6 Services You Should Outsource

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Focus more on what you do best.

Building a company and having a well-rounded team to call your own is very fulfilling. As your business grows, you’ll realize that there are a lot more things that you did not prepare yourself for when you first started. Hiring people for the tasks that are outside your and your team’s skills can sometimes not be the most practical idea, especially when you won’t be needing these services full-time the whole year-round. Outsourcing is one of the booming industries nowadays and it’s something that everyone, not just startups, should consider getting into. Truthfully, no matter how much you’d want to, it’s just impossible to have everything done in-house aside from it being way too costly.

How do you know when it’s time for you to outsource, especially when it seems like you can do some of these tasks yourself? First, you’d need to have a self-assessment. If you and your team think about this particular task that you all have to tackle brings you dread rather than excitement, it must mean that it’s better to leave it out for other people to do. The lack of enthusiasm and passion may result in a mediocre outcome or just lead to procrastination which will then leave a project untouched. Second, if you’re not a hundred percent confident bringing good results from this task. It’s more than reasonable to hand out these jobs to someone who has already mastered the craft.

Aside from freeing your team’s load to focus on improving their skills and driving the business forward, there are a lot more benefits of outsourcing. It can save you time and money while filling in the gaps on your team. This helps tick all the expertise boxes that your business lacks in providing while efficiency and productivity are at its all-time high.

Aside from freeing your team’s load to focus on improving their skills and driving the business forward, there are a lot more benefits of outsourcing. It can save you time and money while filling in the gaps on your team. This helps tick all the expertise boxes that your business lacks in providing while efficiency and productivity are at its all-time high.

If you’re looking into hiring outside your team but is still undecided, here are some services that you can help you make your decision:

Administrative Tasks / Virtual Assistant

A survey shows that employees spend about 40% of their day doing administrative tasks. This is a large portion that can otherwise be spent on projects that your team is skilled to work on. These assignments are usually repetitive and easy tasks that can be taught to people within just a few hours.

It may seem a waste of money to get someone for this job when your staff can get it done perfectly. Fortunately, outsourcing these tasks costs less per hour than what you pay to your regular employee. It also gets your team to focus on what they and your company does best. This way, you can have a group of people who can master what your company offers and cut their time in half on getting projects done. With more time, you can get more clients and in the end, there will be more revenue which you can share with the whole company. Win-Win!

Below are some of the tasks that you can hire a virtual assistant for:

  • Research
  • Data collection
  • Calendar management
  • Reporting
  • Transcribing
  • Social media posting
  • Travel Arrangement
  • Answering customer queries
  • Taking notes/minutes

Legal Services

Legal services are commonly outsourced by businesses for one main reason – hiring an in-house lawyer costs a lot of money. Even lawyers that only have a few years of experience up their sleeves still call for a large cut in operational cost. 

Not all businesses can shoulder their salaries, especially small ones. Fortunately, there’s a lot of options where you can outsource legal services depending on your need. You can

  1. Retain a lawyer for all your legal needs
  2. Purchase a service a la carte from a marketplace; or
  3. Avail legal documents from vendors like LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Managing payroll can be a pain especially when you’re still starting or if you’re running a small business. However, many companies still try to do it on their own and navigate the ins and outs of accounting and bookkeeping. As a result, the IRS calculates that about 40% of small businesses end up paying $845 penalties for filing late or incorrect data or payments.

Hiring an expert to do the job has been proven to reduce operational cost, time, effort, and the stress of managing payroll. You can also rest easy knowing that these people are trained to comply with the IRS outlines and can come up with the best solutions should a problem arise.


To ensure that your business is in the proper trajectory, you need to make sure that you get more people to trust you by acquiring more clients. Marketing your business can be tricky and might affect the image of your brand if not done right. You would want someone who will put your business out to the right group of people, at the right place, at the right time, while keeping a proper representation of who you are as a brand/service.

There are a lot of marketing agencies (traditional and digital) that can help you with marketing, branding, and ads management. From coming up with campaigns, knowing whether you should spend more or less, to scheduling the right time for ads to be live – all of these and more are covered by an outsourced marketing team. 

IT Services

Another booming industry in the outsourcing world is IT services. Whether your team is tech-savvy or not, it’s still easier to hand over tech jobs to other people. These jobs include web development and design, programming, data entry, app/software development, and even cybersecurity. 

Although these can be learned, it still takes a lot of time, grit, and discipline to fully grasp. You’d rather spend that time coming up with ideas, reading up updates, and focusing on how to level up on your own industry.


Keeping the office neat and clean can be overlooked when you’re so focused on the production hustle in your company, especially when you can easily meet clients in coffee shops, coworking spaces, virtually, or anywhere outside your office. When you’re starting out, it seems like a luxury to hire another person to do janitorial work on a daily basis. This is why many businesses turn to commercial cleaning services that they can call in as often as they’re needed. 

Other than saving a chunk of money, this also ensures that the cleaning is done professionally at a specific time when you need help the most. You can also save yourself from paying another person’s health insurance, payroll taxes, and even the cost of cleaning supplies. The key is finding a reliable cleaning team in your area that can best cater to your needs.

There are still a lot of services that people offer aside from the above mentioned. There is no shame knowing that you cannot do everything for your business. This is why the outsourcing industry is continuously growing. Although it might still seem impossible, you would want all your attention to upscaling your company and getting your team to hone their skills. All it takes is a quick Google search and you can already find the help you are looking for.