When’s the Best Time to Do Window Cleaning?

Window Cleaning

Aside from having your upholstery cleaned, and your reception area polished, your windows also need some intensive wiping. The sun rises daily and every day will be your constant reminder of how unclean your windows are. Even a speck of dust could make a window look dull and dingy. On the other hand, having clean looking windows could make your working area a lighter, brighter, and overall happier place. 

Cleaning windows is one of the tasks most of us overlook and for a reason– cleaning windows can be tedious and more often than not, non-professional cleaners may not do it properly. It takes energy and a lot of time to clean both sides of the window, especially if it is placed in a high area. That’s why working areas in condominiums and buildings would often hire professionals to clean them. 

What to Consider When Setting a Time for Window Cleaning

But cleaning windows should not just be a question of “how often”, but also “when is the best time?”. We want to make sure not to redo it, and make it right the first time. So we listed some window cleaning knowledge we think you should know

Weather Problem?

You may have possibly heard that cleaning windows during the rainy season is a waste of time as rainwater will leave streaks on your window. This may come as a surprise to most but that is nothing but a myth.

Properly cleaned windows would be resistant to streaks left by rainwater. Having them cleaned on a clear day would be perfect to make it look nice and clean during the rainy days. 

Springtime is probably the best time to clean your windows because of the clear sky and sunshine that you don’t usually get to experience during the winter season.  

Cold and Stormy

As long as you cleaned your windows well, a little rain will do no harm. But a cold and stormy day will be a different thing. 

Window cleaners won’t be able to go out when the wind is blowing strongly. Aside from the safety issues, your windows will also remain dull due to the weather. 

It is best to pick a clear day with a blue sky, or even a cloudy day to get your window cleaners. 

Window Cleaning Throughout the Seasons

Another misconception about cleaning windows is that cleaning windows will only make sense during the summer season. Again, that is not true. 

The only time you should avoid cleaning your windows is probably during thunderstorms, heavy rains, and howling winds. 

Now, let’s look at the boons and banes of cleaning your windows throughout the seasons.


This is probably the most popular season to get your windows cleaned. Having a clear view of the birds, flowers, and trees would surely uplift the mood and motivate your employees. 

Choose a day with plenty of cloud cover. The temperature will be just right to prevent streaks. If there happens to be a breeze, clean in the same direction to prevent spray from landing on cleaned panes. 

Springtime weather is pleasant, perfect for window cleaning. However, do take note that pollen can accumulate on your windows and make them look dull quickly. So, for springtime get your cleaning gloves on and get ready to do some spring cleaning. 


Summertime cleaning is ideal to remove the pollen that’s been dispersed during spring. It is a great time to have your windows cleaned. Nice clean windows will allow the warm glow of the sun to affect the morale and productivity of your team. 

The quick-drying time and reduced chance of rainy days make it a perfect time for window cleaning. Minimal falling leaves and debris will ensure that windows will stay clean longer. Clean rapidly to avoid streaks as the cleaning solution may evaporate quickly. Early morning cleaning could help solve this problem. The downside? Sweat.


Autumn is still a good season to have your windows cleaned, except for the heavy rains on some months. The temperature would be nice for the cleaner, not too cold and not too hot. But make sure to use quick-drying materials to clean your windows to avoid leaving residues.


 It is surprisingly a good idea to get your windows cleaned during the winter season. Despite the rain, the windows will stay clean longer than it was during the summertime. 

Clean rain doesn’t put much dirt on your windows. You need to worry about the dirty rain, that we usually get during the summer season. 

Which Month is Best for Window Cleaning?

We already touched the topic about the different times and different seasons when window cleaning is most successful. Now, a question of which month is best for having your windows cleaned remains. The answer is very simple. Window cleaning can be done any month you like. 

As long as the cleaner can safely reach the windows, and the weather is good you can have your windows cleaned. Making your windows spotless will surely help keep your employees’ mood positive and productive. 

Always remember, safety comes first. Make sure you got the right equipment to reach high areas and use the right solutions to clean your window. 

Wrapping up

Quality window cleaning is a long term investment for your business. It is a great value for money. 

Windows are constantly exposed to a variety of contaminants like smoke, pollens, and dust which make it filthy, stained, and dull. It may be difficult and time-consuming but the benefits will be all worth it. 

If ever you find cleaning windows is not a chore for you, hire an expert. Schedule professional window cleaning services, to maintain your window’s shine and prevent molds and mildew.