An Intro to Cleaning Your Baseboards

baseboard cleaning 101

Ever wondered why you still see your rooms as dirty even after cleaning the windows, vacuuming the carpet, mopping the floor, and dusting the displays? Well, you most likely forgot to clean a part of your rooms which you often overlook, the baseboards. Unlike your carpet, furniture, walls, and windows that are getting their fair share of cleaning, your baseboards are seldom cleaned. Being accustomed to these frames around your rooms must be the reason why you don’t think much about cleaning them. However, baseboards accumulate unsightly grime, stains, scuff marks, dirt, and dust that you would be able to see upon closer inspection.

Although this buildup accumulates easily and can’t be noticed immediately, cleaning it is fairly easy and requires little attention. That’s why cleaning your baseboards are worth adding to your cleaning routine.

Importance of Cleaning Your Baseboards

People might not notice them all the time but keeping them clean is a must. You might be surprised by how an unclean baseboard can affect your room’s overall appearance, especially if you’re in the hotel and accommodations industry. We all know how guests and clients give importance to cleanliness when it comes to first impressions. That’s why taking the extra step of regularly cleaning your baseboards would give the overall look of your rooms a much neater and fresher vibe. Additionally, ensuring that your hotel rooms are clean would make them acquire your services for the second time and attract new guests or clients for your business.

Aside from boosting your rooms’ overall look, maintaining your baseboards clean would prolong the life of the wood or material used on them. Creating a domino effect on your walls and floor. We all know that the main purpose of baseboards is to protect the wall and floor against dirt and debris. Without it, the moisture coming from floor spills can easily seep through drywall, travel upward, and create minor to major damages.

How Often Should You Clean Them?

As mentioned earlier, baseboards are fairly easy to clean but how often you should clean them depends on how much dirt has accumulated, and what kind of dirt is on the baseboard. The most common rule on how often you should clean them would be once every month. You can just switch to cleaning every two weeks or week after knowing the rate of accumulation and type of dirt on it. Simply put, after knowing the condition and needs of your baseboard.

If your baseboards look grimy whenever you clean them then it’s time to switch from a once-a-month clean to every two-week clean.

If you’re a pet owner, you must clean your baseboards once a week. Pets bring joy to the owner’s life, but so does dirt. Their lovely hair, dander, and mud from their paws somehow end up on the baseboards.  

Cleaning Procedures

A pro tip when cleaning your house is that you save the baseboards for last. Their position allows them to accumulate dust from cleaning the walls, windows, and light fixtures. This is also a practice by various commercial cleaning companies. They start cleaning areas and objects that are placed higher and then moving downwards until they are done. Some of you might not be aware of this practice but before saying anything rude to your cleaners try to understand them more before you regret it.

Move All Furniture Away

Doing so allows you to have an even bigger space when cleaning your baseboards. Moreover, the dust from cleaning the boards won’t be transferred to your furniture. Not only that, but it also allows you to take an even closer inspection of them. Knowing the baseboard’s condition is a must if you’re planning on cleaning them.

Dusting Them Off

After cleaning everything else, the dust has definitely accumulated on the baseboards. All you must do is sweep the baseboards down with a hand broom or use a vacuum cleaner for a more efficient dusting.

Deep Clean Them

For this step, using a microfiber cloth dampened with a solution would do the trick for easy removal of dirt. If your baseboards have hard-to-remove dirt, then prepare your arms for some power scrubbing. However, different materials used on baseboards require different cleaning solutions.

Varnished Wood

Mixing a gallon of water, 4 tablespoons of dish soap, and 1 tablespoon of mineral oil is the suggested solution when you’re cleaning varnished wood baseboards. Mineral oil would serve as a wood conditioner, but avoid using vegetable oil because it is rancid and may create unpleasant smells.

Painted Wood

Mixing a gallon of water with 4 tablespoons of dish soap is enough when cleaning painted wood baseboards. The paint serves as its primary protection, so conditioning is not necessary.

PVC Baseboards

Mixing four-part hot water and one-part white vinegar would do the trick for PVC Baseboards.

Wipe Them Down

step-by-step routine on effectively cleaning your baseboards

Use a microfiber or paper towel dampened with clean water to remove excess residue left behind by the solution. However, using a dryer sheet when wiping down the baseboards is most preferred. It attracts dirt and even leaves behind a dust-repellent sheen that prevents it from getting dirty in the future.

Using a dryer sheet is more advantageous for multi-tenant buildings. Since using it prevents it from getting dirty quickly, it means that the less the owner has to pay for multi-tenant building maintenance that usually costs them a lot by reducing the number of times their commercial cleaner visits them.

Spot Clean

When it comes to cleaning it’s impossible to clean every nook and cranny with a single piece of equipment. That’s why equipment of various sizes and purposes are made to aid you in doing so. Hard-to-reach areas such as corners only need the help of a cotton swab for them to be cleaned.

Allow Them to Dry

Air drying your baseboards would prevent any streaks from showing up. If you have a blow dryer and you are willing to go to the trouble of blow-drying your baseboards then you may do so.

Baseboards are often overlooked from cleaning routines but giving them a little attention won’t hurt. Since this little attention would brighten the whole room without you noticing it. At Burgos Cleaning, we ensure all important parts of your office are in top condition and create a comfortable working environment. We offer our services in Connecticut (Fairfield, Hartford, and Litchfield County) and provide numerous office cleaning services on the commercial level from small businesses to big buildings and complexes. Contact us now to avail the best commercial cleaning services in town!