Top Tips to Reduce Your Office Cleaning Cost

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In the midst of the current global pandemic, keeping your office establishments clean, sanitized, and disinfected is crucial. Maintaining a clean and disinfected environment not only kills the COVID virus but also benefits your employees’ health and business reputation. However, cleaning products and services can be costly and may affect your overall business budget if you are not careful. Developing a budget for your cleaning costs will limit its effect on operational expenses. In fact, keeping your cleaning costs below the desired budget while still achieving that perfectly clean office environment is possible. If you want to keep your cleaning costs under the budget then keep reading. In this article, we have compiled the top tips that would help you in keeping your office cleaning costs under the limit. 

Do not buy products off the counter just to test them

Are you one of those people who would put a cleaning product in the cart because the packaging looks incredible? If yes, you should try changing that habit. Packaging is meant to tempt you into purchasing the product, but if your only purpose is to try it then resist putting it inside the cart. Try requesting a sample from the manufacturer and they’d gladly give you a free sample.

Buy quality products that are tried and tested

Purchasing high-quality products that are receiving great reviews is an effective cost-reduction option. They might be slightly expensive but they are more effective when it comes to cleaning which means you don’t have to clean often saving you a ton of product. Not only that, but it would last longer than most products. Besides, using tried and tested products allows you to avoid the arduous task of trying a ton of cleaning products that would provide you with your desired cleaning results.

Always buy in bulk

If you’re already sure of what products and brands you’re going to buy then buying in bulk are a must. This is one of the oldest negotiation angles in the book. Bulk purchases are usually sold at steep discounts because suppliers would love to have a continuous purchase from you that’s why they lower their margins. Furthermore, it reduces your trips to the market, therefore, decreasing your overall transportation costs.

Use cleaning products and equipment with care

Cleaning products and equipment are quite sensitive. That’s why handling them with care is crucial so as to not waste any product or break any equipment. Train your employees on how to properly handle them or ask them to always read the product or equipment instructions to avoid any accidental breakages from occurring. Not only will it give you better cleaning results, but also allows the product and equipment to last longer.

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Take advantage of green cleaning products

According to numerous studies, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies are more efficient and adaptable. Several conventional cleaning products can be effectively replaced by a single green product. That’s why they can be used as multi-purpose cleaners. This means that using green cleaning products will save you money because you won’t need to stock up on different items. Additionally, using green cleaning products is safer for the environment and the workers since they won’t be exposed to the chemicals present in ordinary cleaning products.

Put central bins

Some people would tell you to put bins on every office desk to encourage your employees to keep their workspace clean. However, emptying all these bins is quite an arduous task and is time-consuming. Try switching to central bins where you place a big bin in each office, instead of desks, that is easily seen and does not inconvenience your employees from performing their daily work. 

Incorporate cleaning into workflows

Encourage your employees in maintaining their workspace clutter-free at all times. The amount of work that needs to be done by cleaning crews is reduced when employees are encouraged to keep their workspaces tidy. As a result, cleaning processes can be streamlined, which will lower labor costs. Incorporating cleaning into current workflows can help minimize the risk of accidents and injuries because a tidy workplace contributes to increased on-site safety.

Invest in the right types of equipment

Equipment is a costly investment to make that’s why doing your research before buying one is important. Looking for the right equipment that would easily assist you in cleaning the office would greatly reduce your cleaning time while enhancing your quality of cleaning. Don’t try to save money here; if you do, the cleaners will have to work harder and longer, pushing your cleaning budget upward. Just ensure that the equipment is properly stored and taken care of to get your investment’s worth. 

Hire a professional commercial cleaning service provider

Looking at professional commercial cleaning companies that are experienced, have a great reputation in the industry, and specialize in cleaning offices would be a great way to start. You might think that hiring a professional cleaner is expensive but if you add all the benefits it brings you’ll see just how affordable office cleaning services are. Just make sure to have them come regularly to maintain the office’s overall cleanliness.

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Limit your budget for professional cleaners

You may reduce the expense of professional cleaning in a number of ways. For instance, you can select how many days per week your office should be cleaned, how many hours it should take, how often your windows should be cleaned, and any other details that suit your needs. Savings equal earnings. A good strategy to lower operating costs and raise business profitability is to set a budget limit for cleaning. Follow the advice and consider the circumstances in your particular workplace to develop your own suggestions for lowering the cost of office cleaning.

A neat and orderly workplace improves safety and morale among employees. Therefore, upgrading your cleaning routine might boost internal productivity and efficiency. Maintaining the cleanliness of your office is crucial at this time, while COVID-19 transmission is still a major worry. However, by following the top tips above, you may keep your workplace tidy while saving money and cutting expenditures.