Should I Clean My Carpet or Get it Professionally Cleaned?

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Why do people buy carpets even though they are expensive and hard to clean? Well, carpets are great for improving an area’s overall aesthetic. Aside from that, they are an excellent choice if you want people to feel cozier and more comfortable, giving them that sense of peace and rest. Most importantly, they have various purposes such as foot insulation, shock absorption, and reduced sound from walking. However, owning a carpet sometimes tests your decision-making skills on whether you should buy a new carpet or clean it. In this article, we’ve prepared a few things that would help make your decision-making easier.

Replacement VS Carpet Cleaning

The moment you start noticing your carpet looking more worn out than you first saw it, is the moment you start pondering on whether you should buy a new one or try to restore the one you already have. Well, deciding on this matter is not easy because you have to consider many things.

Carpet cleaning overall is always cheaper compared to completely replacing your carpet. However, there are instances where you should replace them. The real questions now would be what situations lead to buying a new carpet or getting them professionally cleaned.

When to replace your carpets?

Most people try to avoid replacing their carpets often to save money however, getting them replaced cannot be avoided forever. That’s why if you start seeing these signs on your carpet, it’s better for you to get a new one.

Water Damage and Mold

Water damage is an eyesore and is hard to remove. Water damage can be caused by leaking pipes around the house, or a flood occurring in your neighborhood. This can lead to mold growth and mildew stains. If molds start forming on your carpet, then you have to buy a new one since molds pose a threat to one’s health for it affects indoor air quality negatively.

 Wear and Tear

Seeing signs of wear and tear will always make your office look dirty and ugly no matter how clean it is. These are clear signs regarding your carpet’s age, and they cannot be prevented no matter how careful you are with your carpet.


Not all stains on the carpet are easily removed such as red wine, pet urine, vomit, blood, colored drinks, coffee, ink, and cooking oil. Even professional cleaners find it hard to remove these kinds of stains. Although this can be avoided if careful, these stains can still occur accidentally. A small stain can gravely affect your office’s value and might leave negative impressions on your clients.


Aside from cleanliness, the first thing people notice when they enter your office would be how it smells, and old carpets have that specific scent. The combination of stains, allergens, and dirt accumulated on it can result in a funky smell. If your carpet still smells after several washes, then you have to throw it away and buy a new one.

Harmful Microorganisms

Carpets are the perfect place for harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and allergens to grow. Although these microorganisms can be killed by cleaning the carpet, there’s a limit to how many times you can clean your carpet without wearing it down. Aside from these microorganisms, there are other things that can live on your carpet like salmonella, E. coli, and staphylococcus.


when to have carpet cleaned

When to have your carpets cleaned?

If you can see that your carpet can still be saved, then getting it cleaned by professional cleaners would be the best option. Stains that are hard to remove for you might be easily removed by these professional cleaners. We all want our carpets to last a very long time, so let’s ensure their proper maintenance and don’t be afraid to ask professionals for advice. If you’ve decided on getting them professionally cleaned, then follow these simple steps to prepare your carpet to ensure the carpet cleaning goes smoothly.

  1. Vacuum your carpet and pick up scattered things on the floor before the professionals arrive. This is to allow them to just focus on the embedded dirt in your carpet fibers and avoided tripping on things while working.
  2. Clear your driveway or ensure that your cars are out of nearby parking spots. Your professional cleaners would most likely be driving a vehicle to carry all that equipment to get the job done. Giving them the nearest parking spot will help them greatly.
  3. If you have full-length draperies, then do something about them. You can pin them up, rubber band them, or completely remove them from your curtain rods. Not only will it remove obstacles for professional cleaners, but it also protects your draperies from moisture and heavy-duty equipment.
  4. Relocate delicate items and small furniture. Removing these things would allow your cleaners to work more efficiently since they don’t have to worry about breaking your things or removing and putting back every small piece of furniture to clean a spot.
  5. If your carpet has a lot of issues, then it’s better to make a list. This will save your professional cleaners time and effort from trying to assess your carpet. Write down all major issues and what caused them so they can focus on them first.

professional carpet cleaning

Why get your carpets professionally cleaned?

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t cheap, but it is worth it since the benefits are not measly. Hiring one has several tangible benefits such as:

  1. More thoroughly and deeply cleaned carpets.
  2. Prolongs the life of your carpets, therefore saving you a ton of money.
  3.  Your carpets would look much better and smell cleaner.

Professional carpet cleaning not only improves the look and feel of your carpet, but it eliminates much of the odors, dander, and dust in your carpet, leaving your home clean, healthy, and smelling fresh! Buying a new carpet is quite an investment but sometimes it just needs that thorough cleaning to make it look new again. Making the right decision, whether to buy a new carpet or get it cleaned, in this kind of situation can save you a lot of money and raise the value of your office.

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