Try Implementing These Office Cleaning Tips and See the Difference!

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Office cleaning is quite tricky since a shared office makes it easier for the environment to be dirty and disorganized. With each employee focusing on files they have to take care of, emails to respond to, and meetings to attend, it makes them feel that they do not have enough time to clean their work area and just leave all the clutter and dirt there to sit. This slight neglect leads to unimpressed customers and clients, decreased productivity, and unenthusiastic employees. That’s why office cleaning is truly crucial to the business’ success. However, knowing where to start your clutter-free office environment journey is difficult. In this article, we have put together a few tips to keep your hygiene standards and cleanliness around the office at a comfortable level. 


9 Tips for Cleaning Your Office

Create a clean office culture

To begin your clutter-free office journey, informing your employees about the importance of cleanliness in the workspace is essential. Having your employees, old and new,  understand this importance makes them want to play their part in keeping the office tidy at all times. However, maintaining a clean office does not require you to be harsh or disciplinary about it. Try making the process more fun such as giving rewards to the cleanest workstation in the entire office, or complimenting an employee or coworker that you see cleaning. Positive reinforcement makes it possible to acquire a new habit, of cleaning. 

Make cleaning products readily available

With each worker having their own cleaning supplies such as screen cleaners and disinfectant wipes on their desk, it rids employees of the burden of having to buy their own supplies. It may be a bit costly to buy each employee their own supplies, but the amount of cleaning they can do will be more than enough to make it worth it. In shared spaces such as the office break rooms, placing your brooms, dustpans, dish soap, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and glass cleaners in an easily accessible and well-known place makes it easier to immediately clean a mess. Giving your employees the right supplies would make the office a whole lot cleaner. 

Wipe down your desk daily

You might not know this but your office desk is one of the dirtiest things you can find in the office. You use it every day for your eight-hour shift and place various things on it. That’s why wiping it down daily before and after work hours should become a habit of yours. There are various disinfectant options you can use ranging from aggressive to eco-friendly ones. 


Clean or wipe down your keyboard and other electronics daily

Other than your desk, things that are considered dirtiest in your work area are your keyboard and the other electronics such as the telephone–both of which are housing unimaginably high levels of germs and bacteria and build up dust fast. Furthermore, since electronics now serve as a second extension that allows you to get work done more efficiently, cleaning them regularly lets you avoid any issues caused by dust and germ build-up allowing the electronics to have an extended life span.

Sort and clean your desk drawers

Having clean and organized desk drawers is as important as having your desk table neat and clutter-free. If your desk drawers are messy, take a few minutes and clean them out. If you only have one desk drawer, investing in drawer dividers, rubber bands, and paper clips is worth it. If you have multiple desk drawers, assigning each drawer a function would make your life easier. You may even reserve one of your drawers for some personal comforts such as your favorite candy, some chapsticks, or even some medicine for when you feel down in the weather. Nevertheless, keeping your desk drawers organized and clean helps you find things faster.


Wipe plant leaves

Plants might seem like just another thing that makes the office look messy to the clean freak. However, you should be aware that plants actually purify the air before you rule them out. Plants remove toxins from the air and return humidity to the atmosphere, which is especially beneficial for offices with air conditioning. Leaves will require gentle wiping with a damp cloth on occasion to prevent the accumulation of dust if you have indoor plants in your workplace (if not, you should get some).


Vacuum the top of your books, folders, and files

The top of your books, folders, and files is where dust build-up often occurs. No matter how tidy you are, they will always collect dust. That is why regular vacuuming or dusting them will help prevent any dust build-up from happening. We all know how dust affects indoor air quality, so preventing any dust build-up is crucial for everyone’s safety. 


Make a fridge-cleaning rota

Office break rooms are not complete without an office refrigerator to store your leftover lunch or beverages you want to keep cool. However, some employees tend to forget their leftover lunches inside the fridge which leads to rotten food that might cause cross-contamination. The bad smell and hygiene threats rotten food poses to make you want to avoid using the refrigerator altogether. If that’s the case, maybe it is time to set up a fridge rota. Simply ask your coworkers to date their food and be responsible for throwing it out once it starts to rot. A shared fridge is everyone’s responsibility.


Hire a professional cleaning company

There is only much cleaning your employees can do on their own; hiring a company that specializes in cleaning offices would provide you with much better results. You might think it is expensive, but if you add all the benefits it brings, you will see just how affordable office cleaning services are. Make sure to have them come regularly to maintain the office’s overall cleanliness.


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Office hygiene is the kind of thing employees and employers often overlook or never even think about. They always leave these things to their hired professional cleaners even though they are the ones responsible for continuously infecting their desks with bacteria and germs. However, doing the simple tasks listed above would greatly reduce the risk of germ and bacteria growth in your office.