Misconceptions about Carpet Cleaning

Misconceptions about Carpet Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining your office’s carpeted floors is as important as every other part of caring for your building. It is, after all, arguably the largest part of your space. There are real repercussions to failing to clean and disinfect carpets. 

Unfortunately, while the carpet is one of the most popular office flooring options, knowing how to clean the surface properly is a mystery to a lot of operations. Despite the fact that there is a pandemic afoot, misconceptions regarding carpet cleaning still prevail.

Misconceptions About Cleaning Carpeted Floors

As they say, finding a solution begins with identifying the problem. If you are struggling to maintain the cleanliness of your carpeted floors, below are a few misconceptions that you should be wary about: 

Fiction: Vacuuming is Enough

Fact: Vacuuming is Good for Daily, Not Deep Cleaning

At the very least, most commercial establishments have a rigorous vacuuming schedule complete with details regarding office cleaning frequency and the best cleaning agents. Especially for those with an in-house maintenance team, daily vacuuming is a part of the day-to-day routine. 

While vacuuming every day is essential, it is important to remember that this method of maintenance only tackles surface-level dirt. It doesn’t address stains, odors, and other pathogens that lurk deeper into the carpet’s fibers. 

Maintaining your carpet requires more than a few minutes of vacuuming every day. Depending on your resources and the amount of foot-traffic your operation gets, it is a good idea to schedule a few deep-cleaning sessions from professional cleaners to ensure the integrity of your office flooring. 

Fiction: It is Okay to Delay Carpet Cleaning

Fact: The Longer You Wait, The More Difficult it Would be to Clean

There is no denying how your office floor gets the most wear-and-tear out of every other material in your workspace. Everyone uses, abuses, and thinks nothing of it. Needless to say, without proper care, your carpeted floors wouldn’t last very long. 

Opting to forgo deep cleaning maintenance to save a few dollars, can cost you more money in the long haul. Whenever people walk through your office, they strip off a surface of the carpet with the abrasive dirt that they bring in. The more dirt, the more damage is done to your flooring. Frequent Carpet maintenance is key to ensuring that your carpet lasts as long as it possibly could. 

Fiction: Dirt is the Only Reason to Clean Carpets

Fact: Various Arguably More Dangerous Particles Thrive in Dirty Carpet 

One of the benefits of choosing a carpet for your office is the fact that it acts as an air filter. Not only does it capture dirt, but it also traps pathogens that people would have brought as they come into your office space. 

The carpet’s air filtering capacity becomes a con if you don’t maintain your flooring. Outdoor air contains pollens, fungus, pollution, and other pathogens that can trigger people with lung problems like asthma, emphysema, and allergic rhinitis. Instead of filtering the air, it becomes a cistern for disease-inducing particles. 

Fiction: There is Only Method of Carpet Cleaning Available

Fact: There are Several Types of Carpet Cleaning Options Available – Not All of Them Offer the Same Results

Especially if you aren’t in the cleaning and maintenance industry, you probably have no idea that there are several types of carpet cleaning available in the market today. Truth be told, some are more effective than others. For the most part, carpet cleaners employ two general methods of carpet cleaning – dry cleaning and hot-water extraction. 

Dry cleaning, as the name implies, cleans the carpet by introducing a cleaning agent like foam or shampoo. The agent is allowed to dry and a vacuum is used to gather all the residue. These methods are popular but they aren’t very effective. Most often than not, particles adhere to the cleaning agent but because the carpet isn’t rinsed and is simply vacuumed, the particles with the agent remain on the surface. 

Hot-water extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning, uses a hot water solution in order to clean the carpet. It forces the solution through the small bristles of the surface with high pressure. The solution is immediately extracted from the carpet without letting it dry. 

Fiction: Equipment is Key

Fact: The Best Equipment is for Naught if Not for Proper Use 

Similar to the idea that vacuuming is enough, most establishments assume that purchasing the carpet cleaning equipment can replace the expertise of professionals. That is simply not the case. While your in-house maintenance team is great with daily building upkeep, most of them do not have the expertise and training to handle special carpet cleaning equipment. 

Truth be told, it is one thing to own the equipment, it is another thing to know how to use it. At the end of the day, the equipment, if handled without enough training, might cause more harm than good.

Fiction: Commercial Cleaning Services are a Waste of Money 

Fact: Professionals Get the Job Done with Minimal Supervision 

It is understandable to try to save funds in every way that you could. As a business owner, you are responsible for keeping your operations afloat. We are certain that it wasn’t easy to do especially during the onslaught of the current global pandemic. 

Nevertheless, at this time, it is all the more important to direct your focus onto income-generating efforts. Trying to save some money on opting out of professional cleaning services can take away the time you allocate to come up with new ideas that can further boost your sales. Choosing the right professionals is a great investment. The pay-off is well worth the expense. 

Benefits of Carpeted Floors in the Office 

The demands of carpet maintenance can be daunting. Truth be told, it could be enough to deter you from choosing the flooring option for your office. However, carpeted floors come with benefits that render the maintenance well worth the effort.

For one, carpet is one of the most affordable flooring options. It comes in different colors and patterns that would fit your office’s style. Moreover, the material reduces noise pollution. It allows your employees to focus on their tasks without distraction. As discussed earlier, it is also an effective air filter. If maintained properly, carpet can keep allergens and pathogens at bay. 

Knowing the misconceptions that surround carpet cleaning is key to a well-maintained work area. In turn, a clean office with sparkling carpeted floors can do wonders for your operations. It boosts employee morale, impresses potential clientele, and, most importantly, it keeps everyone safe and healthy.