Office Cleanliness Etiquette

Cleanliness is very important as well as necessary. Houses, offices, schools and various workplaces have to remain clean and tidy. Usually, there are plenty of janitorial services that are available now, which offer to clean the offices. It is of utmost importance that the workplaces remain clean. Every office has cleanliness etiquette, that should be maintained, both by the stuff as well as the workers.

Though there is usually a team or a janitorial crew who takes care of these things, employees working should also maintain certain office cleanliness etiquette. These vary from one workplace to another, though the fundamentals remain the same.

In this article, we are discussing the rules and regulations, regarding the cleanliness at workplaces. Some basic rules and etiquettes are listed below. These are:

1. Eating at the Desk

In the office, some weeks or days are very busy. Thus it becomes very difficult for anyone to take the time out, go to out to the nearest restaurant for take-out or elsewhere to eat the lunch. But if one eats at the desk, the food leftovers are often discarded in the office trash can, meant for the paper or other such items. This means the paper or other non-food materials could not be disposed of them. The food may sit and rot throughout the night, leading to breeding of bacteria as well as other pests. Thus, in an office one, it is always recommended to eat at the breakroom or cafeteria, as opposed to the desk.

2. Decluttering the Desk and the Workspace

After a work’s day is done, it is best to clean the desktop. All the folders, the papers, the staplers, the tape, and the pens are to be removed and placed properly in their right places. Routine cleanings of the desktop should be done. The facility cleaning group should be asked to dust as well as disinfect the desktops from time to time. Once the desk stays clean and clear, it helps you to work better and faster, which saves the times as well as the labor expenses.

3. Lunchroom Etiquette in Office

Eating at the office is a very messy sport. The preparation of food always leaves the kitchen untidy. In the office, it is also recommended to have disposable plates, platter, and bowls. As they do not pile up. There is also no need to wash those dishes, one can simply throw them into the bins. For green cleaning always be mindful of recycling, do not mix trash with recycled products and always rinse recycled products before disposing of them. Also, it is best to the wipe the table, where you have eaten your lunch. That way the tables stay clean for others to use.

4. The Restroom in Office

There is always a very small sign in front of the office restroom. These are there to remind the employees as well as the guests that the restrooms should be kept clean. One should always flush before leaving the restroom. If the restroom is small and has a poor ventilation system, then it is better to use any kind of air freshener. Extra paper handkerchiefs and towels are to be kept in order to wipe the surfaces, if necessary. Remember to always close the door behind you when you leave, this is utterly important in smaller office facilities.

5. Floors

In the open office areas, often small electronic gadgets such as the phone charger, space heater along with cords, paper bundles lay throughout the office floor. While walking across the office, it may cause some damage and the productivity of the work pace can be lost. It usually is the responsibility of the janitorial team to vacuum the floors and keep it clean. Electronic gadgets left on the floor can cause accidents and can get damaged, it is important to educate employees on this to avoid problems. It is advised that all personal and/ or delicate property is kept away in drawers. But it is, of course, better to not litter the floors with unwanted elements.

6. Working Sick

Falling sick is extremely normal. But often if you fall sick and go to work, there is a chance that you may infect your co-workers as well, especially in case of a flue, cold or fever. But often staying at home is not an option. Thus it is important to take certain precaution, before going to work, while you are sick.

The workplace has to be kept clean, safe and healthy. Every workplace has some office cleanliness etiquettes that has to be maintained and followed. Burgos Cleaning Service is a cleaning and janitorial service which keeps the working environment clean. BCS offers all kinds of janitorial office services and plays a crucial role to make businesses successful. By offering daily, weekly and monthly services customized to fit your cleaning needs, BCS continues being a leading company in the cleaning sector.