Dealing with Bad Smells in the Office

removing bad odors in your office Work stinks. Unfortunately, sometimes it is quite literal. Most people spend half their days in the office. When staying in one place for quite a while, you start getting too comfortable. To be fair, it isn’t just you. The more time you spend in your workspace the more unpleasant things you begin to notice. From the cobwebs on the ceilings to the uneven floors, the crumbs left on the tables, and the ungodly sight of the pantry fridge, an unkempt office is a menagerie of all types of smells. Good or bad, a shared space comes with a host of odors. Here is how
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Things You Might Not Know About Disinfectants

important things you need to know about disinfectants

One of the most crucial stages in the cleaning process is disinfection. Although the number of new COVID-19 cases is not the same as its 2020 peak, it’s still important to be more cautious and implement high levels of disinfection whether in your home or office. However, some people are still not aware of how to properly execute the disinfection stage in the cleaning process. If disinfectants are used irresponsibly or incorrectly it

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How to Make Your Cleaning More Effective?

how to achieve an effective cleaning routine

Over the past two years or so people started paying more attention to keeping their houses and offices as hygienic as possible, mainly because of the sudden appearance of the COVID-19 virus. Ensuring everything is clean and disinfected became the main task of their daily lives, especially for businesses. Cleaning is one of their ways to guarantee their employees’ and customers’ health and safety. Regardless, if you’re cleaning the office

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Five Public Restroom Trends for 2022

Latest 2022 trends to upgrade your public restroom

Public restrooms are a sore point for most people. It is great to have one close by in case of emergencies but because they are public and shared, they aren’t the cleanest, and using them isn’t the most pleasant. 

These facilities are notorious for being filthy, especially without good hygiene approaches. For those who run an office, your shared restroom is a reflection of you

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