The Most Difficult Office Areas to Clean and How to Make it Easier for You

cleaning difficult areas in your office

Cleaning, in itself, is already a difficult chore that nobody likes. You’re dealing with dirt and nasties that could get you and everyone exposed sick. Apart from handling this task with extra care and caution, you also need to do it systematically. There is indeed a proper way of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting things around you, depending on a lot

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How Not to Accidentally Harm Yourself When Cleaning Your Office

prevent accidents when cleaning

The title of today’s blog may sound particularly morbid, but considering the consequences, all of us shouldn’t hold back in exercising caution when handling or working with cleaning agents that may potentially cause you harm as you tend to your office needs. 

We dig through the most common concepts of cleaning, its dangers, misconceptions, answering questions about getting a sore throat from cleaning

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Make Office Mirror Cleaning Work for You

how to clean office mirrors

Mirrors with streak-free finishes are hard to achieve. Janitors are always struggling to achieve this condition that’s why a well-thought mirror cleaning plan is a must. Some of you might not know but the wrong type of cleaner and the characteristics of grime and dust may result in streaks on your mirror or some areas that look smudged, even after cleaning. However, that’s normal since mirror

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Is Food Safety A Risk when Sanitizing?

food safety and sanitizing

Owning a food business does not only revolve around the taste and appearance of the food you serve but also the process and environment in which you create your dishes. Poor cleaning practices in the kitchen can lead to the spread of bacteria and diseases. As a business owner, you don’t want to be involved in these kinds of situations which can harm your customers as well as yo

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