Everything you need to know about Grout Lines

Cleaning bathroom tiles
Are you familiar with grouts? How do you deal with them?

We’ve already established that dust kills your profit but there’s another thing you should be wary of in your office. You’ve seen and encountered the annoying dirt that is stuck in the seams of your tiles-- those

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How to Avoid Pathogens in the Office

Woman wearing a mask while working
The new normal is here. How do you keep your staff safe?

There is no denying how much of an eye-opener the current global pandemic has been. This crisis has not only brought to light the lapses in the healthcare system but also emphasized the importance of education and information. 

Your company’s first line of defense in tackling COVID-19 head-on is through proper information dissemi

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How to Keep Your Restrooms Clean

One of the things that need daily cleaning.

Your restroom is one of the most visited places in your office by both the employees and clients so it's important that your restrooms are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. As more people go in and out of the restroom, dirt and grime are accumulated and they keep growing exponentially. A clear indication of this is when your restroom st

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Why Dust Kills Your Profits

Dust Keyboard
A dusty keyboard can do more than just annoy your employees.

One of the overlooked problems in the office is probably dust. Most do not even think of it, especially when they are not visible and are underneath a surface. Since it’s not easily seen, it’s often ignored and leave them as is. It’s just dust, right?

What most of us are not aware of is that dust is not just unsightly dirt. It is actually a term t

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