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2022 Commercial Cleaning Trend

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Like any other business, the commercial cleaning industry needs to anticipate and take note of the incoming commercial cleaning trends. Predicting the trends could help businesses keep up with the needs and wants of the customer. 

Without leaving the classic trend of keeping good customer service and ensuring high-quality work, following these trends will surely help in boosting your revenue this 2021.

Employee Training

One of the trends in the cleaning industry is the need for qualified professional cleaners. These are professionals that underwent extensive training and onboarding programs to ensure that they are knowledgeable in their respective cleaning fields. This ensures that they would be able to answer a variety of questions about cleaning from a client. 

Having a training and development program for your cleaning team would improve your employee retention rates which will give stability to your business operation. As you are continually working to improve your service, more and more clients would feel good about hiring you which will keep your business going for a longer time.  

Coronavirus Cleaning

Covid Cleaning

Since the beginning of the pandemic (COVID-19), there has been visible changes in the industry. It showed an increased focus on the cleanliness of the facilities thus pointing to the importance of offering a complete cleaning program.

This cleaning program includes thorough cleaning,  disinfection, and sanitation services. Aside from a demand for improved cleaning services, there is also an increase in cleaning frequency. Nowadays, clients are asking for more frequent and more meticulous and, complete cleaning.

Green Cleaning

It is no surprise that using green cleaning products is a trend. As more people are becoming more aware of the issues of climate change and its lasting impact, using green products is now on the rise, thus making it the future of commercial cleaning. People are now looking for products manufactured using ethical, responsible, and sustainable methods.

Aside from that, people are more perceptive with the marketing strategies used by companies. Simply saying that the product is organic will not be enough to convince modern consumers that it is a green product. Before buying, they would look into the materials or ingredients used in the product, and look for reviews. All just to prove it is truly a green product. 


It is no wonder that one of the cleaning industry trends is automation. With the speed at how technology evolves, and how people perceive it, it will be beneficial for commercial cleaning companies to start automating not just their tools, but also their business process. 

Of course, there are a lot of cleaning processes that can’t be handled by machines alone. But now, there are more tools available in the market that are equipped with the latest technology. These will make the cleaning much easier than it was before. 

Office Cleaning

For the business processes, there are software designers and available software tools that would be a great addition to your business. Examples of these are software to allow online bookings, track employee performance, inventory tracking, tracking of work orders, and accounting. Automating your business would help reduce costs, improve efficiency, speed up work, and minimize customer pain points. 

Increased Client Communication

Modern clients want to be part of the process. They want to know the ins and outs of the process – what areas your service will clean, what products you will use, the qualification of your team (training), and the frequency of your cleaning jobs. They might even read your reviews before hiring you. 

They may have a lot of questions to ask, and this will potentially be a benefit to your business. This will be evident proof that you are knowledgeable of the cleaning techniques and procedures. It will also prove and highlight the training and development programs for your cleaning team. Don’t be intimidated, and take it as a chance to prove your credibility as a cleaning company.

Preventive Products

Modern consumers are willing to pay much more so that they won’t have to clean as often. For them, this will be more convenient, it is more cost-friendly, it saves time, and it seems to be the choice that is aligned with their environmental advocacy. This demand signals the rise of preventive products.

Preventive products are products that are used not only just to clean but also to protect the material. Examples of these products are those that waterproof surfaces as well as those that prevent rust and mold.


COVID-19 amplified the demand for cleaning services. According to MarketWatch,  ads looking for cleaners increased up to 75% compared to a year earlier. This surge for cleaners is due to the posted health protocols by the health and safety administration that aims to ensure a clean and safe environment for the people.

Add-on Services

Having additional services could increase the revenue of your business. These additional services may include window cleaning, lawn care, HVAC cleaning, and basic facility maintenance. It will provide valuable service and it is a magnet for those clients that do not want to look around and contact another provider for these services. 

Enhanced Digital Presence

During these times, enhancing your digital presence is a way to go. Most consumers today rely on their social media accounts whenever they are looking for credible services. Good thing, tech companies like Facebook, they are willing to help businesses to promote their services.

For some time now, Facebook has been helping businesses to grow their revenue on a global scale. It has now overtaken Google in terms of mobile advertising. One of the advantages of using Facebook is that businesses could be local with their ad targeting.


In just a year a lot of things have changed – the movement of the people and the market demand. Keeping up with the trend is a win-win situation for you and your clients. It will not only help your business grow but also help fulfill the needs of the consumers.

New year comes with new trends so do check our 2022 cleaning trends.

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