Data Centre Cleaning: A Detailed Guide for Server Room Cleaning

Clean Data Centre

For 21st century companies, the server room is the core of the business. It is where they keep vital information of their clients, projects, employees, and sales.  

Most of the time, we focus on keeping the software up-to-date and the protection systems are in place that we forget or overlook the importance of cleaning the server room. 

Having a proper regular cleaning schedule will ensure

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The Ugly Risks of Using DIY Cleaning Products

Cleaning is no joke. This is especially true for huge spaces like offices and other commercial establishments. It is not just about the clean walls and the appeal of office plants. You must ensure that each corner and spot is cleaned using the best means possible, especially since these spaces are frequented by lots of people for long periods. I

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Quick Tips on How to Clean Your Office Walls

How to Clean office walls

Office floors and carpets are always given attention in the everyday maintenance check of your office cleaning personnel. Your walls, however, have missed a lot of cleaning days and are only noticed when spring cleaning comes. Or worse, when the dirt has made the paint on the walls appear like it’s a dull color. And it’s not a nice look.

Your office walls are often overlooked or are not given the proper cleaning treatment they deserve, but these

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How to Effectively Measure Quality Cleaning

Cleaning with Top Quality

Choosing a professional cleaning company that can provide you with the cleaning services that is at par with the standards of what office cleaning quality should be sounds like an easy choice to make. That is, until you realize the obvious: how does one measure office cleaning quality? How do you ensure that the treatment you get is, indeed, quality cleaning? 

Tips on How you can Measure Quality Cleaning