Must-Try Hacks for End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy and Moving out

Parting ways with any space, be it a home or an office building, is indeed bittersweet. Leaving can cause a bit of separation anxiety that can stick with you for some time. Every corner of your space holds a jar of memories, and every room has been essential to your living, how temporary it may be. 

But, in the same way, every corner of your space also holds a pile of clutter that you won’t be sorry to say goodbye to. Moving out of your space can open up opportunities for a fresh start and a shot at decluttering. Finally.

However, if you’re evacuating an old space for a new one, you must leave it in peace. You must leave it like the first time you’ve been there, though, of course, this is hardly the case. But, you must try to uphold a certain standard as a responsible tenant, especially in terms of cleanliness. 

If you are clueless about starting your end of tenancy cleaning, here are some quick tips to get you going.

Read the full tenancy agreement. 

Before hurling and hauling equipment here and there, sit down first and take a look at the tenancy agreement. It contains special instructions and important clauses on how you should leave the space before you move out. Make sure that you understand every bit of it. 

Take action only when you have come to figure out what needs to be done and how much of it is actually your responsibility.

Think if you would rather hire professional help or do it yourself.

You have two options to go about your end-of-lease cleaning: diy or professional. Doing it yourself allows you to have more control over the cleaning process. This is especially ideal if you want to oversee every cleaning step to ensure that it fits your standards. This option can be cost-effective on your end if your space is small and easy to clean. However, for larger spaces with more rooms, this is not exactly ideal. 

Hiring a professional cleaning services company to do the cleaning for you is another option. It’s not as economical as doing it yourself, but it does offer a lot of benefits that make spending money on it a wise choice. First, you can be assured that the cleaning is well-kept. Every corner will be given the immaculate deep cleaning end of tenancy treatment so that the entire space is in tiptop shape and almost ready for the new set of occupants. Second, you get to delegate your time to other important matters as you leave the cleaning to the experts.

Choosing between these options can be tough. Whatever your choice is, make sure that it meets your requirements. 

End of Tenancy and Moving out Checklist

Create a checklist. 

A list is a huge help to make sure that you don’t miss anything. And when it comes to the end of lease cleaning, coverage can be broad. 

List everything that needs to be taken care of: kitchen and pantry, bathrooms, supply and storage rooms, equipment rooms– everything must be considered. Don’t forget to include appliances like refrigerators and ovens, as these may require deep cleaning.

Coming up with a list also considerably cuts your time thinking of things. When your list is organized, you can move on to the other aspects of the moving out the situation.

Beware of costly makeovers.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or get the assistance of professional cleaners, you must be aware of one thing: don’t fall prey to property restoration myths

Property makeovers and repairs are not always necessary. While some property managers do this to increase the market value of a property, you don’t have to engage in it before vacating your space. Make sure that you only take care of parts that are absolutely necessary for repairs. You don’t want to spend a lot when you’re already leaving. 

Focus on bathrooms and other dirty spots. 

If you choose to run the cleaning process on your own terms, make a point to give extra attention to areas most frequented by dirt and dust. These include the bathroom and extractor fans. 

Molds and mildew can form in the bathroom, and this can become a health hazard for occupants. Taking care of it before it goes out of control is crucial. Dust and grease buildup can be present on extractor fans if not regularly cleaned. Furthermore, this can become a fire hazard if left untreated.

Stick to a theme.

There are cases where cleaning is not enough to make a place appear easy on the eyes, even if you have had the privilege of deep cleaning in your end of tenancy. In cases like this, you may have to get some repainting job done. 

A fresh layer of paint can breathe brand new life into your space so that it instantly looks more presentable and easier to re-let. 

If you have a couple of spaces or buildings to put up for occupancy, it is best to stick to a certain theme: use similar neutral colors. This makes it less hassle for you to do touch-ups. Opting for neutral tones also establishes a professional and easy vibe for your space.

A few considerations

  • Do your own research. Make use of the resources that you have before plunging on to the task. List down your needs, pros, and cons, and other important stuff to deal with. 
  • If you think you have a budget to spare, go for the professional cleaners, especially if you are also pressed for time with the whole moving-out process. Hiring cleaning experts can save you a lot of time and effort. Plus, you can expect the result to be superb.

Ending tenancy and moving out of a space is indeed stressful. It is a lot to handle and a lot more to let go of. But, with proper organization skills and the right set of resources, you can leave your old space in the right manner so that other people can take up space in it.