these criteria can ultimately lead to the closure of your business, and that is the ultimate domino effect.

Apart from closing up shop, an inefficient commercial kitchen cleaning can lead to other devastating effects.

According to a study in the UK, at least 1,567 fires in 2015 have occurred within the food and drink industry. 

What Causes Fires in a Commercial Kitchen

Because the kitchen is a spot where open flame is not an uncommon sight, this is almost a given firestarter. However, there are a few more factors that could cause fires to occur. 

Faulty electrical wiring 

An overload of appliances, lights, and other electrical equipment in the kitchen can easily spark a fire. An inspection of the wires that these items use is imperative to ensure that everything is in working order. If there are frayed wires, replace them easily. Inform staff about these things so that they can exercise extra caution.


An ever-present entity in the kitchen, grease can easily become a cause of fire. Accumulated grease can quickly trigger a fire when it comes in contact with flame. 

Take note not only of the grease on countertops and other surfaces and appliances. Grease and dust buildup in unnoticed and often concealed areas like ventilation systems is more dangerous than you think. 

Inefficient cleaning

Lack of structured cleaning methods is no good either. Surface-level cleaning methods can still breed fire, as the dust and grease that gather up in the nooks and crannies of the appliances are left to accumulate on their own and turn into a cause of fire.

High cleaning standards for commercial kitchens should be fulfilled to keep a fire from breaking out. 

This is where deep-cleaning comes in. 

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning is one sure-fire way to prevent fires, as it goes beyond the surface-level cleaning approach.

With deep cleaning, you can either do it by yourself or get the service of professional cleaning companies. 

In terms of DIY vs professional deep cleaning, you need to consider a couple of things.

Doing it yourself may seem like a cheaper option, and in some ways, it can be. Plus, you can have more control over the cleaning process and you know your way around the place. But make sure that you are not missing on important parts to clean. You may also need to do additional research on how you can perform deep cleaning on your own terms so that the end result is something that will fit the department’s protocols.

Hiring professional cleaners, on the other hand, can cost you a bit more. However, with this option, you can be guaranteed that your kitchen comes out squeaky clean and ready to pass the government standards on cleanliness and sanitation.

The beauty of having your kitchen cleaned professionally lies in the results that you would get without breaking a sweat.

Why You Should Get Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services companies have got it all figured out when it comes to commercial kitchen deep cleaning. We employ dynamic methods and approaches to be able to provide the best outcome of our services. 

In fact, our services can take care of the following commercial concerns:

  • Grease nests and traps
  • Exhaust fans and kitchen hoods

These are huge potential firestarters. Removal of grease and other dust deposits in these systems are crucial in preventing fires in the kitchen.

  • Mats and other flooring surfaces
  • Ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Fans and lights
  • Appliances, equipment, and other pieces of furniture
  • Filters
  • Ice machine
  • Meat slicing equipment
  • Fridge coils
  • Sinks, countertops, and other frequently exposed surfaces
  • Concealed areas like underneath and behind an appliance

Having your kitchen professionally cleaned employs an intense process that includes going over every aspect and part of your kitchen carefully. You will be introduced to a new standard of cleanliness. No stone goes unturned when it comes to professional deep cleaning.

How to Tell if You Need to Have Your Kitchen Professionally Cleaned

It really depends on you. You can always hire licensed cleaners to clean up damage before it becomes worse, or you know, prevent any damage at all. If you know how the saying goes, you can decide on that. 

If you still can’t come up with a decision, just ask yourself: is my commercial clean enough? If you’d rather keep your business for a few bucks just to ensure its cleanliness, then just go for it.

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