Guide to Cleaning Different Window Types

Guide to Cleaning Different Window Types

Window cleaning is an important part of keeping your office space well-maintained. Clean windows bring light in. Natural light can do wonders for a person’s productivity and overall mood. To put it succinctly, clean windows equal happy employees. 

Unfortunately, despite the benefits of keeping office windows grime-free, it remains to be one of the most neglected parts of any property. It does make sense. Windows are transparent and people are literally meant to look through windows. 

While tedious, window cleaning is a relatively simple process especially if you know the kind of window you are maintaining. Different types of windows, and glass, can benefit from different cleaning techniques and products. 

If you are at a loss as to the best way to clean windows, below is a crash-course on window and glass types and proper cleaning techniques that you can apply to your workplace. 

Different Types of Window Frames

Cleaning your window frames is as important as cleaning the glass itself. Improper cleaning techniques can inflict significant damage to your windows. 

Double-Hung / Single-Hung Windows

The most classic types of windows – double-hung and single-hung windows are a staple for most residential properties. This type of window frame allows the glass to slide vertically. It has an upper section and a lower section that can be divided further into 4 or 6 panels. 

The main difference between single-hung and double-hung windows lies in the number of sections that can be opened. As the name suggests, the upper panel in single-hung windows is permanently bolted to the wall. The upper and lower panel in double-hung windows can both be opened. 

Awning Windows

Another great residential option, awning windows are similar to double-hung frames. The main difference between the two is how they open. Awning windows pivot from the top or side of the mainframe. 

Awning windows are particularly great if your home is lacking airflow. This type of window encourages wind to flow through a room. However, this type of window frame takes a considerable amount of space when it is opened. You would need a bit of clearance from the outside for it to open completely.  

Slider Windows 

Perfect for smaller spaces, slider windows allow ample airflow without needing the same clearing as awning windows. As the name suggests, slider windows slide open and close. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows are the most popular options for commercial buildings. They do not open and most picture windows do not have frames at all. This type of window is best for commercial buildings with central air because they don’t open. They let a lot of light in which is ideal for office spaces because it can cut energy costs. 

Different Types of Glass

Unmaintained glass windows are unsightly. There is something about streaks and hard water spots that look unprofessional. Your windows can help you make a good impression. As such, below are the most common types of glass:

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass windows are the most basic glass you can use for windows. They often come uncolored and are relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, they are sturdy and can stand the test of time.  

For reference, most types of window glass is a permutation of annealed glass. 

Heat-Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass is a type of annealed glass that has been fortified. They are made sturdier so they can withstand sudden and abrupt changes in temperature without breaking. When they do break, they shatter into smaller pieces than annealed glass. 

Tempered Glass

Otherwise known as “safety glass,” this type of window option is several times harder than annealed glass – at least five times more formidable. One of the best things about this type of glass is that it shatters into rounded sharps. This makes it the best option especially for locations where the possibility of accidents is high.  

Coated Glass

As the name suggests, this type of window glass is coated with a film of various chemicals. There are several types of coated glass based on the kind of chemical it is coated with. For the most part, the coating is meant to keep heat from building up inside the room where the glass is in. This type of glass can be used for home windows as well as car windows. 

General Rule of Thumb When Cleaning Windows

Again, there are benefits to knowing how to maintain the specific type of office window you have. However, there are general tips that would work for all windows: 

Soap and Water

Most types of window glass can easily be cleaned with just soap and water. To be honest, when it comes to window maintenance technique matters more than the products that you use. So, regardless of the type of windows you have, make sure you have a bucket of regular soap and water in tow. 

Gloomy Days Recommended

It is easy to assume that it is better to clean windows during a hot day. However, it cannot be further from the truth. If it is too hot, cleaning products would seep into the windows before you get the chance to wipe it off. The residue would produce hard to remove streaks. 

Cleaning Different Types of Glass 

Maintaining your windows ensure that they last long. Below are specific cleaning techniques for specific types of windows:

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass can easily be cleaned with good ‘ol soap and water. Make sure to heavily soak the surface. This would loosen the debris on the windows. Gently scrub the cleaning agent off, use a blade if there are stubborn stains, and rinse the surface. Dry completely. If possible use a microfibre towel. 

Heat-Strengthened Glass

Cleaning heat-strengthened glass is as simple as cleaning annealed glass. However, this type of window tends to scratch easier. So forgo the razor. 

Tempered Glass

Like heat-strengthened glass, tempered glass scratch easily. Make sure that you use soft materials when you clean this type of window. Avoid using anything abrasive. 

Coated Glass

Ammonia can remove the coating of coated glass. So it is best to choose a cleaner that is ammonia-free. Otherwise, soap, water, and a microfibre towel will do. 

With different window types presented above, it will now be easier for you to determine what kind of window you have installed so you can clean and maintain them properly. In the long run, cleaning them using the right process and tools will lessen your costs and potentially bring more opportunities for your company. Looking for more window cleaning information, read here and get understand when’s the best time for window washing.