Coefficient of Friction – Why You Need it for Safe Floors

Coefficient of Friction – Why You Need it for Safe Floors

If you own a business that doesn’t involve heavy machinery and specialty training, you probably haven’t thought twice about the safety of your employees in the office. However, contrary to popular belief, even office workers, who work within the confines of a cubicle or desk, are susceptible to injuries in the workplace. 

According to statistics, there are around 3 million non-f

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Reasons Why You Need to Leave Tile Grout Cleaning to the Pros

Cleaning tiles and grout
Tile Cleaning may seem easy but it's actually harder than it looks.

As the popularity of tiles grew over the past years, it is now used not only for the aesthetics at home but also in offices and other industrial areas. Tiles add not only artistry but as well as durable flooring which is perfect for high trafficked areas. However, tiles (though not as delicate as carpets) can be susceptible to spills, grease, bacteria, and soils. 

Cleaning bathroom tiles
Are you familiar with grouts? How do you deal with them?

We’ve already established that dust kills your profit but there’s another thing you should be wary of in your office. You’ve seen and encountered the annoying dirt that is stuck in the seams of your tiles-- those

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Looking To Find A Professional For The Best Tile Cleaning Solution

tile and grout cleaning service The cleanliness of your business is absolutely essential to make a good impression on your patrons and clients. No one wants to walk into an establishment that is filthy and not taken care of properly. A dirty establishment reflects poorly on the owners and gives the impression that the business is not very professional. The cleanliness and presence of your business are crucial to its success. Keeping your floors clean is one of the first things you should take care of, as flooring is often the first thing that people notice when they walk into an office, restaurant, care facility or o
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