Window Films in Buildings: The Ultimate Guide

Are window films worth installing?

Who doesn’t love an investment that yields a measurable break-even point at a certain time? Every business owner would raise their hands at the thought. But, the good thing is, it’s not just a thought. This product has been here all along, and if you’re still curious about it, then read on. 

Window films may seem like a bit of extra investment and not exactly a requirement, but before you dismiss the idea, here are some fast facts about how window films work that can convince you to get them installed.

What is a window film and how does it work? 

Window films are considered the easiest and most economical approach to lessen energy costs and significantly reduce energy use. In general, the benefits of window films include heat rejection and reduced energy consumption, especially during summer.

Here is how window films work:

  • Window films block heat during a hot period like summer. This also means that your HVAC system does not have to work double-time against the intense solar heat gain, preserving energy use. Studies revealed that with the use of window films, up to 70% of heat gain is prevented. 
  • Window films have insulating properties which come in handy during cold weather, especially winter, as the heat is maintained inside and the cold is kept out. 
  • Window films have the capacity to minimize the impact of harmful UV rays that reach your office space or home. When fewer UV rays are able to enter your space, the fading on fabrics, furniture, and even flooring is greatly reduced. 
  • Window films offer glare reduction. With adjustments done on the product, today’s window film technology has been improved to provide excellent anti-glare qualities while maintaining the amount of natural light that reaches your space. 

In an overview, the science of window films works by making heat bounce off them and preventing it from passing through the glass of the windows.

The many benefits of window films

Window films are very beneficial in a lot of aspects. Office buildings and other establishments can enjoy this range of benefits provided by window films. 

Lower bills

Window films are known for their ultimate benefit: cost control on energy expenses. Because of its ability to ward off heat, especially in hotter months, the cooling system of an office space or building does not have to exert extra power and energy use to keep a cool temperature inside the space despite the heat. Since there is less energy consumption, you can expect lower energy costs and actually save up money for other business expenses or overhead.

Reduced glare

A special feature of window films is the ability to block aspects of the solar spectrum in order to lessen the absorption of glare, heat, as well as UV rays. 

Window films come in various types, and depending on your needs, can provide different levels of protection against glare. 

Most of today’s window films offer at least 65% of heat rejection, while still allowing 65% visibility. There are also window film options that provide heat insulation in the winter and air sealing capabilities during summer.

Less fading

When the sun’s rays enter a certain space through the windows, it can have some unwanted effects that are not temporary like the fading of your interior furnishings, fabrics, and other furniture. 

Through window films, since UV rays are blocked, fading is reduced which makes it very helpful in preserving the appearance and original color of your furnishings. 

Benefits of installing window films in buildings

Aesthetic appeal 

Window films have also started to become fashionable and trendy, as more and more buildings jump in to try what these window films have to offer in terms of style. You can have window films that come in frosted effect or stained glass. Personalization and customization are also possible so you don’t have to worry in terms of branding. 

Furthermore, cleaning window films is just like any window washing technique, which makes it convenient as it does not need any other special treatment. 

Extra energy source

New studies about window films talk about how building owners who have installed window films can produce their own energy instead of just conserving energy use of the HVAC system. This idea is still in development by the University of California but it’s a start. 

The myths about window films

While we’re at it, it’s also important to note what window films are not. To clear some of your questions and thoughts about window films, here are some myths about window films that we’ll try to answer.

Window films can make your glass windows break. 

Installing window films on glass windows is a major concern for some since they fear that doing so can lead to a thermal fracture on the glass. But, this is a baseless myth. By following proper installation procedures and exercising caution, the application of window films on your glass windows will go on smoothly.

Window films offer reactive maintenance. Meaning, it can actually help better protect and fix your damaged glass windows when necessary.

Window films only work during summer. 

Most people seem to have the idea that window films are only beneficial during the summer or any other hot period. This is incorrect, however, since window films are a year-round product that provides insulation, regardless of what weather or climate it is. You may be able to notice more significant results during summer, but don’t forget that the window films’ unique feature is to reduce heat gain that is why these seem to work more during summer. 

Window films can make the windows appear darker. 

The concept behind choosing darker shades of window films is that darker films tend to fend off more heat and glare. However, window films come in a lot of options. You don’t always have to go for the darker shades if you prefer something lighter. 

Window films are a good investment. It may be quite a sum if you try to have some installed right now, but you can expect a return on your investment in just a few years. More than its cost-effective benefits, window films are also helpful against climate change. If you wanted to go for a more conscious choice and have window films installed around New London County, Connecticut, it’s not so hard to look.