Why We Love Seasonal Office Cleaning (And You Should Too!)

Many factors directly impact your team’s productivity, health, and happiness. Cleaning is one of them, but cleaning and maintaining the workplace is an arduous task. If you want to keep your office always looking presentable and functional, it requires near-constant attention and a systematic approach to cleaning that would benefit both you and your team. A systematic cleaning approach includes when is the right time to do routine cleaning and seasonal cleaning. Knowing the answer to this question is what we call cleaning for health and aesthetics. In this article, we would be focusing on paying more attention to seasonal cleaning.

Seasonal Cleaning

When we talk about seasonal it always includes all four seasons, and seasonal cleaning is the task of identifying which areas or things should be given importance to cleaning during a certain season to avoid paying for extra labor, extra eco-friendly cleaning products, and extra effort. There are certain cleaning services that are more important during a certain season. Effectively identifying them would be cost-wise and knowing how often they should be cleaned depends on many factors such as your location, daily traffic, occupancy, and the season. Another important thing to take into account is that compared to routine (regular) cleaning, seasonal cleaning is not something that needs to be done often.

Schedule for Seasonal Cleaning Tasks


Winter is a season known for breeding health issues such as flu and colds because the temperature droplets these viruses, bacteria, and germs survive longer compared to warmer days. It also allows them to spread easily and fast from one area to another inside the office. Below are a few winter cleaning tips you should be doing regularly during winter:

Remove winter salt

Winter salt can damage your office floors if left alone during winter. It does not matter if it’s snow-melting chemicals or rock salt since both can damage floors and office carpets, as well. Additionally, if winter salt mixes with melting snow you might as well prepare yourself to have a skating rink inside your office.

Decrease the use of water when cleaning

The temperature drop makes water solidify faster, so sticking to constant vacuuming and sweeping inside the office would be enough. Although that’s the case, you should still schedule a plan on mopping at least once a week to ensure your floors are not building up grime or dirt. Just put-up caution signs to avoid your employees from slipping, and putting some matting also helps.

Disinfect shared areas daily

As we’ve mentioned earlier, winter is known for breeding health issues, and shared areas such as break rooms and bathrooms are perfect breeding grounds for germs and viruses to spread. Doing regular disinfecting on highly touched surfaces and areas with high traffic should be given priority and constant attention.

Always ensure clean air

During the winter season offices are often closed which results in trapped germs and pollutants inside the office with no means to go outside. These pollutants and dust mites are in the air longer and you might be inhaling them. That’s why keeping your furniture polished, dusting clothes near, and dusters nearby would avoid them from settling on surfaces.

Clean office carpets regularly

Most offices welcome their visitors with carpets to build a strong first impression. We all know that areas with carpets are mostly likely high-traffic areas, this is where cleaning for health and aesthetics enters the scene. Scheduling a monthly clean for your carpets is perfect to avoid grime and dirt buildup.


Unlike the winter season, keeping your workspace tidy during spring is simple, but this is the time when deadlines start looming. That’s why freshening up your workspace is the most important task to get your productivity and motivation running.

Clean your windows

Spring is the time when the weather is nice and flowers start blooming and seeing them clearly while working may boost your productivity. Clean windows make your workspace more aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, but it also removes grit and grime build-up from inside and outside surfaces.

Declutter files and paper

It is commonly known that a pile of papers can be a source of dust accumulation. It might also cause others to trip on them if some flew to the floor. Furthermore, having them scattered all over your desk makes it harder to concentrate, and digging for certain files would be more difficult.

Do high dusting

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be sneezing all over the place, right? So, start dusting your workplace. You’d be surprised at how much dust can be accumulated on keyboards and desks.


Summer is all about the outside. Enjoying the fresh air and wonderful view. And in 2020, functional outdoor spaces gained tremendous recognition in commercial establishments. That’s why summer is the best season to clean your patios, deck, or even your parking space. Since these areas tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, grime, oil, and moss. The only way to clean outdoor spaces is by sweeping all physical dirt, and pressure washing to achieve an extra clean outdoor space.


The Autumn season is when the temperature starts dropping, so people spend more time in their offices. This leads to more opportunities for spills, messes, and various diseases. So, before the cold season starts try to do the following:

Leaf Removal

The season for falling leaves, so you’d expect to see a lot wherever you look, and they pile up fast. Although they are aesthetically pleasing at times, leaving them there may cause accidents.

Clean gutters and downspouts

As mentioned earlier, autumn is the season for falling leaves so you’d better expect some leaves and downspouts clogging your gutters. Not only leaves, but also bird nests, squirrel nests, and more.By scheduling cleaning tasks that are most important during certain seasons, you can boost your cleaning routine, especially during this pandemic. Burgos Cleaning is a team of cleaning service professionals that ensure all important parts of your office are in top condition and create a comfortable working environment. We offer our services in Connecticut and provide numerous office cleaning services on the commercial level from small businesses to big buildings and complexes. Contact us now to avail the best commercial cleaning services in town!