Is Carpet Cleaning Safe For Pets?

We all want are carpets to be professionally cleaned so that they look good in the house and compliment the overall ambiance of the home. For this purpose, many cleaning professionals use chemicals to take off the hard stains from our carpets. In the process, they have to use chemicals which may cause problems to pets if they ingest them. In some cases, fumes from these chemicals also prove harmful to them. Especially spot cleaners like formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide (lye) and other artificial fragrances can cause fumes which would increase indoor pollution. One needs to understand the type of cleaning that is being done to ascertain if it would be harmful to pets. Cleaning processes using powders or dry shampoos may leave a residue. These powders can be easily inhaled and cause asthma-li
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How Do I Choose a Good Carpet Cleaning Service?

Most people usually have carpets in their homes. You will note that a carpet can make your home to look more beautiful and attractive. It can also make you feel some warmth on your feet especially during the cold weather. Carpets usually get dirty from time to time. If you have kids or pets at home, your carpet might get dirty more regularly. It is important that you clean your carpet in order to prevent infections. Cleaning your carpet can make it to look more attractive. This is because dust and stains can make it lose its beauty. You will note that carpet cleaning is not an easy undertaking. It actually requires you to spend more time cleaning it. You also require to have some skills in order to clean it more effectively. In this case, it is advisable that you hire a professional carpet
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What Carpet Cleaning Machines Are the Best?

Carpet Cleaning Machine Guide

Practically anyone who lives in a home where at least some of the floors are carpeted probably owns a vacuum cleaner. These machines are endlessly useful in keeping carpets looking presentable and relatively free of surface dirt and grime. However, there are times when you will need something more than just a vacuum cleaner to keep a carpet clean. Vacuum cleaners do not clean dirt that has set deep down into a carpet over a period of months or even years, and they certainly won't be able to touch stains left by food spills or pet accidents. Situations such as these call for the use of professional carpet cleaning machines. Specialist carpet cleaning machines can be purchased from most retailers, but most people prefer to rent them since they generall
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Can Fleas Survive Carpet Cleaning?

The Problem with Flea Infestation

The problem with fleas in the average house is not just the infestation on the carpets, but also the infestation on pets, upholstery and even wooden furniture. Cleaning of the carpets alone will only solve the problem for few days. Fleas, especially in their egg or pupa stage can easily survive even professional cleaning. Failing to clean even few flea eggs here and there will result in a temporary solution, since even professional carpet cleaning mostly kills adult fleas. Fleas in earlier stages of development can survive even professional carpet cleaning, and these will be multiplying exponentially again in no time. And the pets, furniture and carpets will be fully infested again in less than 20 days! So the reality is that fleas can easily su
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