Recommended Window Cleaning Solutions

Many types of window washing solutions are just soap in liquid form. There are also a lot of manufacturers that produce biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners that do not contain ammonia, alkali, or solvents. Additionally, you can also use home-made cleaning solutions that have been tested through the years.

Professional products include:

J. Racenstein’s 3-star glass concentrate
Ettore’s Master Liquid Soap
Unger’s Gel and Washing pills
Solker Company’s CC super shine
ABC Glisten

These have proven to be effective in cleaning windows. You may also use dishwashing soap like Joy if you so prefer.

Homemade recipes for window washing solution jobs include:

¼ cup vinegar in 2 quarts of warm water
cup ammonia, 2 cups rubbing alcohol, and I gallon of water
These are to be mixed and put into spray bottles for easy application.

Contracting window cleaning jobs

Window cleaning jobs are not hard to come by. Every establishment and every home would have windows that need regular cleaning. Most of the time though window-cleaning is offered as part of the services of an all-around cleaning crew.

For you to land more window cleaning jobs, have separate fees and offer sheets for window cleaning tasks for those who would like to employ only this service. When giving proposals, make sure that you understand which of your services would be needed by the prospective client. Another come-on would be to offer a free trial run along with the contract terms.

Clients normally would not be bothered by the processes of window cleaning, but just to make sure, ask if they prefer specific window washing solutions for their glass windows. You would also want to know what time the clients would want you to show up at their property.

Always make sure that you keep your appointments and never be late or totally not show up for an appointment. This is a sure sign of two things: one is that you are not able to schedule appointments efficiently, and two, you are not dependable.

When looking for clients for your window cleaning service

Be ready with business cards that you can give out to friends, neighbors, family, and even people you meet on the streets. You will never know which of them are looking for a different window cleaning service provider. Additionally, they can give the business cards to their supervisors who can, in turn, hire you for office window cleaning.

Be ready to give a quote o an estimate at a drop of a hat. Sometimes, you will get to meet possible clients in the most unexpected places and instead of making an appointment on another day, you can easily rattle off services and fees immediately.

Be on the lookout for establishments that look like they need a good window cleaning service and offer your services.

Develop your skills in window cleaning by practicing on your own glass windows and that of your parents and keep on researching the various methods of window cleaning and the new and more effective commercial window washing solutions.

Window cleaning is a simple yet very necessary task. Having this as one of the services you offer can definitely add to your list of clients.

How Should You Clean Your Windows

It’s safe to say very few of us enjoy cleaning our homes. But providing our homes with a thorough clean is more than the mundane tasks of vacuuming, dusting and washing the wooden floors and appliances. It also involves cleaning the windows both inside and out.

But how often should we clean our windows? In truth, there’s no rule of thumb and instead, it falls down to personal preference; but if you think it’s time for you to give your windows a thorough clean to let the sunshine come through and light up your home, why not try one of the following 3 methods.

Vinegar + Water + Newspaper = Streak Free Windows:

It’s a tip from yesteryear and one which many say will help you achieve streak free windows, inside and out, with minimal effort. All you need to achieve the streak-free windows via this way of cleaning is, vinegar and bucket of water and newspaper, then simply follow the steps below…

Half fill your bucket with water and top it up with white vinegar, making sure the solution is well mixed.
Scrunch up a sheet of old newspaper and dip it into the bucket.
Using circular motions, rub the wet newspaper over the windows to remove the dirt and grime.
Use another sheet of newspaper to dry the windows – again wiping in circular motions.
Leave The Chemicals Alone:

When it comes to cleaning your windows, you don’t need to use a bucket full of cleaning chemicals – nor do you need vinegar. Instead, everyday washing up liquid and warm water will suffice. Simply get yourself a clean sponge, fill a bucket with warm water and add a splash of washing up liquid and then wash.

To give you the best chance of achieving streak-free windows, it is recommended to work in a circular motion and limit the suds. It’s also recommended to remove excess water by using a squeegee, whilst any lingering moisture should be wiped away with a chamois cloth.