Office Window Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know

Office window
How often do you clean your office windows?

Employee productivity is affected by several factors. Aside from leadership and growth opportunities, the physical conditions of the office space can also play a role in the output of your workers. Ample lighting and general workplace cleanliness have an effect on employee morale. After all, no one wants to work in a dingy, dark, and disgusting space. 

With that said, your office windows need the same TLC as every other part of your workplace. Commonly, office windows are made of tempered or laminated glass. There are pros and cons to each but for the most part tempered glass is durable but laminated glass can provide soundproofing and Ultraviolet (UV) resistance. Most windows are coated with protectors, but more often than not these protectors are not enough to keep them clean and free from dirt

Importance of Office Window Cleaning 

Regular window cleaning is essential. Below are a few reasons why it should be part of your workplace maintenance routine:

First Impressions Last Make it a Good One 

The state of your offices speaks about the kind of operation that you run. It doesn’t matter if you are about the give the best pitch in history if your potential clients are off-putted by the state of your office and the dirt on your windows, you wouldn’t get the deal. 

Keeping your windows clean would give a good impression to everyone that sees your office. This small detail tells your potential customers that you care about the details and you are willing to go far and beyond what is expected.

Aside from window cleaning, you can amp the ante with window treatments. You could add artistic window effects such as:

  • Blurring film stickers
  • Sticker patterns or geometric shapes
  • Paintings or strokes
  • Printed stickers
  • Window etching
  • Adding skylight and highlight windows

Those are some creative ways to enhance the beauty of your windows and they can make office work more fun. Note that different window treatments can affect the way you clean them.

It is good to ask professional cleaners the correct and safe technique on how to clean your artistic windows. They can also keep them clean by maintaining them and inspecting for potential damages in your artwork.

For the Sake of Safety and Comfort

Your office window is a line of defense against harsh weather and climate. During winter, it keeps insulation in, and during the summer it keeps the cool air from the air conditioner from escaping. It is also a great light source for your workplace. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of your windows would not only boost the morale of your workers but it could save you a pretty penny on your electric bill. 

Office Window Cleaning 101

Cleaning windows, like cleaning any other surface, isn’t exactly rocket science. However, if you want to keep the integrity of your office windows, learning the basics should be able to make these investments last longer. 

Modern windows don’t get scratched easily; it takes a harder material to scratch tempered glass. If the window is tinted, then sharp objects may scratch the surface when too much pressure is applied. 

When cleaning your windows, it is important that you know if it is coated. This is because the right window cleaning technique depends on the surface of the glass. Usually, it is best to use a window cleaning solution from a trusted brand to ensure an effective cleaning job.

While you can also use alternative glass cleaning solutions like dish soap, it is best to stick with the recommended cleaner as well as specific window cleaning tools Here are some window cleaning tools that you can choose from:

  • Window cleaning meshed sponge
  • Window scrubber
  • Window wiper
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Sponge

Your office windows, along with its jambs, are designed to withstand the weight of the building as engineered. Check the integrity of your window jambs and make sure that they are in good shape. If your window jambs are wooden, inspect for possible infestation of termites and other cracks where pests can hide. Most offices use a window sealant to bond the window and its jamb, so keep the sealant in check if it is adhering properly. This is also a way to avoid leaks, keep pests and other pollutants outside of the office.

Why Get Professional Help

 As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. Opting for the help of window cleaning professionals would take a load off of your to-do list. 

Convenient and Easy Scheduling

One of the most inconvenient things about periodic window cleaning is scheduling the process. You can’t clean the windows during work hours lest you impede the production. However, even if you have a maintenance crew, more often than not, they have the weekends off. 

The beauty of hiring professionals is the fact that you can schedule the appointment at your best available time. You don’t have to worry about paying overtime or interrupting output. You get professionally clean windows in a couple of hours.

Word to the wise – schedule your window cleaning at least once every six (6) months per window panel. The duration of the cleaning will vary depending on the size of your total window area. The more windows you have, the more time needed to ensure a quality clean.

Expert Knowledge at Your Fingertips 

Regular professional cleaning doesn’t just make your windows look good; it also exposes possible security flaws. Earthquakes, typhoons, or hail storms, may decrease the integrity of your windows, and place your office security in jeopardy. Professional window cleaners may discover these risks. Being privy to that information would enable you, as a business owner, to do something about it. 

At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do in order to keep your office window spic and span. You are, after all, not an expert. If you truly want your office to spark and standout, employing the help of professionals is your best recourse. While it might be an expense, it is an investment worth making.