Zone Cleaning vs Task Cleaning

Difference between zone cleaning and task cleaning

Hiring cleaning experts can convey great benefits for your business. It would lift the burden of worrying about having an unclean and unsanitized working space. The only worry you’ll have is choosing the right one for your business.

Choosing the right cleaning service involves creating plenty of decisions like budget, however, one of the pressing issues you should look into is the method. One of the decisions you should think about in choosing the cleaning service that would best fit your business is the method or technique of cleaning. Which will be the most efficient method: team cleaning or zone cleaning?

Team Cleaning vs Zone Cleaning  

Team cleaning and zone cleaning may sound similar but there are quite a few differences between them. Each technique or method comes with its own advantages and challenges. Learning and understanding them would be a smart move, before deciding which one to choose. Although this may seem time-consuming, it is a good evaluation of the different methods that will make the cleaning more efficient.

To see and examine the differences we listed the pros and cons of team cleaning and zone cleaning. 

Team Cleaning

Team cleaning brings a crew of cleaners to your office. Each of the crew members of the team is charged with a selected job. For example, one member of the cleaning crew will be in charge of vacuuming, another for wiping the surfaces, another for cleaning the windows, and so on.

Pros of Team Cleaning

  • The members of the crew specialize in only one task making them clean faster and more detail-oriented. They are specially trained in one task to perceive a certain level of standard for completing the task.
  • Since every team member is focusing on certain types of work, they are more skilled and efficient in their particular task, thus providing greater efficiency and better cleaning results.
  • Having only one member do a certain task will mean that only a single piece of specialty equipment is needed. This will deduct the need to purchase multiple types of equipment such as a vacuum.
  • Team cleaning tasks are generally divided into the following areas: 
    • Light Duty Specialist – dusting, emptying trash, spot cleaning
    • Vacuum Specialists – vacuuming all carpets as well as the hard floors
    • Restroom Specialists – cleaning, sanitizing, and restocking supplies in the restrooms
    • Utility Specialists – cleaning lobby areas, mopping and scrubbing hard floors, spot cleaning glass,  and moving trash cans from central collection points

Cons of Team Cleaning

  • Having a team cleaning could lead to an increase in turnover in case a worker is not satisfied with their assigned task. This may also be an effect if the company is constantly training new people to do the specialized job. These actions may lead to erratic cleaning. 

Zone Cleaning

Another method of cleaning is zone cleaning. Zone cleaning simply means that each member of the team is responsible for a certain area or zone. An example of a zone is the data center. Every detail of the data center (zone) – from top to bottom will be under their care. It is the team member’s responsibility to make it a clean data center, from top to bottom. 

Pros of Zone Cleaning

  • The employees could easily be monitored by the supervisor. If there are issues, like lack of training with an employee, it could easily be detected by the supervisor with the zone cleaning. When an employee is assigned to a zone, and the cleaning in that zone is not at par with the standards of the company, they will know that the employee requires additional training. 
  • If your business has particular security concerns, it will limit the number of cleaners who have access to the marked areas. If in case something goes missing,  a door is left unlocked, or the lights are left turned on, you will be able to know the culprit immediately. 

Cons of Zone Cleaning

  • Compared to team cleaning, zone cleaning could be a little pricey. It will cost a lot to outfit the whole team with all the equipment required for detailed cleaning in several zones. If you have four members of the team, you’ll need to purchase four vacuums, five sets of cleaning materials, and supplies like disposable gloves and cleaning solutions.
  • It is possible that having different cleaners per zone could result in erratic results if the cleaning company does not provide a careful and thorough training process. 
What is the best method of cleaning to use in your workplace?

Choosing Which Method of Cleaning To Use: Team or Zone

Both team cleaning and zone cleaning present their own pros and cons. It’s best for you and the cleaning company you chose to discuss which technique will be best suited for your business and have an in-depth talk about it. Discuss your business, your building size, and your service expectations with the cleaning service provider, so together you can decide which technique is the right one for you.


Choosing the best cleaning provider for your business may be a task but it will surely help you in the long run. There are a lot of decisions to be made like a budget allotment, scheduling, insurance, and bond. Another thing you should look into is the technique of cleaning: team or zone. Choosing between the two will help keep your costs down while keeping the cleaning efficiency up.

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