Urethane vs Acrylic Coating: Best Type for Your Office Floor?

Urethane vs Acrylic Floor Coating

Choosing the best type of material for your office floor could be a task. You need to have the proper knowledge about the different types of office floor to select the best fit for your office and budget. Aside from the commercial flooring, you also need to choose the best type of coating to use on your office floor to make sure that it would last for years. 

Moving to a new space or having your workplace renovated is always an exhilarating experience. Having freshly painted walls, adjusted walls, or additional windows marks a new journey, a fresh start for everyone. 

With every move or renovation, steps are taken to ensure safety and order. And the final step to guarantee it is complete is the inspection of the site for post-construction cleaning. It is to assure the people who will use the place t

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The Importance of Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning
Industrial cleaning is more than just "dirty work".

Considering the present COVID-19 crisis, there are very few things more important in your industrial operation than a higher standard of cleanliness and disinfection. It has shaped the future of commercial cleaning. Keeping your place of business clean can be the difference between growing your client base or los

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Types of Professional Cleaning Services

A cleaner mopping the floor
What Type of Cleaning Service Do You Need?

For the past few weeks, you might have noticed people rushing to the supermarkets not to stock up on food but to buy cleaning and disinfecting supplies. Disinfectant sprays, bleach, detergents, and other cleaning paraphernalia used to be abundant but now its shelves are almost always empty.

The outbreak has changed each one’s perspective and the way c

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