Why You Should Book a Deep Cleaning in Summer

Summer Deep Cleaning

Summer is upon us! After a year of staying indoors and dealing with restrictions and lockdowns, the summer of 2021 feels like the breath of fresh air everyone needs to relax and ease into the new normal. Aside from barbecues and family get-togethers, the season is also the perfect time to spruce up your office and prepare it for the return of your employees full-time. 

Why Should You Book a Deep Cleaning in Summer?

Contrary to popular belief, commercial deep cleaning isn’t a service you should reserve for the colder months. While flu season does entail some cleaning and maintenance, booking a deep cleaning service from a reputable commercial cleaning company is best scheduled for the summer. 

Below are a few reasons why it is high time to contact your local commercial cleaning company in New Haven County, Connecticut today:

Longer Daylight Hours

Depending on the size of your office and the services that you availed, a deep cleaning session can take a couple of hours. During the colder seasons, two sessions need to be booked to deep clean the entire space during daylight. 

Summer is the perfect time to schedule a commercial deep clean because of the longer daylight hours. This allows you to save on forgoing the second session and minimizing the electricity expended by the commercial cleaning company. 

Warmer Weather Conducive for Cleaning

Most offices have carpeted flooring that can be a hassle to clean and dry. It doesn’t help that these spaces rely on air-conditioning to circulate the air and keep the air quality at a healthy level. 

The summer season begets warmer weather. It is the best time open the windows to let fresh, outside air circulate through the workspace. Likewise, commercial cleaners can opt to take advantage of the warmer weather to dry carpets and other surfaces as quickly as possible and without the use of extra electricity. 

Fewer Employees 

Employees often wait until summer to use their vacation days. Who can blame them? There is nothing quite like a family excursion out in the sun. Because there are fewer people in the office, it is easier for deep cleaning companies to their work. With this ease comes efficiency. The less booking you need to clean the entire space, the less money you have to invest on commercial cleaning. It is a win-win situation! 

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What to Expect from a Commercial Deep Cleaning Service?

Truth be told, different companies have a variety of deep cleaning procedures. Some of them might have proprietary techniques and products that they use to deep clean an office space. Nevertheless, despite recent commercial cleaning industry trends, there a few procedures that your should expect from a commercial cleaning service:

Tackling Hard to Reach Areas

Moping, sweeping, and wiping off high-traffic areas is often enough to keep most offices clean, tidy, and sanitized. After all, there is only so much your maintenance team can do on a daily basis especially with the presence of your employees in the office. 

A deep clean service goes beyond the high-traffic areas. This service tackles harder to reach spots in the office that you and your maintenance team would not think to clean. This includes the tops of aircon machines, vents, the crevices of your walls, and ledges. 

Thorough Floor Cleaning

It is safe to say that your office’s flooring is one of the most abused areas in your workspace. Everyone goes through the floor and very few people are mindful of the dirt and debris they bring into the office. 

Dirt can seep through your office flooring. Daily mopping can take care of the surface but it isn’t enough to tackle the debris that has been lodged deep into the material. Floor cleaning is often included in most deep cleaning packages. It is best to take advantage of this option. 

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Benefits of a Commercial Deep Clean for Your Office

Most industries have been negatively affected by the recent global pandemic. Those that survived are scrambling to cut costs anyway that they can. While it is a good idea to reduce energy consumption and forgo company vacations to save costs and keep the business afloat, skimping on the cleanliness and maintenance of the office should be your last recourse. 

The benefits of commercial cleaning outweigh the costs, easily. Below are a few advantages that your company can gain from opting for the professionals:

Higher Quality of Clean

Commercial cleaning companies have years of experience under their belt. Through their experience, they have bagged industry trick and tips that you or maintenance team might not be privy to. Opting to work with the professionals ensures that your space achieves a quality level of clean.

Improved Employee Morale and Productivity

Deep cleaning services can cost a pretty penny. If you intend to hire the best of the best in your area, be prepared to shell out money to deep clean your entire office. That said, when it comes to a clean and well-maintained office, the payoff is far greater than the investment. 

Studies have shown that a well-maintained office affects employee morale and productivity. Professional cleaning protects the health and wellness of your emplyees. In turn, because they feel cared for, workers are encouraged to give their best and remain productive. 

Hiring the Right Commercial Cleaners

Not all commercial cleaning companies are created equal. Most businesses aim to provide their clients a professional level of quality cleaning. That said, there “professionals” that do not have the best intentions for their customers at heart. 

To ensure that you avoid the hassle with dealing with the wrong clearners, do your research and consider only reputable cleaning companies in your area. Assess a company’s level of expertise, ask about the length of their operation, check their credentials and certifications, and if possible, ask for contact details of their past clients. 

Take full advantage of the beautiful summer season by booking your office’s commercial deep cleaning service today! If you are located in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area, we at Burgos Cleaning are eager to be off service! Reach out to us through our email or call us through our hotline to schedule.